Chapter 717: Naaza Erisuis

Nearly an hour before his climactic battle with Lili had begun, Vahn had already settled into Naaza’s bed with the surprisingly bashful Chienthrope. Naaza had never been the type of girl that openly displayed her affection and it didn’t seem like she even knew how to take proactive action. Ever since he had left the room with Lili, Naaza had almost turned completely silent. The only reason they ended up at the bed was under Vahn’s guidance. When they had got there, Naaza just stared blankly at the place she had been sleeping for more than a year. She didn’t actually seem hesitant, but more like her thought process had stalled and she didn’t know what to do at all…

Out of concern, Vahn had placed his hand gently on Naaza’s shoulder and helped her sit on the bed while asking, “Are you okay, Naaza…?” When she made contact with the bed, however, Naaza fell down like a marionette that had its strings cut. Vahn’s eyes widened in surprise but he calmed down soon after when Naaza rolled away from him, curled up into a ball, and weakly asked, “Can you just pet me for a little while…?” Most of the intimate moments she had ever shared with Vahn was when Lili was there to egg her own. Now that she was alone with him, Naaza’s mind had completely blanked as her heart performed acrobatics in her chest. She just wanted to calm down and, considering how comfortable she always felt whenever Vahn pet her, Naaza couldn’t help but proposition his services…

This was how they ended up on the bed with Naaza laying on his lap as he ran his fingers through her hair, rubbed her neck, gently thumbed her droopy ears, and stroked her soft cheeks. Naaza had calmed down a lot and her tail had been wagging happily for a while now, to the point that it was thumping against the bed in a steady rhythm. Vahn found this version of Naaza very adorable but knew things would probably stop here unless he took the initiative to push her forward. Her aura was suffused with a rich pink, tinged with passionate reds, so he knew she was actually expecting it to happen. Thus, after helping her calm down, Vahn let his right hand wander away from her head, tracing it down her side and bringing it to a stop around her hip.

Naaza’s body trembled in response but, other than the speed of her tail increasing, she made no efforts to stop. In fact, she seemed to be trying to pretend that she hadn’t noticed his hand at all and just continued to lay in his lap with her eyes closed. Vahn had a soft smile on his face and was preparing to do more when Lili’s sudden declaration reached his other set of ears. Vahn dulled for a moment, enough to make Naaza peek up at him with a curious and confused look in her eyes. Seeing her confusion, Vahn smiled, explaining, “Lili just made quite the…confession…sorry about that.” Vahn continued to stroke Naaza’s head and ears with his left hand while ‘casually’ moving his right hand from Naaza’s hip and onto her butt. She pulled her knees up in an instant and closed her eyes tightly, no longer concerned about Vahn’s previous daze as a very comfortable and excited sensation spread from her butt and into the rest of her body.

Vahn’s ‘Petting Laws’ allowed him to send energy outwards for up to 20cm, even through the air. When he was in contact with a person’s body, however, this limit no longer existed, allowing him to stroke Naaza’s butt while the threads of energy flowed from his palm into the rest of her body. It was a form of energy that had a very calming effect on people in normal circumstances but Vahn was also feeding threads of stimulating energy into Naaza’s nerves with his [Hands of Nirvana]. Her fidgetting continued to increase in intensity as a Naaza showed a confused expression, mixed with both comfort and pleasure.

He thought talking would help distract her so Vahn began to explain, “This is a combination of my [Grooming] and [Hands of Nirvana]…even if the precision is a bit lacking, it is pretty effective if I put some effort into it…” Vahn lightly squeezed Naaza’s butt, noticing it was firmer now than it had been in the past. Her physical training, which relied heavily on Agility training, had given her a firm butt and supple thighs that were both incredibly soft to the touch. Even through the loose fabric of her dress, Vahn could feel the softness against his palm and was looking forward to what was to come.

Naaza didn’t respond to his words, she just continued to ‘resist’ the dual-sensations spreading through her body, bringing her fists up in something like a ‘defensive’ posture while tightly closing her eyes. Vahn released a small sigh when he saw this and began to use his [Grooming] to greater effect while playing with Naaza’s ears. This caused her to release a sigh as some of the tensions in her body began to relax. Then, moving his hand from her butt, Vahn brought it to her abdomen and used his ‘secret’ techniques against Chienthropes. The reason why Naaza had instinctually moved her knees up earlier was a protective measure against this kind of ‘attack’, something deeply rooted in her instincts since it was the ‘weak’ spot of all Chienthropes.

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Using the gap in her focus, Vahn brought his palm against Naaza’s abdomen and began rubbing his hand up and down. This time, her legs kicked out and she naturally rolled onto her back and began to writhe about with a blissful smile on her face. Realizing her defenses had been breached, Naaza, fighting through comfort and laughter, pouted, “Rubbing my belly…how…how sneaky…” Vahn smiled in response, moving his hand towards Naaza’s diaphragm as she took in a deep breath. When he moved back down, her legs twitched a little and she exhaled a contented sigh. With a mischevious twinkle in his eye, Vahn said, “It might be a little cheap, but I wanted to do what I can to help you relax…”

Naaza gave him a small smile in return, at least until she heard him mutter, “I wonder how she would react if I used my [Grooming]…” He had used a quiet voice, but Vahn knew she would be able to hear him. Without waiting for her response, he pressed more firmly into her abdomen as threads of ‘Petting Laws’ spread through her body. Naaza tightly gripped his arm while her teeth chattered at the overwhelming sense of pleasure and discomfort. However, there was almost no strength in her grip at all so Vahn continued rubbing Naaza’s belly as she began to gasp in tune with his movements. In less than a minute, she had let go of his arms and splayed out in a lazy and contented manner like someone floating on the surface of a river.

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Vahn had gotten this same reaction from Anubis and Nanu in the past, so he wasn’t too surprised that Naaza had also given in to her instincts. Using the moment when she simply ‘didn’t care’ about anything else, Vahn brought his hand up and nimbly unfastened the buttons of her blouse. In preparation for today, she had worn a button-up blouse instead of the long-sleeved tunic she prefered. However, she strangely worse a long skirt instead of something easier to remove so Vahn felt like it had either slipped her mind, or she wasn’t fully prepared for her first time. This thought fell to the back of his mind in the next moment though, as Naaza’s light-green brassiere came into view.

Though she had also seemingly ‘frozen’ in time, Naaza’s breasts had developed into a healthy C-Cup, possessing a natural beauty accented by Naaza’s fair skin. As for why his concerns had faded away, it was because Naaza’s bra was made of green lace with several parts that were transparent. She normally wore relatively plain and simple undergarments so it was obvious she had prepared them just for him. He traced his finger around the elastic band giving her breasts a shapely and beautiful aesthetic appeal. This movement brought Naaza back to reality and, seeing her two ‘puppies’ presented to the sky, she froze up and began to blush deeply.

Vahn was expecting her to panic but, throwing his expectations out the window, Naaza released a sigh, matching his gaze as she said, “You don’t have to do things in such a roundabout manner…I’m ready to have sex…if…if you’re ready…” Naaza had started to feel guilty about how passive she was being, especially when she realized the efforts Vahn was going to in order to slowly ease her into things. In truth, her body was more than ready to accept Vahn, to the point she had worn a thicker skirt laced with a scent masking powder just to hide her embarrassment. Even then, she got some playful and curious looks from girls like Anubis, Nanu, and Fenrir…

Now that her initial panic, resulting from her separation with Lili, had faded away, Naaza wanted to at least be an active participant in her first time. Thus, while Vahn was still confused, she lifted her body into a seated position and removed her blouse completely. Vahn had recovered at this point and, seeing how shapely and full Naaza’s breasts were with her designer brassiere, he said, “That type of undergarment suits you very well, Naaza…it gives you a mature vibe and enhances your natural beauty even further…” Naaza, having just been about to unfasten her bra, smiled at Vahn’s compliment before hefting up her breasts and saying, “Lili and I had both bought battle underwear for today…though I’m guessing you’ve probably already noticed…ufufufu~.”

Vahn was happy to see that Naaza was beginning to relax more so he moved to help her remove the brassiere, earning a small blush from her in the process. Her footwork was very developed, and she had incredibly high Dexterity, but Naaza’s body wasn’t nearly as flexible as most of the other girls. Having Vahn’s help to remove the unfamiliar bra saved her the awkwardness of having to remove it herself. In return, she began to unbutton his black tunic, turning redder as his flawlessly arranged muscles appeared in her eyes and his manly aroma reached her sensitive nostrils. She didn’t even notice her puppies had already been released from the kennel until Vahn told her, “Lift your arms for a bit…”

Realizing she had been dazed by the combination ‘attack’ from Vahn’s appearance and aroma, Naaza’s face flushed crimson and she raised her arms to let him removed the brassiere from her arms. Soon after, he also helped loosen the band holding up her long skirt, all before she had even finished undoing the last button of his tunic. Naaza felt like it was getting harder to breathe and his scent was intoxicatingly sweet, soaking through her head and filling up her mind as a result. When Vahn’s laughter reached her ears, Naaza habitually muttered, “Sorry, I…” Vahn, however, just hugged her bare body close to his and said, “Shhh, don’t apologize…don’t worry, just leave it to me, Naaza…”

Naaza felt very comfortable in Vahn’s warm embrace, but his scent became even stronger when they were in such close proximity to each other. She began to sniff his neck absentmindedly while nodding her head, completely entrusting things to Vahn. As a result, Vahn unequipped his clothing and let Naaza continue to sniff his aroma while her tail wagged excitedly at her back. Vahn noticed she was wearing green-lace panties with two side-ties that were biting into the fair white flesh of her hips. He mentally commented that he could have made a pair that would have fit more comfortably but kept it to himself since Naaza had probably put in a lot of effort picking them out, not for herself, but for him.

After letting her aura develop further, taking on a deep red hue, Vahn equipped his last piece of clothing, the dark purple boxers he had been wearing. He was currently hugging Naaza close to his body so, when his dragon was freed from its restraints, it came into direct contact with her flesh. Naaza, against his expectations, actually brought her hands to his member and began feeling it with her palms while continuing to sniff his neck. She would intermittently lick him, a sign that Naaza’s ‘limiter’ was about to be removed. Even more so than Cat People, Chienthropes were very fond of licking when they were excited. Naaza showed more restraint than normal so the fact that she was beginning to ‘slip’ was a flag for Vahn to start.

Knowing she would request it anyways, Vahn stroked Naaza’s hair and said, “Turn around…it’s time…” Naaza’s body trembled noticeably when he said this and, though he hadn’t looked with his own eyes just yet, Vahn could feel the heat radiating from her lower body. She looked up at him with slightly watery eyes, a flushed expression, and a small smile on her lips. In a soft and loving tone of voice, Naaza’s said, “I love you, Vahn…” before kissing him on the lips. She then gave him a very firm hug, lasting for several seconds longer than she intended when she heard him repeat, “I love you too, Naaza. Thank you for loving me…”

After their embrace came to an end, Naaza turned her back to him and, instead of wagging, Vahn noticed her tail was curled up under her butt. He also noticed that Naaza’s blush began to deepen considerably as she crawled down on all fours and began trembling. There were no negative emotions in her aura so Vahn assumed she was just very excited, something he confirmed moments later when he removed the ties of Naaza’s panties, freeing them from her pearl-white buttocks. When he moved them to the side, Vahn’s eyes widened because he saw that a large portion of the green lace was dyed a much darker color. It was so soaked through with Naaza’s love juices that a drop fell from the fabric and onto the bedding below.

Turning his surprised eyes to Naaza’s backside, Vahn lifted her tail and was awed by the sight before him. While Naaza’s trembling increased greatly, Vahn was too stunned by the visual of Naaza’s love juices having already stained her thighs as if she had just gotten out of the bath. Though still a virgin, her vulva was lightly swollen and had started to separate slightly as her crimson interior palpitated with her heartbeat. Vahn knew Chienthropes also went into heat, a common term for the ovulation cycle of most Beast Humans, and it was ‘very’ apparent that her body was ready for sexual intercourse. As if to emphasize this face, Naaza’s somewhat raspy voice reached his ears as she said, “Vahn…hurry….”

Naaza’s face was flushed crimson red and there was an urgent intonation to her voice as she gave him a very impatient look. Vahn was stunned by this change in the generally reserved and bashful Naaza until a phrase he had heard from Loki repeated in his ears, “The quiet and bashful ones are actually the ones you have to look out for. They might be calm on the surface but, get them alone in a room, and they can turn into some real freaks, kukuku~.” With his relatively recent experience with Lefiya, Vahn now firmly believed in Loki’s words so, without any further hesitation, he positioned himself at her sickeningly hot entrance and slowly moved his hips forward.

Like Lili, as a show of camaraderie, Naaza had also taken two doses of medicine to help ease the burden of her first time. Unlike Lili, however, her body was far more mature and had developed into a very womanly figure. Vahn easily moved into her depths, broke through her relatively thin hymen, and then pushed against her cervix as her body expanded, nearly swallowing his entire length. Then, as he had expected, Naaza’s v***** tightened into an inescapable ‘trap’ as she released a loud and contented sigh. She didn’t show any signs of pain or discomfort for having just lost her virginity, instead, showing a happy smile as she hugged her pillow.

Though there were exceptions, such as the case with Anubis, sex with a Chienthrope was a relatively straightforward affair. Vahn just had to sit there and ‘tolerate’ the ridiculous amount of pleasure assaulting his p**** as Naaza’s v***** did most of the work. Moving would not only be very difficult for him, but it would actually hurt Naaza. Even so, without moving much at all, Naaza’s v***** massaged his shaft and squeezed in a rhythmic manner while her cervix actually seemed to writhe about against his glans in a very stimulating manner. This was actually Vahn’s first time having ‘normal’ sex with a Chienthrope and his brows were constantly twitching at the unexpectedly pleasant stimulation…

Around this time, Vahn was also just about to take Lili’s virginity so he felt his focus shifting to the other room a little as the image of Lili straddling his hips overlapped with Naaza happily moving her butt from side-to-side. Her tail was also wagging back-and-forth, brushing against his abdomen while Naaza panted and produced sensual moans that tickled his ears. When Lili lowered herself onto his shift, Vahn felt a shudder run down his body, fortunately, unnoticed by Naaza who seemed to be in her own little world. The stimulation in her v***** had actually been increasing, seemingly powered by her heartbeat and unique muscles reserved exclusively for procreation. Vahn knew that the longer he was with Naaza, the more her body would adapt to him and, if the rumors were to be believed, there was no such thing as a man who wasn’t satisfied with their Chienthrope lover.

Doing his best to ignore what was happening to his other self, which was very difficult since it was literally happening to him, Vahn massaged Naaza’s butt as her moans became much louder. There was no thrusting, but she would wiggle her hips as if she were finding the best angle for both of them, something that helped keep Vahn grounded in this room as he moved along with her efforts. Then, after pushing her butt against him, Naaza lowered her head and the pressure on his p**** almost doubled in an instant.

Vahn clenched his teeth as the pressure worked its way from the entrance of Naaza’s v***** until it reached her cervix. Once it tightened around his glans, the pressure eased up greatly for a few seconds before the cycle repeated. Vahn, though having a lot of experience with powerful stimulation, couldn’t stop himself from groaning as a result of the ridiculous amount of pressure. He almost began to question why Anubis didn’t have sex the normal way but that thought didn’t survive the next wave of ‘suction’ coming from Naaza’s v*****. This was her body’s instincts trying to ‘force’ him to ejaculate as the result of her increased sexual excitement.

Naaza’s face currently had a very rosy hue to it and, as she had turned her head to the side, Vahn could see that her eyes were glazed slightly as her tongue nearly hung free from her mouth. Every time she would create the pressure, she would tightly close her eyes and mouth, trembling as if she was expecting something. When it didn’t come, she would release a hot sigh and repeat the process, absolutely determined to get what her body craved. Like Lili, she came into the day completely accepting, even anticipating, that she might walk away from the event with a pregnant belly. Naaza didn’t actually like going into the Dungeon that much and, if she didn’t have to, she would rather stay at the Manor and continue developing medicines. Taking care of a child wouldn’t take away too much of her time and, seeing all of Vahn’s adorable children, Naaza couldn’t help but want one of her own…

Unaware that Naaza had actually been involved in the same ‘scheme’ with Lili, though they had originally planned to get impregnated together, Vahn finally reached his limit. He had already suppressed his body into his pseudo-erebea state so he released a large volume of seme into Naaza’s insides. As if ‘finally’ getting what it had craved, Naaza’s v***** completely locked down, ‘sealing’ his p**** in place as the pressure that had forced him to climax slowly wrung him dry. This time, the pressure around the base of his p**** remained firm while rhythmic waves moved any stray fluid from the v***** towards the greedily devouring cervix in Naaza’s depths. If she didn’t take a pill, it was almost guaranteed she would become another expectant mother within the Manor.

The stimulation in Naaza’s v***** continued long after he had already been wrung dry. Traditionally, a ‘mate’ would eventually go soft after spending their essence. Most races weren’t biologically adapted to someone like Vahn so, as if it didn’t know what to do, Naaza’s v***** continued to suck his firm member as they both trembled lightly. Naaza had an especially frustrated expression as anxiety and pleasure fought within her body and mind. The mechanism that made her body seek to be impregnated was actually very taxing and it wasn’t something she had any real control over. She knew what the ‘problem’ was but, in her current state, Naaza couldn’t even open her mouth as a giddy feeling began to rise up in the back of her brain. Fortunately, she remembered a secondary means of communicating with Vahn so, after pinging his mind, she ‘begged’, (“Vahn, you have to go soft or pull out. I’m going to pass out soon if you don’t release me!”)

Vahn almost wanted to retort that she was the one that needed to release him but he also knew her inexperienced body only knew how to ‘breed’, not simply have sex for pleasure. Fortunately, the rhythmic pressure that had been ‘milking’ him wasn’t actually that intense. Vahn relaxed his mind, something that was exceeding difficult considering what he was doing in the other room, and slowly allowed his p**** to become soft. Naaza’s v***** seemed to realize what was happening as the intense pressure holding him in place eased up in an instant. Naaza plopped forward powerlessly and began to take large gulps of air, having held her breath for nearly five minutes under very intense stress and stimulation.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Vahn looked down at Naaza’s naked body and marveled at how beautiful she was. Sex with her was also a very unique experience and Vahn knew it would only get better as her body continues to develop. For now, however, he just laid down next to her tired body and pulled her into his embrace. They hadn’t been able to kiss much earlier and, as he was currently very distracted by what was happening with Lili, Vahn figured now was a good time to catch up on lost time. Naaza was in a very affectionate mood as well so she happily reciprocated, being far more proactive than in the past. In the end, she even took to licking as a form of affection and, surprising Vahn yet another time, wrapped up their long session by showing her ‘gratitude’ to his p****. Vahn wasn’t sure why such a thing was necessary but he wasn’t going to turn down Naaza’s offer of f*******…

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