Chapter 566: Lack of Awareness

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After more than an hour, Vahn and Ryuu ended up laying down on the slightly damp picnic blanket as they both looked towards the crystal clear sky. Their hands were interlocked as they lay next to each other and enjoyed the peaceful reverie after their passionate engagement with each other. Throughout the entire seventy minute period, Vahn only ended up ejaculating a single time and had treated Ryuu more gently than he ever had in the past. There was no rush at all and they simply lost themselves in each other in a slow love-making session that made the ‘bashful’ Elf turn beet red. Ryuu wasn’t as sensitive in her v***** as normal girls but, after he had released a large volume of life-giving essence into her sacred temple she had clung to his body for more than seven minutes straight as her body trembled from the reverberations of her climax.

Vahn had done his best to infuse as much of his mana as he thought she could handle when he probed her depths in an attempt to ‘guarantee’ pregnancy. Through that long seven minutes, Ryuu’s body had absorbed as much of his source energy as it could contain and she was ‘forced’ to ovulate as a result. This was further proof that the infertility issues of Elves were related to the amount of ‘nourishment’ they could receive in their wombs and Ryuu’s glowed like a rainbow with the swirling source energy that nourished her body and almost made her go crazy.

Ryuu couldn’t actually absorb the source energy itself, but her body was siphoning parts of it and converting it into an ocean of natural energy that would normally never exist during such situations. As a result, unless Ryuu decided to take a pill later, Vahn speculated there was around a 98% chance she would remain pregnant. He had already seen the small egg eject from her ovaries and ‘dive’ into the swirling mass of source energy and vital essence to be further nourished. As long as it ended up sticking properly within her uterus, everything would be fine and there would be a tiny Elven child running around within the next 8-14 months.

The pregnancies of Elves and High Elves could last for much longer periods of time depending on how close they were to a source of natural energy like one of the Sacred Trees. The longer the pregnancy went on, the more complications that would typically arise but Vahn didn’t think it would be an issue at all. Even if Ryuu just spent time within Terra’s garden every day she would probably deliver her child on time. Vahn even suspected he would be able to ‘accelerate’ her pregnancy if he helped nourish her body with source energy every day.

One of the ‘mistakes’ the Elves had been making for millennia was the fact that, after an Elf got pregnant, they would focus on taking care of the female and would cease having sex entirely. This actually complicated matters further and ‘forced’ the females Elves to have to nourish the baby with their own vital energy to ensure it would develop safely. He could either infuse his energy directly into her body, or they could have sex periodically and Ryuu should be completely fine without burdening her vitality at all. This was all speculation, however, so Vahn would need to closely observe her throughout the pregnancy to make sure things were going smoothly…

From his side, Ryuu suddenly muttered in a very quiet tone that almost sounded like she was speaking to herself, “I’m a little scared…it feels like I’m in a dream…” Vahn squeezed Ryuu’s hand in response before turning to his side and cuddling up against her in a warm embrace, saying, “It certainly feels like a dream for me as well…but I hope this is real since I would feel embarrassed the next time I see you if I had a dream like this…hahaha.” Ryuu had been in a bit of a daze as she enjoyed Vahn’s warmth but, realizing what he was saying, the redness that had yet to fade from her face returned with a vengeance. Ryuu couldn’t stop herself from curling up into a small ball as Vahn hugged her tightly from behind and continued by saying, “I love you, Ryuu…lets make a happy family together.” Though she was still incredibly embarrassed, Ryuu nodded her heard and muttered an ‘Nn’ as she squeezed Vahn’s arms tightly.

In total, Vahn’s date with Ryuu had gone on for a little over four hours before they eventually decided it was best to return to the Manor. During those four hours, excluding the seventy minutes they had taken to ‘plan’ for their future, they spent their time simply cuddling up together under the warm rays of the sun. Though they talked about a few things, the majority of the time was spent in silence as both Ryuu and Vahn had gotten wrapped up in the peaceful atmosphere and just wanted to enjoy it. She wouldn’t know for ‘certain’ for around two weeks, but Ryuu was already acting like she was pregnant and Vahn ‘humored’ her by gently stroking her exposed stomach while infusing a gentle stream of energy into her body.

After they reached the Manor, Vahn and Ryuu shared a very long embrace with each other that ended up catching the attention of Naaza, who had been planning on picking up some herbs from the garden. She opened up the back door and had a wide-eyed expression on her face before trying to retreat back inside as Vahn laughed and Ryuu blushed. Naaza’s presence brought his moment with Ryuu to temporary end as she ‘escaped’ into the Manor, likely to go talk with Syr or Riveria. As for Naaza, she had a slight blush on her face now, almost as if Ryuu’s had been infectious and she had ended up catching it. With a slightly apologetic expression, Naaza muttered, “I’m sorry, Vahn…I didn’t mean to interrupt…”

Vahn shook his head and just stepped forward before embracing Naaza tightly and stroking the back of her hair. Before she could collect her thoughts completely, Vahn whispered into her droopy dog-like ears, “Naaza, I know you’re being patient for Lili’s sake…but I’d like to spend some more time with you. Since you didn’t put your name on the schedule, I’ll come by your atelier and take a look at your research. There are a few things I’d like you to take a look at as well, so please make some time for me…” She didn’t answer for a long time, but Vahn could see Naaza’s bushy tail waggle back and forth happily before she eventually nodded her head and said, “I’d like that, Vahn…” However, before he could ‘steal’ a kiss from her, Naaza came to her senses and managed to free herself from his embrace as she ran off towards the forest with hurried steps.

For a few seconds, Vahn just watched her departing figure in confusion before squinting his eyes and transforming into his Báihǔ form. He immediately noticed that his body was ‘drenched’ with Ryuu’s scent and he had probably disturbed Naaza a bit by hugging her so closely. She was definitely in the category of girls that wasn’t that open to showing affection in public so Vahn gave himself a mild reprimand before making his way towards the onsen. He was going to be opening up his salon in a little more than an hour so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wash up normally before getting ready. Since the girls that would be coming for his services would likely clean their bodies beforehand, Vahn expected he might even get to spend some time with them beforehand.

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Though he didn’t check who they belonged to, Vahn could detect several presences within the bath including an aura fluctuation he didn’t recognize. However, the ‘rules’ of the Manor had already been explained to the Guild girls so their use of the onsen was entirely voluntary. There was no need for him to show ‘unnecessary’ courtesy within his own home, especially when they were briefed on the situation beforehand. Syr had talked to him after the incident with Rose and gave him a small lecture on how he needed to act as the ‘man of the house’ and avoid making concessions for people ‘borrowing’ their amenities.

Upon entering the bath, Vahn saw a flash of pink and saw Misha crowding around Eina with a teasing smile on her face as she held a sponge in her hands. As he had expected, Preasia was already present as well but she was far away from the ‘chaos’ alongside Fenrir and Tina. Vahn was surprised to see them together before he remembered that Tina also had an hour-long massage prize to redeem. He wasn’t sure if she intended to use it now or if she had just decided to tag along with Fenrir and Preasia to take an early bath before dinner.

Fenrir had noticed her Master’s presence before anyone else in the onsen and had stood up from the water with a splash as she waved her paws excitedly, shouting, “Master, come take a bath with us! Fenrir will wash your body~!” Her outburst caused Misha to become ‘alert’ as the awkward smile on Eina’s face relaxed with a sigh of relief. She wasn’t that good at dealing with Misha and being in the bath together like this was always a little awkward since she had a tendency to get handsy. With Vahn’s presence, however, Misha had frozen like a Needle Rabbit that accidentally wandered into the lair of a Wyvern. Vahn showed a casual smile, but the only thing Misha managed to do in response was to sink into the water and blow bubbles as she hid her figure from his gaze.

Eina laughed at the behavior of her best friend and colleague before saying, “Who was the one to say they didn’t mind even if Vahn saw their naked body? I wonder if you’ll be able to go through with the massage at this rate…ehehehe~.” Misha seemed to have been ‘awakened’ by Eina’s words as she stopped trying to conceal her body completely and splashed water in Eina’s direction, saying, “Eina, don’t say things that can be easily misunderstood! Geez, you senseless woman~!” Misha began to laugh in a somewhat bashful manner and Vahn was very aware she was doing her best to keep her back facing him. Even if she had a disposition towards women, there were few girls that were simply okay with being ‘ogled’ by men they weren’t involved with.

Vahn sent a small wave towards the smiling Eina and entered the water before gravitating towards Fenrir, Tina, and Preasia. He transformed into his Vanargandr form so Fenrir could actually wash his body and then sunk into the water to make it easier for her. Tina had averted her eyes as he walked over, which was her normal reaction, but Preasia had watched him like she was recording each of his movements with her eyes. Vahn felt like he would need to confront her about her tendency to stare at him in the future but had been putting it off since none of the other girls seemed to complain about it. He knew from Loki’s guidance that Preasia was also a little ‘broken’ and needed his care and concern if she was going to stabilize in the future. During the massage session later, Vahn intended to ‘comfort’ her a bit more than usual to see if it helped ease the burdens in her heart.

Fenrir was happily humming away as she scrubbed Vahn’s thick midnight-blue fur with awkward movements. This wasn’t the first time he had been washed by her so Vahn had previously given Fenrir a type of sponge with an elastic strap that could be stretched around her paws to make it easier for her to wash him. She had been very fond of the items and, almost every day since then, Fenrir had ‘taken’ the right to wash his body as her own. Her reason was that he always washed her and now wanted to return the favor since he was the only person she could wash without endangering. Though she loved to be pampered, Fenrir wanted to return some of the treatment she often received. Vahn hadn’t thought much about it previously but Syr had made a comment about how Fenrir had ‘learned’ that type of behavior from watching him…

Tina seemed to collect herself after a few minutes had passed and moved a bit closer to Vahn as she asked, “Vahnya, will you help wash me~?” Vahn nodded his head without thinking about it too much since he had washed Tina several times in the past without incident. This time, however, Vahn helped up his paws and smiled as he explained, “It might be a little difficult like this though, so you’ll have to be patient for now. If you don’t want to wait, you can get Preasia to wash you.” Tina saw the claws on Vahn’s paws and blanked momentarily before giving a brief glance at Preasia and making her decision. Turning back to Vahn, Tina nodded her head and said, “I will…help Fenrir wash you…nyan?”

It wouldn’t be the first time Tina washed his body, but Vahn noticed the subtle change in her behavior and compared it to how she had been acting throughout the week. They had been spending a lot of time together and it was obvious she had been opening up to him more and more. Her affection was permanently affixed at 99 right now, but her hidden parameters had probably been increasing a fair amount. Vahn tried expressing familial love for her, but her disposition had undergone a change ever since the day he gifted her the ribbon. Since it was made out of a material that was almost completely hydrophobic, Tina was even wearing her ribbon during the bath and Vahn could see her tail twitching around in the water with the vibrant red refracting under the somewhat hazy surface.

Before Vahn could answer her himself, Fenrir had started washing the side of his head and said, “Tina can wash Master’s shoulders and back. Fenrir will take care of the front to avoid trouble, nyufufu~” Though she may not have intended to do it purposefully, Fenrir had emulated Milan’s voice when she was speaking to Tina and even copied one of the characteristic laughs of a Cat Person. Tina startled slightly before a deep blush appeared on her face and she made her way around Vahn’s back. She hadn’t had any ‘intentions’ at all, but Fenrir’s words made her realize it might have seemed like she was trying to wash Vahn’s front since Fenrir was already scrubbing his head and back. Though she did her best to avoid staring, Tina’s heart began beating rapidly as an image she knew she shouldn’t recall came to the forefront of her mind.

Vahn released a sigh and closed his eyes while trying to block out Tina’s chaotic aura from his mind as Fenrir began ardently scrubbing away at his chest with her oval-shaped paw sponges. She very unashamedly stayed close to his body and bounced up and down happily as a result of her exertions. However, even if his eyes had been open, Vahn wouldn’t have seen too tantalizing a sight since Fenrir was an ally to Tiona and Loki. As for Tina, she awkwardly moved her hands around Vahn’s back causing him to quickly realize she had ‘forgotten’ a sponge. After pulling one out of thin air, Vahn passed it over to the bashful girl who released a slight mewling sound of embarrassment…

Tina had been a bit distracted by Vahn’s broad back and had hesitantly pressed her palm against it as she moved around the soapy suds sticking to his lean and muscular figure. When Vahn suddenly handed her a sponge, she felt like her heart had crept up into her throat and her stomach trembled like there were thousands of butterflies flying around inside. She plopped down into the hot water to cool off her head but encountered something neither she nor Vahn had expected. Because he was in his Vanargandr form, Vahn had a long bushy tail that was resting beneath the murky surface of the water. Tina had made sure to avoid stepping on it previously but, after her embarrassment overloaded her mental circuits, she sat down in the water and straddled against his tail with a plop. Vahn hadn’t expected the sudden contact and it caused his tail to twitch once outside his control as Tina jumped up from the water with a ‘Nyaaaayaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn~!?” sound and took off sprinting toward the changing room without even grabbing a towel to cover her naked body.

The atmosphere in the onsen became very awkward as silence overtook everyone that remained behind. Misha had a bit of incredulous look on her face and even Eina showed a complicated expression as she was able to piece together what had happened. She had been watching Vahn ever since he entered the bath and saw Tina plop down in the water suddenly before jumping nearly two meters in the air and running off. Though it was only for a brief moment, she saw the tip of Vahn’s tail poke up out of the water and the shocked expression on his face as he watched Tina’s ‘escape’. It very clearly wasn’t his fault but Eina intended to talk to Milan about her daughter’s behavior since she was at a ‘precarious’ age right now…

Fenrir had been surprised by Tina’s outburst and had completely stopped her hand movements before grabbing her Master’s shoulders and pulling herself up to see over him. She saw his tail swirl about in the water and the conflicted expression on his face before a strangely exasperated look appeared on her face and she shook her head. Seeing her strange reaction, Vahn turned his head up at Fenrir as she said, “Master needs to learn to control his tail properly. Very naughty.” Completely outside his expectations, Fenrir plopped her paws atop his head and said, “Don’t worry, Master can be naughty all he wants to other girls, just not Tina. Be patient, okay~?”

For the first time in his life, at least as far as he could recall, Vahn felt an indescribable sense of shame and just hung his head as Fenrir ‘happily’ resumed washing his body. Though it was the result of a misunderstanding, Fenrir’s words felt especially heavy and made Vahn unable to respond for a while until Eina appeared next to him and said, “Fenrir, Vahn didn’t mean to do anything…it was an accident, so don’t be so hard on him, okay?” Fenrir’s ears flopped as she tilted her head to the side and said, “Fenrir isn’t wrong…Master just needs to control his tail and accidents won’t happen. Master can feel everything around him so he could have avoided the situation if he was prepared. Even Fenrir doesn’t let people sit on her tail…Master is just inexperienced~?”

Eina was at a loss for how to respond to Fenrir’s words because it was the longest stream of sentences she had ever heard from the typically curt wolf-girl. Vahn, however, completely understood what Fenrir was trying to say and he couldn’t help but agree. Because he was so accustomed to being human, Vahn didn’t really practice making proper use of the traits he obtained when transforming. He could still remember using his tail in Báihǔ form to fight against enemies, but he had stopped trying to adopt that kind of fighting style once he awakened Xuánwǔ. With [Shundo], Vahn’s mobility was already very high so he had stopped relying on his Báihǔ form in combat, even though it used to be his preferred fighting style. Since it was an ability derived from an Innate, it was undoubtedly much stronger than magic he obtained after a few days of practice…he just stopped trying to get used to it and it was even more practical to become a Vanargandr that used Xuánwǔ instead…

After thinking this far, Vahn raised his head and showed a mixture of an apologetic expression and a resolute look as he said, “I need to start training properly…” He hadn’t been putting much effort into his morning training and often spent the entire time meditating until the girls were ready to head off to the Dungeon. It seemed he needed to familiarize himself with his own forms more, or perhaps needed to spend more time in a transformed state so he had better awareness. Vahn already had near-perfect control over his own body, including sensations like touch, so it was nearly impossible to actually catch him off guard in a normal situation. This meant he could have easily avoided the ‘mishap’ with Tina but, after thinking this far, Vahn began to wonder why such mishaps always seemed to occur around Tina…

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