Chapter 568: Comfort

Shortly after Misha ‘fled’ from the salon, Vahn heard rustling at the entrance that signaled Preasia’s arrival. He had already sensed her waiting outside and just continued cleaning up the salon after looking over and saying, “Everything will be prepared shortly. Did you think about what kind of treatment you’d like?” Vahn could see that Preasia was wearing a short bathrobe and understood her intentions but still gave her the option to choose. Without answering his question, Preasia asked, “Are you…okay with someone like me…?” Vahn squinted his eyes as he evaporated up the thin layer of saliva Misha left behind before looking over at Preasia with slight confusion apparent on his face.

Preasia lowered her head slightly and said, “You know…my name is on the schedule…I was worried…” Vahn understood what she was trying to get at now so he simply smiled and showed a gentle expression as he said, “Preasia, it was actually wrong of me to have forced you to wait like this. You’ve already been working very hard, so I owe you a bit of an apology for making you have these kinds of concerns. You’re a cute girl and, while I worry about you a bit, I have absolutely no problems being involved with someone like you.” Vahn noticed that the minor instabilities in Preasia’s aura stabilized as a small smile appeared on her face and she pulled open her robe.

Though he had already expected it, Preasia allowed her robe to drop to the ground as she revealed her completely naked figure before him. Much like he had in the past, Vahn swallowed a bit of saliva that made Preasia’s smile widen slightly. She had been watching his expression closely to gauge his reaction and was very pleased to see such a response from him. As for Vahn, he passed his eyes over her body once again and commented, “You’ve been taking care of yourself…” because she looked a lot healthier than she did in the past. Like Misha, she was a petite girl at 150cm tall but, unlike the tomboyish pink-haired girl, Preasia had moderately large breasts for her size that were on the verge from transitioning from a B-Cup into a low C-Cup. She was much paler than most of the other girls, though a healthy complexion had started to color her skin in recent months, and her platinum blond hair and light grey eyes made her appear very gentle and soft.

As if to emphasize her softness, Preasia’s hair was very shaggy and curled in various different directions while a small shaggy tail also dangled down above her somewhat plump rump. She had been very thin in the past but had started to fill out a bit and it was most noticeable in how her thighs seemed to swell up slightly, a racial trait shared by all Sheep People. Of course, they didn’t cause her body to look unbalanced and the only thing that stood out, other than the small ‘mat’ of shaggy ‘fur’ around her secret garden, were the large off-grey curved horns on her head. Vahn often pet her head and had probed around her horns to discover they were very hard yet strangely warm to the touch. Though she couldn’t feel much through them, there was a ‘vein’ like protrusion on the underside of the curve that would cause her to her lips to become pursed in ‘frustration’.

Preasia watched Vahn’s eyes attentively and hugged her body in an insecure manner as she asked, “Is it strange…? I try to groom it…but it grows back quickly…” She had heard him mention he didn’t mind her pubic hair in the past, but Preasia couldn’t help but compare herself to the other girls around Vahn. Most of them were neatly groomed or completely shaven, especially the younger girls that surrounded him. The only exceptions to this were Tsubaki, Milan, and Mikoto, though Preasia hadn’t overlooked that latter’s had become much neater recently. It bothered her a little to be so different than everyone else, though it also secretly made her feel special…

Vahn raised his brows slightly and continued to show a casual smile as he said, “It suits you well…it’s almost like your entire body is very ‘fluffy’ and it would be a little strange if you were clean-shaven considering you’re a Sheep Person and have already reached maturity. Besides, it shows that you’re very healthy by how well you maintain it.” When she had first come to the Manor, Preasia had been shaven and her genitals had been mutilated somewhat by the despicable person that purchased her previously. Vahn knew she actually grew it out as a manifestation of her insecurities but he could see she had been keeping it neatly trimmed, even though it was still somewhat thick. Compared to the other girls, with perhaps the exceptions of Fenrir, Preasia’s hair was at least twice as thick as everyone else’s, including on her head. It was also very soft and fluffy, something Vahn had been made increasingly aware of with the passage of time.

Seemingly satisfied with Vahn’s response, Preasia walked over and propped herself up on the massage table Vahn had set out. He typically used a different table for each person, so this one was brand new as Preasia had never been a beneficiary of his massage after her initial treatment. Vahn was always worried about how she would react to it and she also didn’t want to pester him and had avoided coming by except to have her hair cut and styled once before. After she hopped up on the table, Preasia wiggled around so she could sit comfortably and made no effort to protect her decency as she watched Vahn finish cleaning up.

So as to remind her of why she was here, Vahn once again asked, “Have you thought about what kind of massage you want? We have plenty of time, so I would suggest something mild like a three-phase massage star-” Before he could continue explaining, Preasia bit her bottom lip and said, “I don’t want a normal massage…I just want you to pet me…and…and to let me watch your hands…” Preasia knew of the ‘efficacy’ of Vahn’s massage and, though it seemed very exciting to experience, she would rather just share something more intimate with him instead of simply receiving his care. Though she didn’t know it, this was one of the reasons why she had been cleared to be around Vahn because, though she was very reliant on him, Preasia wanted to ‘share’ experiences instead of just expecting comforts to be given to her.

Vahn experienced a momentary lapse in his train of thoughts as he considered Preasia’s words and thought about them seriously. He could understand why she didn’t simply want to entrust her body to him in such a manner and could also see how it would be more therapeutic for her to be ‘involved’ in the process. Had she asked in the past, he would have refused her without overthinking things too much but now things had changed and Vahn felt like he should allow her a bit of ‘special’ treatment this time around. It would be nice to have some intimacy with her before they eventually had sex in the next few weeks so, after setting aside the few inhibitions he had about it, Vahn nodded his head and said, “Sure, Preasia, that sounds like a nice idea…”

Preasia harbored some hope but she hadn’t quite expected Vahn to agree so, while her brain slowly processed the information it had just received, a light trembling began to rise up in her body. By the time her mental processes had restarted, she felt very giddy and, though it was very slight, her shaggy tail wiggled slightly in excitement. Vahn smiled at her reaction and asked, “Do you want to use the massage table, or should I set out a sofa?” Preasia’s eyes opened slightly and they darted around in their sockets before she muttered in a very low voice, “Can we…use a bed?” She felt like she was pushing her luck a little bit, but Preasia felt like now was the best time to push forward since she had never felt luckier in her entire life.

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Since he had already decided to pamper her a bit, Vahn didn’t think about it too much but still issued a small compromise, saying, “We can use a futon so it’s easier to move around…is that okay with you?” Most of the beds Vahn used were very soft and it was even difficult for people with good balance to easily maneuver. Preasia was a relatively normal girl and, even if she left everything to him, it would be much easier on them both if they were on a relatively firm futon instead of a plush mattress. As for how Preasia felt about the situation, she didn’t seem to mind at all and just nodded her head quickly as she squeezed her somewhat tiny fists into triumphant balls.

Vahn cleared up a large floor area for use before setting out an equally large futon that could easily fit four people comfortably. Something about having a large bed always made Vahn feel very happy so, even when he used disposable cushions and futons, he never settled for smaller alternatives. He hadn’t been wearing shoes in the salon from the start, so Vahn stepped onto the moderately firm futon that was still soft enough to be comfortable. It was actually much higher quality than some of the beds in the Danmachi record, so it was more than suitable for their purposes. Looking over, Vahn saw that Preasia hadn’t moved from the massage table just yet and just watched him with her unwavering light grey eyes.

After considering what she might be waiting for, Vahn smiled before walking over and picking Preasia up in a princess carry and moving her from the table to the futon. Her left horn rubbed against his chest in the process but he fortunately managed to avoid the tip as he set her down. Vahn felt that, even though she was similar in size to Misha and Arnya, Preasia was much smaller than other girls and she felt very fragile and soft to the touch. Thinking that it would be best for her to guide his actions, Vahn asked, “What do you want me to do, Preasia…?” She had been laying down previously but lifted up her body in response to Vahn’s words and tried to control her breathing before saying, “I just…want you to touch me…and I’ll tell you if it’s scary…”

It was hard for her to rationalize it, but Preasia felt like she needed to experience someone exploring her body without bringing her any harm. She wanted to be able to trust Vahn completely and let him do whatever he wanted, knowing that he would always listen to her if she experienced discomfort or got scared. This knowledge gave her confidence and, after watching Vahn for a very long period of time, she believed he wouldn’t let her down. His hands had always brought her comfort and took away the pain…she believed that he may even be able to take away the bad memories if she opened herself to him completely.

Vahn smiled before crossing his legs and removing his tunic before patting his lap and saying, “Sit with your back to me…just like normal.” The only piece of clothing he removed was his tunic, but it made Preasia’s aura fluctuate with a mixture of light purples, muted pinks, and a tinge of passionate reds. She nodded her head before gingerly climbing into Vahn’s lap, very aware that this situation was anything but ‘normal’ compared to the past. She normally wore thicker clothing because it made her feel safe and warm but now she was completely naked and had exposed herself as the vulnerable and damaged girl she truly was. However, when she rested her bare back against Vahn’s wide and warm chest, Preasia felt very secure and started to calm down as a very different excitement rose up inside of her.

After waiting for around a minute for Preasia’s aura to stabilize, Vahn used both hands and began using his [Hands of Nirvana] in conjunction with [Petting] as he ‘fluffed’ Preasia shaggy hair. Her aura fluctuated again, but this time there was significantly less purple and Vahn could feel her heartbeat through her back as she leaned against him. She had large and droopy fur-covered ears on the side of her head, just like a real sheep, and Vahn began stroking his fingers around her scruff as she writhed about slightly under his movements. He was usually tamer when petting her but knew she wanted to experience something more stimulating so he was stroking her similar to how he would Fenrir. She didn’t seem to mind it at all and proactively leaned into his hands instead of trying to resist them as quiet and remarkably adorable sounds issued from her throat as her rate of breathing continued to increase.

Vahn kept using his left hand to stroke around the base of Preasia’s left horn before bringing his right hand around to her front and stroking around her cheek before moving around her chin and neck. Preasia trembled slightly when she felt Vahn’s hand against her neck but, instead of a suffocating and painful sensation, the only thing she felt was warmth and a strange vibration from his palm that made her feel increasingly more excited. When he brought his hand up around her chin once again, Preasia opened her mouth before gingerly touching her tongue against his finger. Vahn was a bit surprised at first before bringing up his finger near her lips as Preasia puckered up slightly before letting his finger slip into her mouth.

Preasia’s greatest trauma was related to having things in her mouth but she still wanted to feel Vahn’s finger against her tongue as sucked on it slightly with each breath she took. It still had the same warm feeling as normal and it was very pleasant as she wrapped her tongue around it and felt the subtle vibration that seemed to spread from her tongue and down her throat. When he finally pulled his finger free, Preasia experienced a brief melancholic feeling before the hot and tingling sensation began to make its way down her neck. Looking down, Preasia could see Vahn caressing around her collarbone with the back of his hand. She could see the gentle light flowing from his fingers and saw thin strands separate from his fingers as diffuse into her body. Preasia wished she could bottle up the pleasant feeling coming from the thin strands of light and carry it with her always…

For the better part of twenty minutes, Vahn just continued stroking and petting around Preasia’s head, horns, ears, and neck. He could feel her tensions increasing even though her aura had stabilized greatly with the passage of time. Just as she had been attentively watching his actions, Vahn had been watching her reactions to make sure she was comfortable and unafraid. Before he would move on, Vahn would wait for Preasia to relax both her body and mind so she wouldn’t be pressured and feel anxious. To help ease her mind, even though it caused her tensions to increase a bit, Vahn had also lightly smelled around Preasia hair and gave her a few compliments about how nice she smelled and how fluffy her hair was.

As he stroked the thin line under her horn with his fingertip, Preasia’s lower jaw trembled and she made cute sounds of frustration before shivering when he said, “Your horns are also adorable…” One of the things she had always been self-conscious about was the existence of her horns so, hearing Vahn compliment them while affectionately stroking them had dealt critical damage to Preasia. She was actually very sensitive in the area he was stroking so, once his words had broken through her defenses she released a flaw of warm moisture from her lower body that made her feel very anxious. Vahn didn’t seem to mind it, however, even though she knew he would be able to feel the moisture through his trousers. Knowing that he was letting her fluids soak through him made Preasia’s heart begin racing and her body began shaking slightly until Vahn’s warm embrace hugged her from behind.

Vahn could see that Preasia actually had a bit of fear and inhibitions related to her own pleasure and, even though her Love parameter had shot up a few points, a sickly purple spread through the pinks and reds when her body began trembling. Wrapping his arms around her, Vahn converged his domain and began infusing [Hands of Nirvana] all around them to help Preasia calm down as he said, “It’s okay, Preasia…relax…you are safe…there is no need to feel afraid.” Though she continued to take deep breaths and trembled slightly, Vahn could feel her aura begin to stabilize once again as her Love parameter bumped up another few points. They ended up staying like this for nearly ten minutes before she completely calmed down and he loosened up his embrace.

Before he could move his hands to start caressing her head again, Preasia seemed to have something different in mind as she loosely grabbed his wrist and brought his hands against her body. She covered the back of his hand with her marginally smaller hand before slowly bringing it up to her pale white breast with its very faintly colored pink protrusions standing at the ready. Though she shook slightly, bringing his hand to her breast on her own helped Preasia stay calm before she used her free hand to guide Vahn’s left hand to her stomach. She actually felt like she had started to get fat recently and hoped he wouldn’t mind even if she became a little flabby…

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Contrary to Preasia’s perception of herself, Vahn felt that her stomach was very soft and, even though it folded slightly when she was arched forward, this was very natural and she was actually on the thinner side with her underdeveloped muscles and the malnutrition she suffered living in a rural village for more than eighteen years. In fact, Vahn felt like every part of Preasia was much softer than normal and she could almost be compared to the almost indescribably soft Hestia. He always felt weird when comparing girls to goddesses, but it also felt strangely like he was complimenting them at the same time so he couldn’t help but do it on occasion.

Though she had moved his hand to her breast, Vahn didn’t move around and grope her freely because he could still feel the inhibitions she had. He just let strands of gentle energy spread from his palm and flow into her body while he gently moved his left hand, which was on her abdomen, up and down. Preasia leaned forward slightly to watch his hands and eventually began stroking the back of his right hand, almost as if she was encouraging him to move. Vahn leaned forward and kissed the back of her head before he began gently massaging her left breast with his right hand. Her breathing started to increase once again, but she managed to stay relatively calm and was only reacting to the buildup of pleasure instead of fear.

Things continued like this for several minutes until Preasia was forced to exhale from her mouth as her breathing had become labored, not out of fatigue, but as a result of the tensions in her body reaching a critical level. She didn’t moan, nor did she cry out, but she made small sounds like squeaks as she fought to resist against the pleasure. Vahn had felt like moving to her other breast at one point, but Preasia had been pressing his hand with her own and didn’t seem intent on letting him move away at present. She continued to lean forward further as time progressed and was almost completely scrunched up at this point. Vahn could feel the bone of her tail wiggle about against his lower body but he resisted the urge to let his own body react since he didn’t want to spook her. Right now, her tail was curled up and pressing into her soft butt and Vahn could even see it poking out between her thighs as it curled up slightly.

As the tensions in her body continued to rise, Preasia began absentmindedly moving Vahn’s left hand further down and he had already reached the boundaries between soft flesh and plush fur. She didn’t seem to realize it herself, but Vahn was very aware of it since the thick platinum blond fur was very moist and he had even caused a ‘mist’ to rise up when he stroked against the direction it naturally grew. Though it was very fluffy, it was strangely resistant and always conformed back in the natural direction as if it was trying to conceal what lay beneath. The closer she pushed his hand toward the secret garden beyond, the more effort Vahn put into his embrace while trying to make Preasia feel safe.

After nearly fifty-two minutes, Preasia’s body began to tremble greatly as she felt a hot sensation touch against a very sensitive area of her body. Vahn may have thought she was unaware of her actions, but Preasia had been watching Vahn’s hand slowly make its way further down. She had been the one guiding the action, but it still made her feel a tremendous amount of trepidation every time she edged it another millimeter closer. When he had reached her hair, Preasia had stopped for a while to gauge his reaction. She noticed that Vahn didn’t seem to mind it at all and even saw the moment when he had moved his fingers counter against the direction of her fur. It made her feel very embarrassed to see the slight mist but it also calmed her down greatly. When his pinky finger touched against the top of her v*****, she felt strangely terrified but it passed quickly when Vahn nestled against her neck and hugged her tightly.

For a few more minutes, until there were less than two minutes remaining before they were supposed to stop, Vahn and Preasia sat in silence with nothing but her loud breathing sounding out in the room. As he had a clock inside his salon, Preasia was very aware of the passage of time and was sad to see how little remained before she mustered up what remained of her courage and pushed Vahn’s hand further down before pulling her’s away. Guiding the action was very different than letting Vahn move on his own and she wanted to see how he would treat her body in the final few minutes.

For a few seconds, Vahn fingers hardly moved as if they were ‘adapting’ to the new situation. Then, though it made her body tremble for various reasons, he began tracing his fingers up and down with very ginger motions while he gently pinched her nipple and moved his thumb and index finger around her areola. Preasia felt the trembling in her body increase greatly and she tucked her head down and closed her eyes as a jolt of pleasure passed through her body like a wave. Vahn didn’t insert his finger into her vulva, but the warm energy flowing from his fingers was enough to push her already tense state over the edge. With his warm embrace holding her tightly, Preasia allowed her body to climax as small drops of tears fell like pearls from her moist light-grey eyes…

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