Chapter 567: Into The Deep End

After the small fiasco in the bath, Vahn finished washing up his body before ‘retreating’ into his salon with Fenrir following close behind. He had a bit of time before people were supposed to show up so, even though she was one of the reasons why he took ‘critical damage’, Vahn relaxed against a sofa with Fenrir snuggled up on his chest. Vahn felt like she was becoming increasingly clever as time passed and wondered who she was spending time with to develop such habits. However, she was very cute with her sleeping face so Vahn just released a quiet sigh and let his mind wander until Misha knocked. She was scheduled for her massage at 4 PM and it was currently around 3:20 PM, so there was enough time to get in a short nap before she was supposed to arrive…

Around 3:50 PM, Vahn sensed several presences arriving in the waiting area outside his salon and could recognize them to be Eina, Misha, and Preasia. Dinner was supposed to be around 6 PM so the only people he was scheduled to massage were Misha and Preasia. Eina had probably accompanied the former to either make sure nothing happened or simply to allay any concerns Misha may have. Fenrir was already awake as soon as he began investigating the presences so she hopped off his chest and stretched her body before saying, “Fenrir will go watch everyone cook~!” and dashing out of the salon.

Soon after Fenrir left, Misha came through the thin curtains leading into the salon and peeked her head in curiously before making eye contact with Vahn. Since she was a paying customer, Vahn kept a calm expression on his face using [Will of the Emperor] and asked in a polite tone, “Is Eina not going to accompany you?” Misha laughed before walking through the curtain and saying, “She told me it would take away from the experience if other people watched. Apparently, you’re supposed to be pretty skilled with your hands~?” Misha always had a curious nature and this wouldn’t be the first time it had gotten her into a bit of trouble. She was a bit on the ditzy side and was accident prone, which had been one of the reasons she had been ‘allowed’ to come to the Hearth Manor by the Guild.

Vahn nodded his head with a confident expression and said, “There are differences in the treatment for everyone that comes into the salon, but I can guarantee my skills are without equal. Even gods have complimented my ability, so I have a fair amount of confidence.” Misha issued an awkward laughter and said, “Scary, scary…” as she peeled away her bathrobe and revealed a matching yellow bra and panty. She had been told the massage was better without having clothes in the way but wearing lingerie was around the limit when she was alone with a boy. Misha had a fair amount of trust for Vahn, as she had seen his interactions with the other girls over the last two months, but that didn’t mean she completely trusted him. If not for Eina’s drastic change and her insistence that Vahn wouldn’t do anything ‘inappropriate’, Misha wouldn’t have been able to come into the salon like this.

Though he had an instinctive urge to compliment Misha’s figure, Vahn simply nodded his head and gestured toward the massage table as he asked, “What kind of treatments would you like today, Misha? Know that some of the complex procedures take more than thirty minutes, so let me know if you have any quick questions before we get started.” Seeing how ‘calm’ Vahn was, Misha arched her brows in curiosity and had been tempted to ask if he didn’t find her attractive. She wasn’t really interested in him but the fact he didn’t show any ‘appreciation’ for her figure when she was wearing nothing but undergarments hurt her pride a little. Deciding he was simply acting professionally, Misha walked over to the strangely designed table before realizing she was supposed to lay on top of it with her back facing upward.

As she contemplated the strange design of the table, Misha felt a little hesitant to entrust her backside to Vahn so easily. She didn’t really understand how ‘serious’ Vahn’s massages could get but she had been cautioned by Eina several times that things could get very ‘intense’. Though she had prepared herself a little, Misha was still worried about what might happen so she asked, “I heard your massage can enhance and prolong beauty? I’m still a young and beautiful young woman, so what other benefits can you provide other than that~? Also, how much would it cost to get ‘transformed’ like what happened to Eina?”

Vahn held his hand to his chin in a thoughtful manner before saying, “Depending on the intensity of the massage, I can probably prolong someone’s beauty almost indefinitely as they age. I actually have to be ‘careful’ not to push the other girls too hard since they are still developing. It also has the benefit of easing the tensions in your body, removing knots that might occur from stress, and loosing up your joints so you don’t have any lingering aches or pains. As for the procedure Eina underwent, that is a closely guarded secret of the Alliance and isn’t something that can be obtained with money…sorry.”

Misha stared at Vahn with saucer-like eyes and he could see a great amount of incredulity contained within her pink irises. He knew it was difficult to believe but his description was honestly what could be expected if he pushed his [Hands of Nirvana] to the limit. When he remembered how youthful Haruhime appeared during the Divination, Vahn was certain there were many long-term benefits to the massage that he hadn’t been able to understand yet. For those that had undergone ‘Nirvana’, such as Tsubaki and Eina, Vahn was even confident in halting the signs of aging until they were near the end of their lifespans. His source energy could nourish their bodies a lot more than the other girls and it was very likely they would live two, or even three, times longer than normal. For Tsubaki, this meant she could very well live upwards of five-hundred years…

After a few seconds of silence, Misha saw that Vahn’s expression didn’t change and it was very obvious he wasn’t trying to fool her. If what he described was true, much less 20,000 Valis, his massages could cost more than a million Valis and there would still be a line of Adventurers signing up to receive his ‘godhand’. Deciding to forgo caution, Misha made the mistake of nodding her head confidently and saying, “Okay, I want to see the limits of your massage technique. If I’m not satisfied with the result, I’ll bug Eina until she gives me a refund~.” Though she was just teasing him, Misha underestimated how serious Vahn could get and, as he was using [Will of the Emperor] to maintain his expression, she didn’t notice the subtle change in his disposition.

Vahn nodded his head and gestured to the table once again, this time causing Misha to climb onto it and rest her somewhat modest breasts into the indentation toward the end. She immediately noticed the table was far more comfortable than she had expected and, as she rested her face into the circular opening, Misha felt very relaxed even though her body was tense. Vahn watched her actions and, after she was nice and comfortable, said, “Many of the pressure points I’ll be targetting are on your back, so I’m going to unfasten your bra. Also, I’ll need your permission to touch your butt unless you would like me to avoid sensitive areas.” Misha surprisingly laughed when she heard his words and remarked, “I heard you were into butts, ehehehe. Sure, as long as you don’t do anything strange I’ll trust you this time. I’ll tattle on you if you get fresh though, so be careful with those hands Mr. Mason~.”

Though he was a bit caught off guard by Misha’s words, Vahn quickly recovered and said, “I won’t do anything untoward…Ms. Flott…” Vahn cast a glance over at Misha’s butt as he spoke and saw it was somewhat small, though the shape wasn’t that bad. She was only 150cm tall and had a very thin figure without any discernable fat on her body, including her butt. Her muscles were also a bit unbalanced so it was easy for Vahn to see that she didn’t exercise properly and most likely lazed about when she was off duty. If she decided to make this a recurring appointment, Vahn would draw up a nutritional plan for her and list out some easy exercises that would help restore the balance to her body.

Before he began, Vahn explained, “The others should have warned you, but you need to be aware that your body won’t respond to you properly until I’m finished with the massage. You may not have much trust for me, Ms. Flott, but please believe in Eina and know that I will not do anything to bring harm to you.” Misha removed her face from the circular opening and gave Vahn an appraising look before saying, “You’re a very serious boy, aren’t you?” and then returning her face back into the hole. After a short period of silence, Misha said, “Eina wouldn’t fall in love with a boy unless they were trustworthy. Besides, I’ve been warned plenty of times so stop dallying…I spent a good portion of my paycheck to get this massage, so you better not have started the time yet~!”

With Misha’s ‘consent’, Vahn rubbed his hands together and began infusing calming energy into his domain so she wouldn’t panic after losing functionality of her limbs. Even Mama Mia had panicked a bit when he gave her a massage in the past so a normal girl like Misha would probably have an adverse reaction even though she was putting on a strong front. It would fade away very quickly, but it always made Vahn feel a little worried whenever he started massaging a new girl. Misha didn’t seem to notice the subtle change in the atmosphere and Vahn was amazed by how quickly she relaxed her body given the situation.

Shaking his head with a wry smile on his face, Vahn said, “I’m beginning…” and began pressing into the pressure points around Misha’s neck and shoulders. He had learned from experience that it was always better to start from the neck since it would dull the connection with the rest of the body and make them feel less scared. In the past, he used to start around the lower back and it was always terrifying to suddenly lose functionality of your legs when the rest of your body was still active. By starting from the neck, Vahn could move to the other parts of the body and help them relax much faster. Surprisingly, Misha didn’t seem to mind the sudden change in her body and, other than her aura fluctuating a bit she remained very calm.

Vahn felt like he may have underestimated Misha’s mental fortitude a bit…either that, or she was lacking a bit of awareness and a sense of danger. It was nice to know she was showing her trust for him, but it was still very strange to see such a reaction for a first time ‘client’. Without minding it too much, Vahn began working his way down Misha’s somewhat boney back and infused energy into her pressure points to relax the surrounding muscle groups. She really was very thin, not much different from Fenrir if not for the variations in their bust size. However, Vahn noticed that Misha had the characteristic softness of a young woman regardless of how thin she was and it was a very curious matter.

Since she had given him permission, Vahn also pressed into the pressure points around Misha’s butt and noticed her aura fluctuated quite a bit before turning somewhat chaotic when he moved to her thighs. Vahn expected this would happen but continued his efforts regardless and moved further down Misha’s legs as her aura slowly stabilized. The yellow-orange and purple colors began to fade away in her aura and were slowly replaced by a gentle yellow glow and a subtle pink as the tensions in Misha’s body slowly released. Vahn was surprised to discover that Misha actually wasn’t a virgin, even though he knew she was supposedly more into girls than boys. He wondered if she had experimented at some point in the past but put the matter to the back of his mind as he watched the pink aura slowly increase in intensity.

Because she wasn’t a ‘maiden’, at least as far as Vahn’s understanding was concerned, this meant that Misha’s massage was going to be far more intense than Vahn had intended. However, Misha said she wanted to experience the full extent of his massage technique and Vahn knew it was actually much better for the girl to experience ‘release’ during the massage as it greatly enhanced the effects. He may end up having to apologize to her later, but Vahn began to massage around Misha’s lower back and traced his hands up her sides very slowly as he infused energy into her body and began to link together the various nerve centers with his source energy.

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Misha’s somewhat pale skin began to turn ruddy as small droplets of sweat began to appear on her skin. The most noticeable change, however, was the subtle vibrations that had started reverberating throughout her body. They were only four minutes into the massage at this point and Vahn knew things were going to get increasingly ‘harder’ for Misha as he progressed further. Deciding not to cut corners, Vahn tried not to mind the vibrations too much and just focused on the task at hand as Misha’s body quickly turned to putty under his movements. She was already soft before, but Vahn felt like he could sink his palms into her back a little and it was like there was a thin layer of unbelievable softness covering her whole body. This was something he experienced with all the girls, goddesses included, so Vahn wasn’t distracted by the strange sensation and just transitioned to Misha’s thighs to continue his progress.

Even with their functionality almost entirely removed, Misha’s legs trembled a great deal when Vahn massaged her thighs but he didn’t stop for a single moment as he pressed his thumbs deep into her muscle tissue and massaged the areas until they became ‘soft’ to the touch. He was very aware of the womanly fragrance coming from her body but maintained a focused expression with the assistance of his [Will of the Emperor] as he escaped the humid area and moved further down her legs until he reached her toes. Pressing into the pressure points at the bottoms of her feet, Misha’s body turned somewhat rigid and ‘pulsed’ slightly every time Vahn rotated his finger against the three delicate nerve centers. Once he was finished, Vahn moved on to her other foot and watched curiously as Misha’s body almost imperceptibly leaned toward the stimulus instead of ‘away’ from it.

With her feet finished, Vahn moved back up Misha’s legs before pausing slightly and pressing into the pressure points around her butt while trying to avoid direct contact with it. It would be far more effective to massage the area, but Vahn didn’t want to be accused of taking advantage of her even though she had already passed out. Afterward, he lifted up her hips slightly and pressed into the pressure points at the connecting point between the Gluteus Medius and Iliopsoas so that she would be able to walk properly when she woke up. After letting her hips rest against the massage table again, Vahn refreshed some of the points on her back before working his way up Misha’s shoulders and continuing down her arms and fingers. He was moving a little fast, but Vahn had already ‘mastered’ this type of massage and could perform the entire thing in around twenty-seven minutes.

After around twenty-five minutes, Vahn began the final massage and pressed into the muscles around Misha’s neck before gently massaging her scalp while inserting a gentle stream of energy to help her wake back up. It wasn’t his first time having someone pass out during his massage so Vahn was accustomed to helping the girls return to their senses without scaring them. It could be very terrifying to suddenly wake up to the echoes of pleasure wracking your body and still be unable to move. He had already partially restored the functionality of her limbs and was now restoring the connection while helping promote proper blood flow to her brain. This would make her feel very relaxed and, once she managed to recover, Misha would probably be very focused and alert for the rest of the day. She would probably have a bit of trouble sleeping tonight, but that was a common side effect that Vahn had learned about from the girls…

Almost precisely around the twenty-seven-minute mark, the trembling in Misha’s body became somewhat more pronounced and she sucked in air like her body was very cold even though it was actually the opposite. With the ability to speak restored, Misha muttered, “T-T-That w-was a l-l-little more i-i-intense than I ex-expected…ha….haaaa…nn…” Misha realized now that she had severely underestimated Vahn’s massage and should have paid more attention to the several dozen warnings she had received. It was a little scary, but Misha felt like she would never be able to attain such a degree of pleasure for the rest of her life and it made her feel strangely lonely. Anything she had experienced before this massage seemed amateurish and she was certain her efforts wouldn’t bring her close to the same degree of pleasure Vahn had given her body.

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Contrary to Vahn’s expectations, Misha was still ‘technically’ a virgin since she had never had sex with a man before. Her only experiences had been with other girls, as she had played around a bit during her School days in the girls’ dormitory, and the reason for her damaged hymen was just a matter of her curiosity getting the better of her. She had purchased a women’s sex toy that was a bit bigger than she should have and ended up breaking her own hymen and experiencing a bit of trauma as a result. After that, she felt like being with men would just bring her pain so Misha’s disposition shifted from curiosity in the opposite sex to experimentation with the same sex. When she saw Vahn’s ‘member’ in the bath, Misha felt like her decision in the past had been the ‘correct’ one because she couldn’t imagine anything other than pain coming from such a monstrous entity…

Misha took several long and labored breaths and just enjoyed the ‘numb’ sensation in her body as Vahn restored complete functionality to her limbs. She didn’t even care when he poked around her butt with his surprisingly hot and firm fingers and, though she was aware of the ‘dangerous’ state of her body, Misha felt strangely secure since Vahn didn’t even do anything when she passed out. The only thing going through her mind right now was what she would do for the future since there was no way she could accept this was the last time. Even though there was a small basin below her filled with a thin layer of her own saliva, Misha didn’t mind it too much and it actually made her feel a little excited imagining what Vahn might do with it when she left the salon…

After the thirty minutes had transpired, Vahn gently ran his finger from the line of Misha’s panties to the base of Misha’s neck to make sure all of her nerves were firing properly. As was the case with the other girls, Misha’s back arched slightly as a result of the stimulus. She seemed to have forgotten her bra strap had been undone earlier and continued to hold up her body with a somewhat blank expression on her face before sitting upright a few moments later. Vahn ‘politely’ turned his head and calmly stated, “Misha, your bra…” to remind her of the matter. However, other than looking down at her exposed little buns, Misha didn’t take any action to wear her bra and just asked, “Do you…do frontside massages…?”

Vahn continued to stare off into the void as he nodded his head and said, “Yes, I’m skilled at all kinds of massages, both backside and frontside…” It was an awkward admission, but Vahn felt he should take pride in his ‘accomplishments’ with [Hands of Nirvana] since he had already pushed the skill to mastery and continued to make strides towards greater heights. Misha released a somewhat hot sigh before trying to scoot off the massage table and stand on her feet. Her whole body felt very pleasant and light and, even though functionality had already been restored to them, Misha’s legs felt very wobbly and she nearly fell over before Vahn caught her with a bathrobe that had magically appeared in his hands. He made sure to avoid any delicate spots and just let Misha lean into the thick robe while using his body as a support.

Misha laughed awkwardly and accepted the robe as she began to right herself while wearing it in as natural a manner as she could manage. It made her feel strangely vexed to see Vahn putting in so much effort to avoid looking at her body, even though she understood he was just trying to be polite. After releasing another sigh, Misha surprised Vahn a bit by slapping both of her cheeks as if she was trying to wake herself up from a daze. She gave him a thoughtful look before sticking out her tongue playfully and saying, “Thanks for the massage, Vahn. You can be sure I won’t be asking for a refund…hahaha…” Misha began to walk out of the salon before Vahn called out, “Misha, wait!” and made her heart tremble a bit as she looked back to see what he wanted to say.

She didn’t understand it well herself, but Misha felt a bit of expectation when Vahn called out to her until she saw him pointing at the yellow braw that was resting in the small indentation where her breasts had been. A fierce blush touched her already ruddy cheeks as she moved over quickly and snatched up the bra before fleeing from the salon. Vahn watched her retreating figure and saw the fluctuations in her aura before releasing a long sigh and remarking, “Why does it always seem like the girls are running away from my salon whenever I finish recently…?” Vahn tilted his head to the side and held his hand to his chin as he contemplated if it was related to the [Petting] Development Ability. However, soon after he brought his hands near his face Vahn smelled a very womanly fragrance and instinctually sniffed his hand before startling slightly and pulling out a towel to wipe his hands clean before Preasia showed up…

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