Chapter 592: Time, Place, Occasion

Vahn was used to Tina being somewhat affectionate after a hard fight so he didn’t mind her much and just picked up her sword and carried her over to where Milan was waiting. All of the surviving Killer Ants just stood stock still as they watched this happen and it wasn’t until Vahn reached the corridor that their movement returned. Completely incapable of understanding what had happened, the monsters began to charge towards the fleshy trio until a wave of fire appeared out of thin air and began to torch their bodies until they eventually turned to purple dust and vanished from the world.

Without paying too much attention to the ants, Vahn set Tina down next to her mother and used his free hand to remove all the grime from her body. It was always a very interesting sight to see particulates of blood, organs, and small pieces of monsters just ‘float’ away from someone’s body as it collected into a sphere near Vahn’s palm. His ‘cleaning’ had developed much further than in the past because Vahn’s ‘image’ of the ability had become solidified at this point. Instead of having to identify each individual mana signature, he simply had to ‘want’ to clean their bodies and the small magic circle in his palm took care of the rest. He wasn’t sure why it didn’t show up as a Magic within the system, but it didn’t really matter since many of the spells he ‘copied’ didn’t show up either.

Tina watched as all the guck left her body and wished she would be able to use such Magic in the future. Of course, she didn’t want to learn it any time soon since the ‘tingling’ feeling she felt on her skin was very pleasant and it felt even better knowing that Vahn was the one doing it. He was probably unaware of it, but Vahn’s ‘cleaning’ magic went all the way to the skin of the girls he used it on since it always pulled away sweat and cleansed the pores. It was a very refreshing and ‘pleasant’ feelings since it was like having all your pores opened up in a sauna as a cool breeze passed over the body. Tina’s tail curled up happily in response to the pleasant stimulation until she saw the ‘teasing’ look from her mother and began to blush with a pouting expression on her face.

Vahn just had a small smile on his face because he found Tina was always adorable when she behaved like this, as it made her appear more like the child she was instead of the ‘adult’ she wished to be. Just like Fenrir, he wished she wouldn’t be in such a hurry to grow up since it was very important to enjoy your childhood, at least in his opinion. Vahn understood he was a bit of a hypocrite at times because he often overlooked what was ‘best’ for himself when he was focused on other things, typically requiring other people to point it out for him. This didn’t really change his feelings on the subject, however, and Vahn just wanted what was best for them before things naturally became more ‘complicated’ in the future…

Once her front was completely clean, Vahn placed his hand on Tina’s stomach and lifted her up so she could stand on her own two feet with Milan’s support. She had a habit of pushing herself to the limits so Vahn and Milan were very used to helping her recover after the fact. While Milan supported her body, Vahn helped replenish Tina’s stamina while also treating any injuries she might have sustained, especially things like muscle cramps and tears. He also used his left hand and cast his cleaning magic on her back to remove the majority of the grime located on her backside as well. Tina’s tail flickered about and she released an almost inaudible mewling sound, especially when Vahn moved his hand toward her lower body. Vahn knew to be ‘careful’ around the area and didn’t tarry too long before moving down Tina’s legs and finishing the process.

Milan shook her head with a wry smile on her face and just stroked her daughter’s head after the latter buried her face into her abdomen again to hide the blush on her cheeks. As for Vahn, he placed his palm against the plate on Tina’s back and used his [Petting] to help her calm down. Even through the durable Adamantine plating, Vahn’s [Petting] was still effective and it made Tina slowly began to relax and loosen up her body. Milan watched this take place with a mild amount of shock because she remembered her experience the previous night and the whimsy and comfort she felt this morning. It was very obvious that Vahn had become increasingly skilled with his hands and Milan could feel an ‘eagerness’ welling up inside her own body as she watched Vahn move his hands against the back plating of Tina’s breastplate while still being able to influence her daughter’s body beneath the plating…

At this point, Tina’s tail had drooped and she was completely absentminded as the very pleasant and comforting feeling came through her back. She had been shocked at first and tried to focus on the sensation but it wasn’t long before she comfort ‘overwhelmed’ her and she simply wanted to experience it without thinking. While hugging her mother’s waist as if it was a buoy within the sea, Tina began to take in throaty breaths before it eventually turned into a mild purring sound that made both Vahn and Milan nearly burst into laughter. Milan just stroked Tina’s head and said, “I’m a little envious…” in a playful tone that caused Tina’s ears to twitch as she snapped back to awareness.

Vahn pulled his hand away from Tina’s back and had a huge grin on his face as he looked into Tina’s golden eyes and said, “You’re very adorable when you purr, Tina~.” Though she knew what happened, hearing Vahn say it made Tina feel like her heart was going to burst out of her chest and she squeezed Milan’s waist tightly in response with releasing an ‘aggrieved’ sound. Purring was a very embarrassing thing to do in front of other people and, even though Vahn was the boy she liked, Tina didn’t expect to purr without realizing what happened.

Most Cat People stopped purring soon after they were weaned off their mother’s milk and it was the knowledge that purring was something that ‘babies’ did that made it so embarrassing for many girls. Since Tina was always trying to appear more mature, she felt especially embarrassed by the fact and hugged Milan’s waist for nearly three minutes as a result. Milan just stroked her daughter’s head with an affectionate smile on her face while Vahn remained silent with a glimmer of shock in his eyes as he stared at the invisible system notification in front of him…


//Tina Yuel Has Reached Maximum Affection//

//Unable To Complete Quest: [The Hearts Desire:C-SS] As Result of Special Conflict//

//Tina Yuel ‘Love’ Parameter Temporarily Sealed. Secret Parameter ‘Infatuation’ Unlocked//

//Tina Yuel Current Infatuation: 417//

//Optional Quest Triggered//

[Quest: Bridging the Generations]

Rank: A

Objective: Obtain Lover’s Promises From Two Girls In The Same Generational Line: (1/2)

Rewards: 300,000 OP, 2x[One of Heart, Mind, and Body]

Failure Condition(s): Death, Deaths of Objective Targets

Penalty: Accumulated Karma of Objective Targets, Deviant’s Mark Of Scorn


Vahn felt his brain buzz as he read the system notification and decided to not worry about it for the time being since Tina was simply too young to get her to make a ‘Lover’s Promise’. Though the rewards were very tempting, Vahn didn’t really care about 300,000OP that much since his current reserves were at 4,914,001 and constantly increasing. Even with his expenses for forging, Vahn earned OP for completing his projects and typically could earn more OP than he spends if he put in a serious effort. WIth [Petting], Vahn could get a few thousand OP every day just by spending time with the girls, even gaining nearly thirty points just from stroking Tina’s back and making her purr.

Unfortunately for Vahn, fate didn’t seem to be on his side in this case and, just as he was trying to set the matter aside in his own mind, his instincts triggered and his mind was effectively blown when he heard a system notification in his mind. While she had been hugging her mother, Tina had been ‘brooding’ over the matter of Vahn ‘forcing’ her to purr and decided that he needed to take responsibility. She had previously decided they would get married in the future, but now Tina was ‘adamant’ about it and wouldn’t let Vahn weasel his way out of things. Knowing that her mother still had inhibitions about the future, Tina resolved herself to break down her mother’s resistance to the idea because she wanted them to all be together forever. No matter what it took, Tina promised herself that they would all three love each other and create a ‘real’ family together…


//Optional Quest Completed//

[Quest: Bridging the Generations//

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Rank: A

Completion Grade: SSS (0M0D0H01M16S Completion Time)

Rewards: 300,000 OP, 2x[One of Heart, Mind, and Body]

Grade Rewards: 100,000OP, 1x[Oyakodon Cook Book] [One of Heart, Mind, and Body]

Rank: Unique

Use: Allows one person to experience the feelings, thoughts, and sensations of Milan Yuel.

Duration: 8H

Restriction: Tina Yuel

[One of Heart, Mind, and Body]

Rank: Unique

Use: Allows one person to experience the feelings, thoughts, and sensations of Tina Yuel.

Duration: 8H

Restriction: Milan Yuel

[Oyakodon Cook Book]

Rank: Unique

Only allowed on

Use: Teaches the user how to create a variety of delicious dishes using a special set of ingredients.

Restriction: This is not an actual Cook Book. Use with caution as the information cannot be forgotten after the fact.


Milan noticed Vahn’s strange behavior and tilted her head, asking, “Vahn, is something the matter?” which caused Tina to look over her shoulder out of curiosity. Though her face still had a ruddy blush clear for the world to see, there was a resolute look in her eyes that made Vahn release a deep sigh and shake his head, saying, “No, I just felt like my bond with both of you grew much stronger all of a sudden…” It was well known amongst the girls on the network that Vahn’s ‘bonds’ could actually cause his body to naturally produce items. Though Tina didn’t understand what he was saying at first, Milan knew what he was getting at and felt both curious and bothered at the same time. Her feelings for Vahn hadn’t really changed much at the present so it must have been her daughter that triggered his ability to activate.

Vahn looked at the two [One of Heart, Mind, and Body] within his inventory and saw they took on the form of opaque glass orbs. No matter how he thought about it, Vahn didn’t think it was a good idea to give either girl the orb even though it was obviously meant for their use. Tina would likely use it in a way he shuddered just thinking about while Milan would likely save it for an emergency situation. Vahn figured he could explain it away as an emergency use item, but there was no way of knowing what would happen if Tina’s [Luck] acted up. He expected this entire situation was something machinated by her unawakened Development Ability and it was somewhat terrifying to be influenced by its effects, even though he wasn’t even from this record initially.

At this point, almost as if she was acting on the cue of fate, Tina seemed to come to a realization and excitedly asked, “Y-you created an item from m-my love~nya!?” She was often envious of the girls that had enough love for Vahn that it took on a physical and tangible form. Tina had often wondered how much she needed to like Vahn for her own item to be created and was excited at the prospect of finding out what their bond had produced. As for Vahn, both he and Milan had complex expressions on their faces with the latter eventually grabbing her daughter’s shoulders and saying, “It’s fine, Vahn…you can tell us what it is…” Milan felt like a lot of things were coming to a head at this point and it was like the past few weeks had been leading up to this moment. Vahn’s instincts triggering and the whimsy she felt seemed to be indicators of this occurrence and Milan decided not to oppose it since she wanted her daughter to be happy.

For the first time in a while, Vahn felt a cold sweat on his back because he hadn’t expected Milan to be so ‘receptive’ to the existence of items created from the ‘love’ he shared with her daughter. He knew she had ‘accepted’ that Tina and him would probably end up together in the future, but it felt somewhat awkward to be put on the spot. However, Vahn had long ago decided to be more decisive when it came to his relationships so he nodded his head with an awkward smile and pulled out the two orbs. Milan and Tina looked at the mysterious orbs with curiosity in their golden eyes until Vahn explained in an honest and tired tone, “These orbs can only be used by the two of you…and it allows you to share each other’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions for eight hours…”

Hearing the explanation of the items, Milan became a little pale and the orb in her palm suddenly felt heavy as she looked to the one her daughter was holding. Tina didn’t seem to understand the implications behind the item at first but her face became beet red a moment later when a certain thought crossed her mind. Her eyes immediately snapped to Vahn and her own mother as she ‘hid’ the orb behind her back and stepped away from them instinctually. Milan squinted her eyes slightly and said, “Tina, unless its an emergency I don’t want you to use that item…from now on, you need to show me you still have it at the start of every morning…” Such an item in the hands of her daughter, especially given how she had been behaving recently, was far too dangerous and Milan didn’t want Tina to become a deviant and precocious girl as a result of her curiosity.

Tina swallowed hard and said, “Yes, Momnyaa…” while stowing the orb safely away in her pouch as if it was a precious treasure. She had previously thought about possible uses for such a strange item and let her thoughts wander to the time her mother spent with Vahn. Realizing what it meant to experience everything another person was going through, Tina knew the item was very ‘dangerous’ because she was tempted to make use of it the next time they spent the night together. Now, however, Tina knew her thoughts had been seen through and a great deal of guilt welled up from her heart under her mother’s ‘reproachful’ gaze and firm tone.

To diffuse the somewhat tense atmosphere, Vahn plopped his hand on Milan’s head and calmly said, “Tina is a very smart and sensible girl, Milan. You don’t have to worry about her doing anything strange…” Milan felt like she needed to be firm on the subject since she was very worried about her daughter but, from the moment Vahn’s hand contacted her ears, she found herself less worried about it almost instantly. Her firm expression slowly started to loosen up before she ‘escaped’ Vahn hand and said, “Mou…if Tina ends up getting any strange ideas, you’ll be the one to suffer for it Vahn…” Realizing there wasn’t really anything she could do about it if Tina used the orb, Milan gave up worrying about it and looked toward Tina, saying, “You only have one orb…don’t waste it…” while placing her own into the pouch at her waist.

Though not direct permission, Tina realized that her mother had decided to leave it up to her when and how she wished to use the orb. This made Tina feel a little giddy and it was obvious to both Vahn and Milan that she was probably going to do something ‘troublesome’ in the future. Vahn’s instincts had fortunately died down at this point, even though there was a subtle cautionary ‘buzz’ in his mind that seemed to persist. He couldn’t blame Tina for being curious and knew that it wouldn’t be a real problem unless he allowed it to become one. Since he was the target of her affection, Vahn just had to be firm with her and it wasn’t like she would be able to get away with doing anything too forward with both him and Milan guarding against her…

With a newfound motivation, Tina had continued trekking into the Dungeon and was eager to return to the surface so she could think about the best use for the orb. Now wasn’t the time to be distracted so Tina focused her mind on the task at hand, managing to efficiently kill dozens of monsters by the time they eventually decided to return to the surface. During the breaks they had, she allowed herself to be spoiled by Vahn and used those moments to consider the best course of action. She didn’t really know what it meant to share all of the senses of another person and wanted to consult Maemi and Emiru about it when they got back. Thus, with Vahn carrying her like a princess, Tina snuggled up in his embrace with a happy smile and thought about the future. She didn’t think about it much in the past, but now Tina truly believed she was very ‘lucky’…

Once they reached the Manor, after being picked up by Terra since she didn’t mind Tina and Milan, Hestia greeted them as usual before they all made their way to the onsen to clean their bodies. Vahn took the time to update Tina’s Status Board, which was observed by Hestia and Milan, and was surprised by what he saw. He gleaned over the information several times until Tina grew curious and turned around with a questioning look on her face. Vahn smiled and said, “You’ve grown much stronger and-” Tina had originally been squatting down in the water and, when she turned to find out why Vahn was quiet, she actually managed to step on the end of her own tail for the first time in her life.

Unable to resist the shocking pain that shot up her back, Tina jumped forward and ‘tackled’ the surprised Vahn who also stepped on a small slip of soap that had been sneakily hiding under the water. Vahn fell back into the hot water as Tina slid down his body after colliding with it, ending up with a very soft and tender sensation pressing against his lower body. Vahn’s eyes opened wide, allowing them to fill with the hot and opaque water of the onsen as he lamented the existence of Tina’s [Luck]. Even though she was Level 1, with his own parameters nearly equal to a Level 6, Vahn still ended up getting pushed down by a girl half his size, allowing her budding breasts to press against a dangerous spot while her lips had briefly contacted around his belly button…



Name: Tina Yuel

Race: Cat Person

LV. 1

POW: F320->F335

END: F383->E401

DEX: F324->F336

AGI: F341->F368

MAG: I72->I99

Skill: [Eclipse: Innate(sealed)], [Shield Bash:H->G], [Counter:I]

Magic: –

Development Skill: [Luck:B], [Abnormal Resistance:(sealed)] [Luck]

Rank: Variable (B)

Use: Increases the luck of the user, allowing them to experience greater fortune based on their perception. Has a moderate influence on fate and chance happenings based on the mental state of the user, meaning the skill can develop or regress based on reliance.


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