Chapter 697: Returning Home

Though he had only intended to stay for a few hours, Vahn ended up staying at the Southern Manor for the rest of the day. As a result of her Divinity, Anubis seemed to have an almost limitless amount of stamina while she was servicing him, never tiring no matter how long they continued. Since he had allowed her to act without restraint, Anubis had gone much further than Vahn originally expected and, if not for the fact he wasn’t sadistic by nature, Vahn was worried she would have awakened something inside of him. Fortunately, though he had given her the ‘reward’ he promised, adorning Anubis with a full set of her personal ‘accessories’, Vahn managed to retain his control throughout their ‘eye-opening’ session together.

The next morning, Vahn could feel movement around his hips and a very pleasant sensation coming from his dragon, standing proud to great the day. Anubis, as if the previous day’s ‘event’ had never ended, was bobbing her head slowly around his waist, creating a powerful suction that caused his spine to tremble slightly. After finally ‘releasing’ all his tensions the previous day, Vahn felt like his own mastery over his pseudo-erebea state had reached an adequate level. Because Anubis had been taking the lead, he was able to focus on the state of his own body and, with her tireless efforts, Vahn had made incredible leaps in his control.

Reaching out his hand, Vahn stroked Anubis’ silky black hair while releasing a contented sigh and saying, “Anubis, you’re really amazing…” The suction around his member increased greatly as Anubis slowly pulled her head away, completely sealing her lips around his shaft until it made a ‘pop’ sound when she separated. Wiping her moist lips with her fingers, Anubis released a bell-like laugh with the same amorous light in her eyes from the previous day. Vahn’s mind stalled for a short moment when he saw the small silver ring in her left nostril and the two clips near the base of her ears. They added a great deal to her sex appeal and, having put in the piercings himself, Vahn couldn’t help but feel a similar itch in his heart as the previous day.

Swallowing his saliva, Vahn grabbed the bottom of Anubis’ collar and pulled her head towards him, causing the exotic goddess to quickly crawl up and straddle his hips. Vahn saw the rings piercing her nipples before she pressed the fleshy mounds against his chest. She was obviously very eager to continue their ‘play’ from the previous day but Vahn just stroked her butt a bit as he said, “I need to return back to the Hearth Manor early. The girls might not mind too much, but I’m worried about my children…” Though he said that, Vahn still tightly gripped the base of Anubis’ tail and lifted her hips slightly before allowing her to sit snuggly against his waist. Her lower jaw trembled as a throaty moan escaped her lips but, as a result of his words, the amorous look in Anubis’ eyes began to fade as clarity was restored to their moonlike depths.

While moving her hips in a very skilled manner, Anubis loosely held onto his body and released a hot sight as she said, “Master, I don’t think I can live without you anymore…” Though she had given her devotion to him long ago, Anubis felt like she had given everything else to her Master the previous day. Mind, body, and heart, there wasn’t a single part of her existence that wasn’t stained by his presence any longer. If he made her, she would continue to stay within the Southern Manor and carry out his will but, after last night, Anubis knew it would be much harder.

When Anubis had spoken, Vahn felt her legs tighten around him as her movements slowed slightly. Even without seeing her aura, he had some understanding of what she might be thinking about so, unable to bear seeing her sad, Vahn hugged her body tightly as he said, “You should come and stay at the Manor. The Hounds are almost all adults at this point and, unlike in the past, they are capable of functioning in society without any major difficulties. The Familia they have been associating with all have some relation to the Alliance and we can still help them out if they need assistance…” At this point, only Nanu had really been staying at the Southern Manor and, now that she had taken up residence in the orb, Vahn didn’t want Anubis to live in such a large place on her own.

Hearing her Master give his permission, Anubis felt an ache in her lower body while the warmth in her chest spread until it filled her entire existence. His embrace made her feel very comfortable and, though she wished he would hold her tighter, Anubis was too happy to really care. As a result, Vahn could feel the already tight clamping in Anubis’ v***** more than double as her movements became nearly impossible. As a Chienthrope, Anubis ‘shouldn’t’ really move when having sex but had long mastered the ability to do so. Now, however, her control seemed to have slipped and it felt like her insides were trying to ‘desperately’ milk him. It made his own instincts begin to bubble up so Vahn asked in a soft, yet firm, tone, “Anubis…do you want to get pregnant?”

In an instant, it felt like her insides became like a vice but, after several long seconds of silence, Anubis eventually shook her head and said, “I may be a little weird, but I’ve never really wanted to have children of my own. Though I love children, I feel that having my own would distract me from my purpose in life. The only thing I’ve ever wanted was to serve a capable Master that also treats me well…you’ve already given me so much, Master. I know you would undoubtedly love our child, but I don’t want to split my focus between the man I love and the child we would bear together…”

In truth, Anubis had thought about it a lot and, while it made her very happy that her Master was willing, she didn’t believe she would be able to be a good enough Mother for a Vanir. If he managed to one day find a way to get around the restrictions of Divinity, Anubis would happily bear a child then…until that time, however, Anubis knew it was for the best if she just stayed at her Master’s side. Besides, it already made her exceptionally happy to share moments like this with him…for the time being, she didn’t need anything else.

Vahn knew Anubis was the type to seriously consider matters so he decided to respect her decision, even though he still released his seed deep inside of her. Feeling the hot and energy-rich fluid enter her body, Anubis trembled greatly as her womb proactively sucked up the invasive substance. Even if she couldn’t get pregnant, Anubis’ body was still acting based on its instincts and, as a result of her excitement, she was clearly in heat. The only difference is, unlike a normal Chienthrope, her ovaries didn’t release an egg, not that this stopped her womb from greedily lapping up the vital white fluid.

With her body currently writhing about in the throes of a powerful climax, Vahn guided Anubis’ body to the bed and let her lay on the stained bedspread, completely soaked through with their combined fluids. Seeing the piercings located all around her body, Vahn couldn’t help but roll his shoulders as a non-existent tension faded from his muscles. Reaching out his hand, Vahn gingerly grabbed the string-like loop that was tied firmly around Anubis’ clit and began to loosen it. There had been a tear-shaped crystal attached to the loop that acted as both a weight and an amplifier for physical pleasure. Anubis’ body twitched as he fiddled around with it but, when he finally got it off, she released a hot and somewhat sad sigh in response.

Vahn went on to slowly remove the other piercings and clamps, safely stowing them away in the wooden case after sanitizing them. Anubis had recovered her senses by the time he had moved on to the ring in her navel, watching silently as he slowly removed each piercing. If she had to say, Anubis wouldn’t have minded keeping them in her body. However, imagining the moment when he pierced her body again, she couldn’t help but feel her lower body tense up in anticipation. Vahn noticed this, producing a wry smile to caused Anubis to laugh lightly as he continued removing the remaining accessories.

After cleaning up properly and taking a bath, Vahn and Anubis prepared to leave the Southern Manor and return home. Along the way, Anubis followed close behind him but, when they reached the gate, she suddenly stopped. Vahn looked back with a curious expression only to see Anubis fidgetting slightly as she revealed the leash she had been keeping hidden. Vahn felt his brain begin to buzz even before Anubis said, “I know you may be worried about me, and probably don’t want to hurt your own image, but I want people to know what I am to you…Just this once, please walk me home. This is one of the things I’ve never been able to experience before and I want Master to be my first…”

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Almost every part of Vahn’s instincts were telling him it was a bad idea but, seeing the hopeful expression on Anubis’ face, he eventually released a sigh before saying, “Very well, Anubis…however, when we reach the gates of the Hearth Manor, you’ll have to take it off. I don’t really care about public opinion much but I don’t want my daughters to get any strange ideas if they see me walking you around…” As minuscule a chance as it might be, Vahn didn’t want to have to explain to his very curious daughter’s what his relationship with Anubis was. They would inevitably find out, yes, but Vahn didn’t want it to happen any time soon.

Anubis nodded her head very energetically while passing over the leash, saying, “Yes, I understand, Master~!” Vahn shook his head slightly, unable to prevent a small smile from reaching his lips as he fixed the leash to the ornate black collar he had gifted to Anubis in the past. The walk home after that was unlike anything he had ever experienced, though not that different from when he was with large groups of girls in the past. Every pedestrian that passed them, be they normal citizens, Adventurers, or members of the Alliance, looked towards the uncommon sight with abject shock on their faces. It was easy to see that Anubis was a goddess, as their style of dress and the natural aura they radiated made it very obvious, so seeing her on a leash made people perform several double-takes. Many people even rubbed their eyes, entirely unable to believe the sight they were witnessing…

Instead of shying away from their gazes, Anubis walked with her chin slightly raised, displaying an elegant posture with practiced and refined movements. She seemed exceptionally proud and, when anyone gave her strange looks, Anubis just smiled slightly in response. This continued all the way until the reached the gates of the Hearth Manor. Vahn, seeing they had drawn a bit of a crowd, sent a glance towards the onlookers as his domain radiated out from his body. When the invisible wave of pressure descending on their bodies, most of them looked away and began to go about their own business. Though there were still a few watching on in interest, Vahn didn’t pay them much mind and just led Anubis through the gate before removing her leash.

When he wrapped it up and handed it back to her, Anubis bowed at a very steep angle as she said, “Master, thank you…I know my request was diff-” Before she could finish, Vahn walked forward and raised Anubis’ head by lifting her chin. She stopped talking entirely as her eyes snapped to match his gaze, already in an ‘alert’ state as she awaited his order. Vahn smiled, wondering what he was going to do with this over-eager servant of his in the future. For now, he just gave her a small kiss and said, “Don’t worry about things like that. Though it can’t be too often, I don’t mind taking you on more walks around the area in the future. For now, you’ll have to be content just walking inside of the forest though, okay~?” Anubis nodded her head with a happy smile while her bushy black tail beat excitedly from side-to-side.

Having detected his arrival, Hestia had already come to the foyer alongside Fenrir and, as they had been nearby, Syr and Ryuu. When he entered through the front door, Hestia smiled radiantly as she said, “Welcome home, Vahn.” Her words were repeated by the other girls as Vahn returned a smile of his own and embraced each of them in turn. Syr, being the perceptive woman she was, looked towards Anubis with shimmering eyes as she asked, “Are you going to be staying here in the future, Anubis~?” Her words earned Anubis the attention of everyone as she unhesitantly nodded her head and said, “Yes, from now on, I will stay at my Master’s side when I’m not attending to my other duties. Please treat me well…” Contrary to her status as a goddess, Anubis bowed to everyone in a subservient manner.

Hestia eyed the buxom and mature looking goddess with an appraising gaze before nodding her head and saying, “It’s a bit late, but welcome home, Anubis. I’m actually a little surprised it took so long before you moved in…” Hestia then grabbed Anubis’ hand and said, “We need to go talk to the others. Syr, please inform everyone within the orb so they aren’t surprised later on. I imagine Nanu would probably want to be aware as soon as possible.” Syr nodded her head, displaying her characteristic smile as she turned to Vahn and asked, “Will you be coming inside the orb…” Without finishing her question, Syr’s smile widened slightly and she just headed towards the room containing the orb. It was very obvious to her that Vahn’s main priority was likely going to spend time with his daughters before checking up on Alex within the Spirit-Time orb.

As she expected, Vahn practically made a beeline towards the West Wing and stopped by the maternity ward, finding both Tsubaki and Arnya sitting together as they breastfed their daughters. They didn’t mind his intrusion at all and simply smiled radiantly, practically diffusing a motherly aura from their bodies with a gentle and loving look in their eyes. Tsubaki moved her feet off the sofa to make room for him while Arnya asked, “How did it go, nya~?” Though she could tell Vahn was in a happy and relaxed state, Arnya was still curious since he had been gone for nearly an entire day. Before he answered, however, Tsubaki lightly chuckled and said, “What kind of question is that, Arnya? Look at him swaggering about like an idiot, hahaha~.”

Without minding Tsubaki’s teasing, Vahn sat down between the two blooming mothers and explained, “I managed to achieve some mastery over my pseudo-erebea state. Also, Anubis will be staying here in the future, at least when she isn’t at the School. She is very good with children, so you can ask her for help if there are any matters of concern.” Neither girl seemed surprised by his revelation as Tsubaki lifted her feet back up and placed them across Vahn’s lap. Taking it as a cue, Vahn began gently stroking her legs, causing Tsubaki to put on a relaxed and comfortable smile. This continued until she felt that Sakuya had finished, causing Tsubaki to somewhat hesitantly hand her over to Vahn as she said, “Help burp your daughter, Papa~.”

As if under the effects of a magical spell, Vahn perked up and happily accepted Sakuya from Tsubaki with a large smile on his face. Sakuya was still very tiny, being only nineteen days old, but Vahn found her to be incredibly adorable. Holding her very gingerly against his chest, Vahn placed his palm against her back before lightly patting until she released a very small and gurgled burp. This caused her to apparently get upset as she began to whimper but, just as she was on the verge of crying out, Sakuya calmed down under the influence of the calming energy spreading through her body.

Tsubaki laughed while shaking her head, saying, “That technique is really unfair. I usually have to comfort her for a few minutes just to get her to calm down…” Vahn continued to cradle Sakuya in his arms as he said, “I can always teach you. It might take a few years to master but it is the type of skill that has an infinite number of uses. If we have more children in the future, it will be very handy~.” Vahn sent a wink towards Tsubaki, earning a rare blush from her as she lightly kicked his thigh with her bare feet. She didn’t put any strength into her hits, as Vahn was currently holding Sakuya, but it was clear she didn’t appreciate the teasing.

Responding to Tsubaki’s ‘attack’, a small light flashed on Sakuya’s back as a very tiny fox kit fell onto her legs. It didn’t even have teeth, nor could it open its eyes, but the small white kit bit at Tsubaki’s feet as the later froze up. She didn’t want to move and kick the tiny fox away and, as its attacks did negative damage, Tsubaki just tolerated it with an apologetic look on her face. Vahn chuckled lightly before holding Sakuya close to his body so he could free up a hand to pick up the very small fox. It fit within the palm of his hand and, after he picked it up, began to make small and agitated squeaks while trying to nibble on his fingers. Vahn just inserted some calming energy into its body before placing it near Sakuya’s back, causing it to disperse into mist-like energy before seeping into her pores.

Once the young kit was safely back inside Sakuya, Vahn blinked in surprise as he looked around and asked, “Shirohime isn’t here?” After Sakuya’s guardian came into existence, Shirohime had actually started lingering around Sakuya’s crib a lot. She seemed very fond of both Sakuya and the young fox kit, even going out of her way to groom and cuddle up with them on occasion. After all, his children and their guardians were capable of seeing Shirohime and, being a fox herself, she felt a kinship towards Sakuya’s Three-Tailed Fox. It had small rings at the end of each tail, one representing each of the elements Sakuya herself possessed, Ice, Fire, and Wood.

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Tsubaki, hearing Vahn’s question, just looked at him like an idiot as she asked, “How am I supposed to know where it is when I can’t see or hear it?” Vahn’s brow twitched slightly as he laughed in an awkward manner, just now remembering that Shirohime was indeed imperceptible to Tsubaki. His laughter caused her to also laugh before she reached out and said, “Now give me my daughter back. I don’t want her to become clingy like your other daughters just because you have those strange techniques…” Vahn nodded his head but continued to hold Sakuya as he playfully said, “I’ll give her back after you fix your clothing~.” Until now, Tsubaki’s right breast had still been hanging out of her kimono.

With his reminder, Tsubaki fixed her clothing before ‘snatching’ Sakuya away from him and quietly whispering, “There, there, Mama has you now~.” Then, casting a sidelong glance at Vahn, Tsubaki mumbled, “I don’t mind if you become a Papa’s girl, but I’ll beat him black and blue if you don’t say Mama first…” Though they were just playful words, Vahn couldn’t help but tilt slightly while Tsubaki and Arnya both laughed at his reaction. Then, having finished feeding her own daughter, Arnya passed Meinya over to Vahn so he could burp her as well. Much like Tsubaki, she was very attached to her daughter and it made her very happy to spend time like this, especially when Vahn was around to pamper them both…

After leaving the maternity ward behind, though not after finding out where Anise was, Vahn headed towards his daughter’s rooms. Through his domain, he could sense that they were all away but, as expected, he found Erika in the Library while Ina was likely with Hephaestus. Ina spent most of her time, when she wasn’t around him, taking things apart and reassembling them in Hephaestus’ workshop. She wanted to ‘play’ with him in his workshop but Vahn hadn’t been using it much lately, especially after building a small workshop within the orb. It simply wasn’t ‘efficient’, not that it really stopped him from spending time making things with her when she asked. He had a soft spot for all of his daughters and, unless he was busy, always made time for them when they wanted to spend time with him.

Though she only cast a casual glance towards the door to see who had entered, Erika’s eyes widened when she saw it was her Papa. For a brief moment, a happy smile reached her lips that hadn’t gone unnoticed by Vahn, even though she quickly adopted a more stoic and casual appearance. Vahn, making no efforts to hide his own smile, walked over as he said, “Good morning, Erika. You know, your Papa is feeling a little empty since he didn’t manage to recharge his Erikatanium yesterday…” Hearing his words, Erika began to fidget almost imperceptibly as she shrunk in her chair and slightly averted her eyes. However, when he opened his arms and asked for a hug, as hesitant as she might have been, Erika ‘reluctantly’ agreed without much actual resistance…

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