Chapter 527: Extraction

Hearing Terra’s ‘reason’, Vahn felt like he was in a difficult situation but just shook his head and decided it wasn’t really worth worrying over. Unless she was left behind when he left for another record, Terra was ‘bound’ to walk with him for all eternity. He would need to take factors like this into consideration for the future, as he already had more than enough women to worry about but, for now, he simply decided to follow his gut and proceed forward. By taking proactive action, he would be able to exercise more control over these types of situations in the future instead of falling to the momentum of Terra.

Vahn’s expression transitioned from confusion into seriousness as he said in a firm tone, “I will give way on this matter, Terra, but know that I’m not fond of being pushed into corners like this. From now on, try to act more naturally instead of ‘scheming’ to get your way, even if you’re using logic to guide your decisions. You still have a lot to learn, including how people interact with each other without trying to manipulate them. Be honest and try to open your mind to make compromises or you’ll eventually cause unnecessary tension.”

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Terra flicked her tail against the ground without her expression changing much as she explained, “I am, after all, a monster…please show me some leniency, Master, as I am doing my best to understand your world better. There are many things I cannot understand yet, but I will never stop trying to improve myself.” From Terra’s perspective, Vahn’s treatment of her, Fenrir, and Fafnir didn’t make sense at all. He was their Master yet allowed them to choose how they wished to live, even if it inconvenienced him. She knew he wanted to treat them like ‘family’, but even after watching him interact with the other girls in the Hearth Manor, there were obvious differences in how he treated people. Terra couldn’t wrap her head around Vahn’s thought process and believed that even Vahn himself wasn’t sure of his decisions. If he was interested in her body, Terra wished he would be more proactive instead of making her jump through hoops just to ‘earn’ the right to let him pursue her…?

Vahn also couldn’t really understand Terra that well because she was much older than both Fafnir and Fenrir, having lived more than thirty years as a monster in her previous life. Fafnir and Fenrir were child-like in their thought processes and were very receptive to change. Terra, however, had certain thoughts deeply rooted in her mind and, though she was proactively learning new information, her increased intelligence was actually a detriment. Because she already had deeply rooted beliefs, she could now rationalize everything and, instead of learning things from scratch, she used it to slightly alter her perceptions so that they ‘made sense’. If things were contradictory, she would put in an effort to try and understand the perspective of others, but she often found that the explanations she received were unsatisfactory.

After thinking for a while, Vahn nodded his head and said, “I know you are doing your best, Terra, and I’ll do my best to help you out however I can. Just try and slow down a bit instead of ‘forcing’ people into awkward situations like this.” Terra held Vahn’s gaze for several seconds before blinking slowly and nodding as she said, “I understand, Master, please forgive me~.” Vahn released a soft sigh before looking to Riveria and asking, “Will you stay here with me, Riveria? I know it will be even more awkward for you, but I can think of it as a more ‘scientific’ action if there is someone like you with me.” Riveria had just been thinking of ways to excuse herself before she heard Vahn’s words, causing a similar sigh to escape her lips as she said, “Very well, Vahn. However, if you try to do anything strange know that I will smack you with my staff…”

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Knowing that Riveria was here with him, even though she was obviously against it, Vahn’s expression turned gentle as he said, “Thank you, Riveria.” Hearing Vahn thank her for such an awkward thing made the hand Riveria was using to hold her staff twitch. She had an urge to smack him but held it in and just nodded her head with a serious expression on her face. Vahn’s smile widened slightly because he had seen the fluctuation in her aura before he turned to Terra and said, “Very well, Terra, you can remove your robe and I’ll extract the ‘sap’…”

Terra’s smile blossomed as the elegant robe covering her body dissipated in an instant leaving nothing but a pendant around her neck. She then squinted her eyes in a slightly playful manner causing Vahn to sigh and say, “Turn around and lift up your butt…I’m not sure what the best method to extract the sap is, but I intend to use a blunt syringe for it.” As he spoke, Vahn looked through the shop before he found a syringe that could hold around 500ml of fluid that had a nozzle on the end instead of a needle. Terra saw the ‘tool’ and her brows lowered very slightly as she turned around and bent over. Most of her weight was actually located around her hips and lower body so she could easily bend over with her tail and wings as a counterbalance.

Vahn knew that Terra could lift her tail on her own, but she seemed to be waiting for him to take action since, other than her wings fluttering slightly, she didn’t do anything else to ‘assist’ him. He was impressed that she was able to contort her body at such an angle without losing her balance, but he put that matter to the back of his mind as he kneeled down. Lifting up her tail so it could rest on his shoulder, Vahn saw Terra’s somewhat large buttocks and the crevasse between the two cheeks. He could also see her v***** clearly from this angle but just shook his head as he used his left hand to pull apart her buttocks and insert the syringe inside the small puckering entrance. Terra’s wings sounded likes trees being battered by a wind storm as each individual feather shook. Though Vahn couldn’t see it, her ‘always smiling’ expression had turned sour in an instant and she really disliked the feeling of hard plastic entering her butt.

Once the nozzle was pushing into Terra’s ‘sap producing organ’, she suddenly clenched up and Vahn saw that the plastic nozzle had been completely crushed as a result. He realized he probably should have used something to lubricate the nozzle so he pulled out a new one and said, “Try and relax your body, Terra. I’ll take it slowly so don’t clench up…breath in slow and steady breaths…” Loki had once talked to him about trying to do ‘a***’ and had explained the steps he would need to take if he ever wanted to try it. He applied a warm lubricating jelly to the nozzle before spreading Terra’s cheeks once again and inserting it much slower than he had previously. The reason he hadn’t used the jelly previously was that he didn’t want it to mix with the sap and potentially had adverse effects. He realized now that he should have been more ‘considerate’ of Terra but this situation made it somewhat difficult for him to think clearly.

Though it was still unpleasant, Terra felt like it was infinitely better than the hard and frustrating feeling she had felt previously. Still, though she was following Vahn’s words, her eyes darted about rapidly with her thoughts before she ‘accidentally’ clenched again. This time, before Vahn could take out another nozzle, Terra ‘complained’, “That feels very unpleasant, Master…please don’t put weird things in my body…” When he heard her words, Vahn tilted his head slightly to peek around and see the ‘anguished’ face of Terra looking back at him. He had used a relatively thin nozzle to make it easier for her, but it seemed to be causing her more discomfort than he had expected.

Vahn thought it over for a moment and asked, “You previously said you can ‘ex…drain’ it on your own, so can you loosen up your body and let me collect it into a container?” Even as he asked the question, Vahn felt like Terra was already thinking of how to ‘maximize’ her benefits in this situation. As expected, she eventually said, “I think I can produce a little…but it isn’t easy and I could use Master’s help. I’ve never released any before and I don’t have proper control…” Though she was usually very ‘rational’ in her explanations, it was very obvious that Terra hadn’t considered matters this far or she would have never let him use the nozzle from the beginning.

Before she could potentially bring it up, Vahn said, “I’m not going to put my finger into your butt, Terra…” He could feel her tail twitch at his words and knew he had pre-empted her suggestion successfully. Activating his [Eyes of Truth], Vahn could see the complex arrangement of Terra’s muscles and said, “You wanted me to extract it myself, so leave it to me…” Since he hadn’t been thinking about this properly at first, Vahn had overlooked the simple solution as he pulled out a small glass jar and began emitting white light from his left hand. He pressed up against the base of Terra’s tail, causing her wings to flicker chaotically as a ‘numbing’ energy slowly spread through the muscles in her buttocks. He then pressed a few pressure points while inserting threads of energy into her body against her expectations.

Terra was ‘flapping’ her wings slightly as she said, “Masterrrr, don’t do anything strange to my bodyyy~” Unlike the ‘frustrating’ feeling of the syringe, Terra liked Vahn’s touch a lot more but it made her feel a little bothered knowing he was doing things at his own pace. She thought there would be more opportunities to ‘guide’ him as she pleased so it made her heart race at the unexpected sensations in her lower body. From Vahn’s end, however, things were going a lot smoother now and he placed the lip of the container up against Terra’s backside as an emerald-green and highly viscous liquid began to drain out of her gently palpitating ‘nectary’. Each time it expanded slightly, there would be a thick dribble of the fluid that would be forced out when she contracted once again.

Riveria watched everything happening from the side and immediately regretted her decision to stay and ‘support’ Vahn. Though she wanted to express her solidarity and concern for him, this situation was a little much and it had caused a small blush to mar her generally stoic expression. If not for the fact that she could sense the massive amount of natural energy coming from the ‘sap’, which had drawn her interest, Riveria would have walked away and waited for Vahn to finish the extraction on his own. However, she wasn’t willing to go back on her word and she could see that Vahn himself was treating the matter seriously…

After nearly three minutes of what Vahn believed to be the most awkward moment of his life, he had drained nearly 700ml of ‘sap’ from Terra’s body because she had been ‘saving’ it up all week. At this point, there was more than just ‘sap’ coming from her lower body and Vahn’s brain had been buzzing as a tingling sensation appeared on his forehead and at both of his temples. Though the musk of most women was quite pleasant, the aroma emitted by Terra was unlike anything he had ever experienced, almost like thousands of different flowers mixed together. Even though it was strange, Vahn also felt like it had a ‘sugary’ undertone and it had forced him to hold his breath for the surprisingly long three minutes.

At this point, Terra’s wings were fluttering slightly as they gingerly tapped against the ground while she ‘pitifully’ bit her bottom lip hard enough to draw a crimson line of blood. She had four sharp ‘fangs’ in her mouth, two on top and two on the bottom, and had been ‘forced’ to bit her own lip to cope with the feelings from her lower body. She had never actually experienced anything like sexual excitement and it was made her feel ‘intoxicated’ and ‘frustrated’ at the same time. When Vahn pulled his ‘painfully’ hot hat away from her butt, she couldn’t help but gasp out as the feeling slowly began returning to her buttocks. Vahn hadn’t forced her entire body relax, just a few select muscles, so she had been able to stand easily throughout the procedure. This actually made her feel worse, however, because it was like an itch in her body that she couldn’t scratch since her body wouldn’t respond properly.

Vahn capped off the container, as he wasn’t sure it would react if exposed to the air for too long, and handed it the slightly frowning Riveria who, as she clasped the container, realized it was very warm to the touch. Terra’s body temperature was very high compared to normal, so the fluid that had been inside of her carried that same heat. Combined with the immense amount of energy she could feel within the container, Riveria felt very awkward holding onto it because she was both apprehensive and intrigued at the same time. She walked over and set it down on the table and opened up her journal to make notes, completely ignoring what Vahn was going to do from now on.

Seeing Riveria’s reaction, Vahn realized he would have to make it up to her later for the ‘grievance’ she had suffered as a result of his request. For now, however, he looked to Terra and said, “Terra, please wear your clothing properly…” before walking over to the patiently waiting Fafnir with a large brush in hand. Fafnir had been watching the events play out with curiosity and hadn’t wanted to interrupt the proceedings at all. It was surprising to see it’s ‘Sis’ handled so easily by their Master because Fafnir had started to feel like she was very smart, beautiful, and almost ‘perfect’. With its Master getting the advantage, Fafnir raised its head proudly and felt a little bit of its own pride return knowing that its Master, which had just defeated its ‘Sis’, was going to pamper it.

When she had heard his words, Terra’s wings drooped ‘sadly’ as she watched his departure with eyes filled to the brim with frustration, desire, and a great deal of confusion. She took several deep breaths and willed her robe into existence before stretching out her wings to ease some of the ‘discomfort’ in her body. Seeing Riveria sitting at the side, Terra cocked her head slightly before her smile returned and she made her way over. Riveria looked up from her journal and, seeing Terra’s expression and behavior, showed a firm expression as she said, “You know well the differences between men and women, Terra, and there is nothing I can do to help you win Vahn’s affection. I would encourage you to do as he said previously and take things slowly unless you plan on stirring up trouble…”

Terra’s eyes widened slightly as she sat down in the chair, doing her best to ignore the aching in her body, and said, “It really isn’t in my nature to stir up trouble, Riveria…I just want to be closer to Master, so I’m sorry if I upset you with my behavior. I know he is important to you as well, but please remember that I simply cannot live without him…” Though she could pull energy from the sun, sky, and even earth, this wouldn’t be enough to sustain her for a long period of time and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say she would die if Vahn ‘abandoned’ her. Riveria also knew she relied on Vahn to replenish her energy reserves so she nodded her head and said, “Though your body ages, I imagine it will be a very slow process over the course of several thousand years, at the very least. There are many girls within the Manor that have yet to consummate their relationship with Vahn, so the best method at your disposal would be to learn all that you can while waiting for the others…”

Hearing Riveria’s words, Terra felt that it was indeed the best ‘solution’ but, after experiencing the sensations in her own body, she couldn’t help but want to be closer with Vahn even sooner. His energy was incredibly comfortable for her, far more than even the natural energies of the environment itself. Just like the Elven girls, who processed natural energy and absorbed parts of it into their bodies, Terra felt like Vahn’s energy was ‘addictive’ after experiencing its flow in such a manner. She wanted to feel it even more but also knew that, as Riveria was implying, she would instigate conflict unnecessarily if she tried to press the situation. There was also the matter of Fenrir, someone she didn’t have any confidence in confronting, so Terra felt at a loss…

Seeing Terra’s appearance, Riveria sighed and said, “You are a very intelligent woman…but intelligence isn’t enough if you want to be happy. Remember what you originally wanted when you sought the surface instead of focusing on the things you currently have. Just like nature itself, you should do your best to find a balance in life so that you don’t become obsessed with wants and desires. If nothing else, I can promise that you will never be happy if you scheme to get what you want…and it will make Vahn sad to see you walk down such a path. You may very well be smarter than him, but remember where your intelligence came from…and watch what he does with your own eyes. Vahn, though a bit simple at times, has capabilities far beyond our understanding…things we can’t explain no matter how much logic, reasoning, and common-sense we try and apply…”

Terra looked over at Vahn and considered all of Riveria’s words very seriously, recalling that she had indeed received everything that she currently had from Vahn. His intelligence and understanding of things was a bit lacking, but he was also far more adaptive than she was and proactively sought greater understanding for himself. He also studied many things and could perform feats she couldn’t comprehend at all…making her ‘intelligence’ seem almost tiny in comparison to his existence. If he wanted to, Terra knew Vahn could create a ‘genius’ that made her look like a child that had never received an education at all…this realization made her terrified because it almost invalidated everything that she currently was. However, it also brought her a strange sense of comfort knowing that Vahn cared for her even though she was ‘replaceable’. Yes, unlike Vahn, who was instrumental in all of their lives, she could easily be replaced with something that far outstripped her current capabilities. Even so, Vahn wanted her to live a happy life while she ‘schemed’ against him…the person that she should be putting in all of her efforts to make happy…

A warm feeling spread through Terra’s chest that made her feel something that she had never experience before. It was like a painful longing, but also brought her a great deal of comfort knowing it existed. She felt like it was important to nurture this unknown feeling and that the only way to do so was to increase her understanding, not just of herself and Vahn, but everything around her. To show her ‘worth’, so that she became something irreplaceable within Vahn’s heart, Terra wanted to accumulate as much information as possible and study everything that could prove beneficial to him. Seeing Riveria sitting across from her, Terra knew the route she would have to take so she smiled and said, “Riveria, please teach me more…I want to understand…everything.”

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