Chapter 740:purify

As it was ought to do, regardless of how slowly timed ‘seemed’ to pass, it eventually led to the moment where Vahn found himself alone in his room with a young Elven beauty across from him. This was none other than Lefiya and, after a rather awkward and lively breakfast, they had made their way to his room to discuss the matter of her using [Wishe’s Blessing] and to ‘celebrate’ her coming of age. The conversation had been very straightforward, with Vahn asking Lefiya about her intentions for the future, but the ruddy blush on her face made apparent that it wasn’t the key concern of the bashful maiden.

Ultimately, after discussing how her ‘identity’ might come to influence her future, Lefiya expressed that she didn’t care about what other people would decide for her. She had gotten to this point in her life as a result of the decisions she had made and, regardless of the intentions of others, Lefiya’s was to remain in the Hearth Manor. More specifically, she wished to stand at his side, endeavoring to become a capable Mage to help usher in the magical revolution he was bringing about. She didn’t care about politics, heritage, or even the fact that she was an Elf. If not for the fact it gave her an advantage in the development of her magical power, Lefiya, with a crimson blush on her face, professed that she wouldn’t have minded being a Chienthrope, or a Cat Person…

When he had heard this, Vahn teased Lefiya a bit by reminding her that, if she worked hard on her transformation magic, it wouldn’t be difficult to actually emulate the racial traits of other races. This had seemingly left a deep impression on her, as Vahn could see a flame ignited within her dark blue irises. Then, after their discussion had progressed to the point of her making a decision, Lefiya decided to use the [Wishe’s Blessing] to purify her bloodline. She did this for multiple reasons, intending to benefit from the magical amplification that would undoubtedly come with such purification, sate her curiosity, and create a stronger bloodline for any future children she might have with Vahn. Such things were still several years away, as she wanted to focus on increasing her strength and helping him, but Lefiya couldn’t help thinking about the matter of her future children, especially considering the situation.

After Lefiya had made her decision, Vahn handed her a small tear-shaped vial that contained a strange liquid that seemed to be made out of light. It radiated a bright white, but closer inspection showed that it actually had a green hue near the center. The moment he took it out, both he and Lefiya felt as though they were in a peaceful clearing, surrounded by the sounds of nature, wind blowing gently through their hair. It was a very refreshing feeling that made Lefiya feel even happier about the decision she had made before ingesting the light-like fluid. Vahn watched as the strange energy passed through her delicate lips, over her ruby red tongue, and down her throat before it spread through her body without actually entering Lefiya’s stomach.

For several seconds after she had ingested the light, Lefiya experienced no external changes and simply showed a face of confusion as she asked, “Did something…go wrong…?” Vahn, with his [Eyes of Truth] still active, shook his head with a calm smile and explained, “I can see the energy spreading through your body before slowly being absorbed by your mana circuits. It looks like your energy flow is being subtly altered…” As he was speaking, Vahn noticed something he hadn’t quite expected and increased the focus on his eyes to observe more closely.

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The moment the energy contained within [Wishe’s Blessing] interacted with the strands of source energy he had left in Lefiya’s body, it acted like it someone who had just been reunited with a long lost loved one. The energy suddenly became very ‘excited’ and began to coil around the thread of source energy, ‘happily’ intermixing with it while nourishing Lefiya’s body, refining her blood and bones in the process. Vahn watched this process from start to finish after laying Lefiya on the bed, as the latter had started to glow before losing consciousness. Her skin was emitting a subtle green light with a small, almost indiscernible hint, of rainbow hue contained within.

As the light’s intensity increased, Vahn watched with abject intrigue as Lefiya’s ears rounded slightly,

before coming to finer points at the ends. Simultaneously, her golden-orange hair had also begun to change, now having a rich honey-like coloration that formed a gradient, transitioning from the honey color into a gentle gold before finally settling into a light yellowish green. It gave Lefiya the appearance of a fairy, especially since her complexion had become fair and creamy, with a glow that only people with his unique form of vision would be able to detect. Then, though he couldn’t see it just yet, Vahn saw energy begin to pool around Lefiya’s back, creating a runic pattern on her backside that he was looking forward to investigating later.

Over the course of the next hour, Vahn continued observing the changes in Lefiya’s body, including how her height had increased from around 154cm to an even 160cm. Most notably, which Vahn was certain would make Lefiya ‘brood’ for a short while, her breasts had inflated slightly and seemed to become fuller. With his eyes active, Vahn could see Lefiya’s internal energy actually pooling around the area, settling as though it was using her slightly overdeveloped mammary glans as a storage vessel. Most Elves that Vahn had met were especially sensitive in that area and, now that Lefiya had undergone such a peculiar change, Vahn felt a little guilty about what he might do to her in the future…

Though he had been momentarily distracted, it was only his sub-process mind thinking such thoughts while Vahn’s primary focus had still been on Lefiya’s transformation. The glow on her skin had started to fade now and, with his [Eyes of Truth], Vahn could see it pooling at other locations on her body. Eventually, the energy split off into six points, pooling around Lefiya’s wrists, the base of her shins, an area above her tail bone, a spot just below her collarbone, as if it were nestled between her breasts, and on her forehead.

After a few more minutes had passed, Vahn watched as gems began to form at each of the six points. The one on her forehead, which would be obscured by her bangs, looked like a blue oval that radiated with spiritual light. As for the ones on her wrists and shins, they formed into small diamonds with a gentle green in color that, when refracting the light, appeared to have a golden core in the center. The most noticeable ones, though he couldn’t seem them directly just yet, were the rather large gems that had formed on Lefiya’s chest and lower back. Vahn could see they glowed a vibrant red color while the one at her chest seemed to have an illusory rainbow hue that could be seen if you were observing very closely.

Around the same time that the gems had formed, Lefiya began to closely open her eyes, revealing that their deep blue color was now a pure, leaf green color. The most shocking thing, however, which had caused both of Vahn’s minds to stall, was the fact that Lefiya’s irises were now shaped like five-pointed stars. They were still the deep black color of normal irises, but the fact they had formed into star shapes was something Vahn hadn’t expected at all. Of course, when Lefiya turned her eyes towards him, almost as if seeking his approval, this confusion melted away in an instant and was replaced by a gentle smile and undisguised intrigue.

Before she could ask herself, Vahn explained in a soft tone, “You’ll have many questions, I’m sure. For now, just take a look at yourself in the mirror while I explain my observations…” Lefiya brought her body to a sitting position, nodding her head while realizing that her clothes were now somewhat restrictive. She generally wore loose and comfortable clothing, so Lefiya immediately realized her physical size and proportions had changed. When Vahn turned to set up a set of mirrors for her to use, Lefiya absentminded brought her hands to her chest, lamenting the fact they were very clearly bigger than before. She also noticed that, simply by touching them lightly, Lefiya’s heart began to race as a giddy feeling spread through her abdomen…

After setting up a series of three mirrors for Lefiya, while holding a large hand mirror in his hand, Vahn turned around to see Lefiya quickly pull her hands down, hiding them behind her back as a ruddy blush spread across her face. Fighting the urge to laugh, Vahn just smiled before saying, “You’ll probably want to remove your clothing so you can see all the changes directly…” As these words left his mouth, a small amount of heat reached his cheeks while Lefiya’s face became beet red in an instant. In a way, removing her clothes would make what would inevitably follow much easier, so this was essentially escalating things in that direction very quickly.

Though that might have been the case, Lefiya only hesitated for a brief moment before rising from the bed and walking over to the mirrors. She was embarrassed to see her blushing reflection but, after realizing the changes in her body, the red coloration of Lefiya’s face began to fade, replaced by shock and curiosity. As if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, Lefiya brought her hand to her face and gingerly touched it, confirming that the reflection she was seeing performed the same action. Even so, she asked with a tone of disbelief, “Is this…really me…?”

Vahn, standing slightly to her side, reached out his hand and began to gently stroke her tri-colored hair as he softly stated, “A person’s physical appearance is just one part of what makes them who they are. Though what you’re seeing is undoubtedly you, the ‘real’ you hasn’t changed at all, Lefiya. You’re still my adorable little apprentice and, very soon, we’ll share an even deeper connection with each other…” Hearing this, Lefiya’s face, which had started to show deep concern, began to relax until it turned into a happy smile. She turned around to face him, practically glowing as she said, “Thank you, Master…I’m…really looking forward to it…”

Lefiya’s final words were stated like a squeak as she lowered her head, the faded blush returning in full force as she brought up her hands and made a nostalgic ‘wawawawa’ sound. What followed was Vahn helping her remove her clothing, explaining all the changes he had observed while Lefiya confirmed them with her own eyes. When she saw the gems growing on her body, she had been very confused at first but, after a few encouraging words from Vahn, she agreed that they gave her a unique appeal. She could also feel that her body seemed to be absorbing energy through the gems, helping replenish her mana while simultaneously acting to stabilize said mana.

Watching Lefiya fiddled around with the gems on her body, even though she was standing there in her somewhat tight-fitting underwear, Vahn reached out his hand and touched the red gem on her backside. Lefiya released a surprised yelp, nearly knocking over the mirrors before looking back at him with a scarlet red expression and a hint of blame in her eyes. Vahn released a light chuckle, explaining, “Sorry, I was just curious…” while rubbing the back of his head. Not too surprisingly, Lefiya didn’t stay mad for long and, instead of flaming him further, actually turned somewhat sheepish before saying, “If you wanted to touch me, you could have just asked…” in a quiet voice.

This time, after asking her permission, Vahn began to inspect the gems more closely, causing Lefiya’s nerves to reach a critical level since he had decided on the vibrant red gem on her chest. The blush on her face had started to encroach on her neck and was slowly making its way down the rest of her body. As for Vahn, though he was aware of these changes, the uniqueness of the gem was simply too interesting to mind such details. He even reached his fingers out to test the feel and hardness of the gem, noticing it was warm and soft like flesh, even though it didn’t actually deform under his touch.

Though it hadn’t been his intent, this touch of his had a very unexpected effect as Lefiya suddenly released a long and hot sigh before nearly collapsing to the ground. Vahn caught her in his arms, feeling her soft, budding, breasts press against his chest as a very fragrant aroma of flowers and honey reached his nose. Vahn realized the flower smell came from Lefiya’s hair but the sweet smelling, almost to the point of intoxication, aroma of honey was coming from a very different part of her body. When this smell reached his nostrils, Vahn was instantly reminded of Terra and wondered if the amalgamation of natural energy in a woman’s body was the source behind such a fragrant aroma.

Lefiya continued to breathe heavily, almost like her lungs simply couldn’t draw in enough air as she pitifully mewled, “Maassster…” while clutching his arms with what little strength she could manage. This sound both excited Vahn while simultaneously breaking his heart, as hearing such a pitiful mewl made him feel more than a little guilty. He noticed that, the moment he touched the gem on Lefiya’s chest, it was as if all the nerves in her torso had been stimulated like a firework exploding. It was to the point that Vahn was confident in stating that the gems, at the very least the one of Lefiya’s chest, were even more sensitive than the small little bead that served as the pleasure center of all women.

Since things were going to develop that way regardless, Vahn hugged Lefiya’s willowy body tightly, deeply inhaling her fragrant aroma while asking, “Are you ready…Lefiya…?” The moment these words left his lips, Vahn felt Lefiya’s body flinch before her already red aura flared to life with a deep and passionate glow. Her hands, which had been clutching his arms rather weakly, suddenly possessed a great deal of strength as Lefiya pulled up her body and raised her face to look him directly in the eyes. Though there was a deep blush on her face, Vahn saw a serious light in Lefiya’s star-shaped pupils as she said, “I’m ready…”

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With those two simple words, Vahn set aside his inhibitions and sealed Lefiya’s lips with his own, simultaneously giving in to his curiosity as he gingerly touched the gem near her soft, albeit small, derriere. As expected, Lefiya’s body began to tremble to the point where she wasn’t able to continue the kiss, instead focusing on her breathing while burying her flushed face into his chest. Vahn noticed she didn’t make any attempts to stop his antics, however, so he continued tracing his fingers over the 3cm wide gemstone. With his eyes active, Vahn could see the energy in Lefiya’s body stirring while her nerves pulsed several times per second, causing Lefiya’s body to rapidly heat up as her tensions continued to rise…

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