Chapter 696: Service

The following day, deciding to take Loki’s advice, Vahn made his way out of the Manor early in the morning. Most of the girls no longer used the backyard for training any longer so Vahn’s mornings were generally free now that the orb existed. This had left him ample opportunity to enjoy his morning in other manners, generally by visiting Anubis or stopping by the Clubhouse for a short while. Nanu, much like Tina, also had special permission to use the orb after agreeing that her ‘real’ age would still be restricted by the date of her birth, not the chronological passage of time. She still spent a fair amount of time outside the orb but, now that many of the ‘Hounds’ had lives beyond the Anubis Familia, this had been slowly changing.

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Arriving outside the ornate gate leading towards the massive pyramid-like structure, Vahn found Anubis waiting for him with a calm smile and a slightly expectant look in her moonlight eyes. She had her hands crossed in front of her with what Vahn immediately identified as a leash held in waiting. With a smile on his face, he approached the exotic goddess who often showed an inordinate amount of patience for his sometimes careless decisions. She took a step forward, almost like she had lost her patience, rubbing her silky black hair against his palm while Vahn used his [Grooming] to play with her ears.

With slightly squinted eyes, and a breathtakingly beautiful smile on her face, Anubis brought her body closer to his and said, “Master…” in a hot voice that plucked at his heartstrings. Vahn already knew that she was the only one at the Southern Manor right now so, instead of accepting the leash she had in her hands, Vahn traced his hands down the line of Anubis’ body, tracing her outline as her body trembled lightly under his touch. Even without being in a form with enhanced olfactory senses, Vahn could smell a womanly fragrance coming from her body that made his brain buzz with excitement. Then, just as her breathing started to accelerate, Vahn made Anubis release a surprised yelp as he suddenly picked her up in a bridal carry. To any observers that might have been watching, of which there were none, Vahn and Anubis would have vanished in thin air as a result of his seamless [Shundo]…

Other than noticing the surroundings change, Anubis didn’t feel Vahn move at all, almost as if he had truly teleported from the gate to the front door in an instant. She had already received a ‘warning’ from Loki the previous afternoon so, noticing that her Master was behaving somewhat ‘impatiently’, Anubis felt excitement stir up in her heart as she tightly hugged his body. Vahn, after making his way through the entrance of the Southern Manor, carried Anubis into the central chamber she had prepared for him in the past. Just as before, there was a large bed located in the center while, stern about on various shelves and racks, a variety of ‘equipment’ could be seen. Vahn noticed it was all neatly maintained, almost as if it had been carefully tended to in anticipation of its future use.

Still holding on to Anubis’ body, Vahn passed his gaze over some of the items he had never truly considered using in the past. There had always been a small part of him that had been interested in the various items Anubis had put on display and, knowing that he owed her a great deal, Vahn swallowed hard before saying, “You have always shown a great deal of patience, Anubis. Even though I’m your Master, I’ve rarely ever done anything worthy of your service. Today, for these next few hours, I will give you the reward you’ve craved for the last year…” At this point, Anubis was taking short and quick breaths, clearly excited by the prospect of her Master ‘finally’ easing the burden in her heart. She loved him deeply but, as a result of her ‘need’ to serve people, it had been very difficult for him to treat her so well all the time. For a very long time, she had desperately awaited the day he would finally dominate her completely…

Placing her left hand against his heart, Anubis looked into her Master’s eyes while her moonlight eyes glimmered in anticipation. Her lips, creating a perfect bow on top while being full and glossy on bottom, slightly parted as she exclaimed, “Master…I want to be treated roughly. Please, I don’t mind even if you break me a little…I’ll be fine…” Vahn winced slightly, worrying Anubis enough that she bit her lips, almost as if she were anguished by the prospect of him being put off by her words. In the next moment, however, Anubis’ heart felt like it was going to explode out of her chest when he leaned down and whispered in a firm tone, “Don’t worry, Anubis…even if I break you, I’ll put you back together properly…”

Vahn felt like digging a hole and burying himself inside after uttering such ‘bold’ words but, seeing how happy Anubis was, he kept a firm and almost ‘predatory’ look in his face and expression. He could feel her trembling in expectation while the palm she had rested on his chest had started to perspire slightly as a result of nervousness and excitement. Carrying her over to the bed, Vahn ‘dropped’ her down and said in a cold tone that made his own spine tremble, “Take off all your clothes…no, keep on your bottoms and stockings for now.” Anubis’ lower jaw trembled slightly as she hotly muttered, “Yes, Master…” with an amorous expression on her face.

Walking over to the side, Vahn opened a large secretary-like wardrobe that had various outfits inside, much like the one he had gleaned through when he visited the Twilight Manor in the past. Grabbing the first outfit that looked interesting, almost entirely made of leather arranged in a complex structure of belts and straps. Vahn noticed that the material on the inside was very soft to the touch and wouldn’t chafe against the skin much, even under rather ‘intense’ physical activity. Deciding it was a good option for the time being, Vahn tossed the outfit over towards the bed where Anubis had just removed her gown. In the same commanding tone as before, without looking directly at her, Vahn said, “Put that on. If it gets in the way of your bottoms, take them off.”

Anubis seemed to be very ‘aware’ of her role in everything that was happening since, as he wasn’t looking directly at her, she didn’t respond and just carried out his orders. Since he was ‘ignoring’ her, it would have been inappropriate for her to distract him from his exploration of the wardrobe. Vahn, understanding this, produced a nearly indiscernible wmile while sorting through some of the other ‘accessories’ present. He was surprised to find that Anubis actually had various tail-like accessories that were very obviously meant to be inserted in the anus. Since she already had a large and bushy black tail, Vahn found it somewhat strange that she had such things available. Understanding it wasn’t ‘necessarily’ for her own use, Vahn set them aside and continued to look for other items of interest.

Located in a wooden box at the back of the wardrobe, Vahn found an ornate wooden box which, when opened, revealed several ring-like accessories. At first, he didn’t understand their use but, after picking one up and checking the description in his inventory, Vahn immediately understood their purpose. For a very brief moment, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows slightly as he imagined why Anubis would have various piercings and clamps kept within the wardrobe. The one he had picked up had very cleared been called a [Nipple Ring] and, with how thick the needle of the ring was, Vahn couldn’t imagine it being a pleasant experience having them inserted. As for the other ‘rings’, they included ear clamps and, much to his shock, there were lip, nose, belly-button, and, epitomizing his shock, a single silver clamp that was supposed to constrict around the c*******…

Though he wasn’t looking at her, Vahn noticed Anubis’ aura practically explode when he had picked up the small wooden box. He understood her tastes were a bit extreme and, even though she would heal completely after a bit of rest, Vahn found it hard to imagine how she had developed such a ‘unique’ preference. However, since he had never seen her react in such an extreme manner, Vahn put the lid on the wooden container and held it under his arm. This made her aura marginally larger and it began to gravitate towards him, even though she was several meters away. Vahn could feel the tendrils of her aura start to coil around him, with the greatest concentration lingering around the box under his arm.

Since most of the other ‘toys’ wouldn’t have made a big difference, as he was far more capable of causing Anubis’ pleasure without their use, Vahn ignored them and made his way over to the bed. Anubis hadn’t finished changed yet so he ‘scowled’ towards her and said, “Hurry up…I didn’t think you were the type to leave her Master waiting.” To emphasize the fact, Vahn pulled out a wooden chair and sat down, placing the wooden box on the armrest before crossing his arms and legs with an impatient look on his face. Anubis began hurrying her actions, stripping off each piece of her clothing while changing into the complicated leather outfit with practiced ease.

While watching her, Vahn allowed his eyes to wander around her figure while lazily saying, “Your body really is very beautiful…Honestly, I prefer your pristine state and its exotic look while you’re completely naked. However, as this is supposed to be a reward for you, I will tolerate a bit of selfishness on your behalf. In exchange, I want to see how far your limits reach…” Opening up the box to his left, Vahn pulled out one of the rings and said, “Instead of forcefully dominating you, even though I’m sure you would enjoy it, I want you to work for your reward a bit. In exchange for your service, I will reward you with another one of your precious rings and clamps…what say you?”

Since he had been addressing her directly, Anubis had kept her eyes unblinkingly focused on her Master, eagerly anticipating what he was going to say. She had been a little dejected when he said he wasn’t going to dominate her directly but, after hearing his followup question, all of the instincts she usually worked hard to suppress were starting to break through her defenses. He might not realize it himself, but making her service him in exchange for a reward was still a means of domination. The only difference was, instead of just forcefully conquering her body, such methods would affect her heart and mind instead. She wanted nothing more than to ‘earn’ the reward he had mentioned and, if not for her ‘need’ to look him in the eyes while he was speaking, Anubis wouldn’t have been able to tear her gaze away from the small silver ring.

Vahn suddenly felt like the tiny ring in between his index and middle finger had increased several times in weight. However, without allowing it to show on his face, he just casually stowed the ring back into its container. When Anubis’ eyes nearly followed the motion, Vahn put on an ‘amused’ smile before squinting his eyes and asking, “How much longer will you keep me waiting, A-nu-bis~?” She had already worn most of the outfit he had handed her, surprising Vahn by how revealing it was while causing a ‘dangerous’ feeling to swell up inside his heart.

Anubis’ healthy, olive-brown, skin was almost completely covered in the glossy black leather and he couldn’t help but look towards the small silver zippers located near her fragrant mound and voluptuous breasts. However, as ‘distracting’ as the three zippers were, it was the ring she fitted around her tail, forcing it to curve upwards against the force of gravity, that caught his attention the most. He imagined it would be very uncomfortable but Anubis didn’t seem to mind it at all as she very quickly finished her preparations. However, because the majority of her outfit was black, contrasting the white stockings she was still wearing, Vahn felt the ensemble was a little incongruous so he said, “Lose the stockings…” Almost as if possessed, peeled the stockings off in the blink of an eye before leaning toward him with an expectant look on her face, clearly awaiting his next order.

With how Anubis was behaving, Vahn could feel his own tightly regulated reins begin to slip slightly as the ‘itchy’ feeling in his heart continued to expand. The whole reason he had come to Anubis was to ‘cut loose’ in an environment where the other party was very receptive to, for lack of a better word, ‘whims’. Anubis, though not physically powerful, had inordinately high endurance and, unless he forcibly dominated her body, her stamina related to sexual deeds was on the upper end of the spectrum. She could even compete with girls like Tiona and Ais, both seemingly possessing an infinite amount of stamina. However, though Ais was very experimental, she was still severely lacking in experience and their time together was more of a mutual exchange or ‘exploration’ of each other’s limits and interests.

Anubis, even more so than Loki, was a very ‘experienced’ woman who knew exactly what she needed to do in almost any given situation. The only thing keeping her at bay right now was that exact same experience, cultivated over a period of time longer than he could truly understand. All he needed to do in order to experience ‘everything’ she had to offer was give her permission, removing the restrictions he had placed on her as a result of his own fear and inhibitions. Thus, though he was still somewhat hesitant, Vahn squinted his eyes slightly as all of his clothes vanished into thin air. The only thing remaining on his body was the paired locket that fit together with Lili’s and, though they weren’t part of his clothing, the various bite marks located on his shoulders. Temporary setting aside his inhibitions, Vahn gestured to Anubis and said, “Come, show me the extent of your capabilities as a servant…”

As if receiving a divine decree, Anubis’ expression became somewhat serious as a strangely reverential look was reflected in her pale eyes. It was almost like a switch had been flipped in her head as she slowly crawled to him, gingerly crawling out of the bed on all fours while maintaining eye contact. As long as he was watching her, Anubis would continue watching him in order to best understand how to serve him properly. Thus, with her tail pointing upwards while wagging against its constraints, Anubis crawled near his feet and, still managing to peek at him from the side of her eyes, began licking his feet. Lifting one of them slightly, and seeing that Vahn didn’t stop her, Anubis picked up his foot and began carefully tracing her tongue around his toes, all while observing him with an unwavering and reverential gaze. Each time she took one of his toes into her mouth, the look in her revealed an amorous light that seemed to pierce directly through him, tickling his sensibilities and making the itching feeling in his heart compound several times…

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After going through both feet, and all ten toes, Anubis finally broke eye contact for a brief moment, just long enough to kiss the tops of his feet after placing them gently back onto the ground. Then, as if she had never looked away, Vahn found the enchanting eyes once again matching his gaze as Anubis slowly crawled up his knees, bringing her face slightly closer to his body while turning her eyes up at him. Vahn couldn’t help but swallow hard, earning an excited smile from Anubis that made her breathing begin to quicken. Realizing she was getting off based on his reactions, Vahn relaxed slightly as his curiosity to see and experience everything she had to offer began to increase. Letting the smile on his face develop more, resulting in Anubis’ aura flaring up as the eager look she displayed became more profound, Vahn softly said, “You’re the only one I can entrust this matter to…don’t let me down, Anubis.”

Hearing his words, Anubis’ body trembled slightly as her eyes slowly widened at the realization of what he had just said. The excitement that had already started to overwhelm her mind reached a critical level at this point. All of the carefully regulated thoughts and feelings she had hidden behind her mask began to break free from the cage she had constructed. As if there were several different switches inside her body, Vahn watched as Anubis’ expression shifted from expectation, excitement, and fervent appreciation, to an almost zealous devotion filled with an ardent passion unlike anything he had expected. As if some limiter had been removed, Anubis’ olive-brown skin took on a red hue around her cheeks that made her body appear as though it were glowing slightly. Her eyes became ‘dangerously’ amorous as a veiled craze slowly began to break through the elegant facade she worked hard to maintain.

As if she couldn’t wait any longer, Anubis brought her face low as a husky and hot moan escaped her lips, never once breaking eye contact with him as she grabbed his proud dragon in her hand. Much like how she had rubbed her head against his palm earlier, Anubis began to stroke her face against his shaft while deeply inhaling his fragrance through her nose. The blush on her face continued to develop further as a watery haze began to spread over her eyes. As if she couldn’t get enough oxygen, Anubis let her mouth remain open while making no effort to prevent the pooling of saliva within her mouth. Once it reached a certain point, dribbling off her full and sensuous lips, Anubis traced her tongue ‘very’ slowly up his shaft while the amorous light in her eyes increased in intensity. What followed was an experience Vahn would never quite forget, Anubis going all out to satisfy him in exchange for the momentary pleasure brought about by the pain of her piercings…

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