Chapter 741: Lefiya Viridis (1/2)

As foreplay was arguably even more important than the act of sex itself, Vahn spent a few minutes exploring the peculiarities of Lefiya’s body. During this entire duration, Lefiya simply allowed him to do whatever he wanted, even though they were still awkwardly standing near the mirrors. Since she could see her own appearance reflected in them, Lefiya’s face was a deep crimson with a slightly glazed look in her eyes. She watched as Vahn’s hands made their way across her body while he gently kissed around her neck and shoulders. It gave Lefiya a feeling like he was very possessive of her and, though it had never crossed her mind previously, she started to feel like it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she became her Master’s completely…

Vahn discovered that the gems on Lefiya’s wrists weren’t nearly as sensitive as the two on her chest and lower back and, as he could see the internal structure and how the mana circuits were formed, it was easy to deduce that the two on her shins would be the same. As for the teardrop gem on her forehead, Vahn felt a spiritual intent radiating from it and, unlike the other five gems, he saw this one was directly linked to Lefiya’s mind. From this, Vahn knew that the gem on Lefiya’s forehead was very special and, though he was interested in discovering its secrets, now wasn’t the most opportune time to do so. Of course, that didn’t mean he couldn’t glean some other insights so, after parting the hair covering Lefiya’s back, Vahn asked, “Before we start, should I check your Status Board~?”

Unable to hide the teasing tone in his voice, Vahn wasn’t surprised when Lefiya immediately assumed a pouting and aggrieved expression as she mewled, “Master…don’t tease me…” Hearing this, Vahn’s smile softened and he lifted Lefiya’s chin to kiss her from behind. He would likely never understand it himself, but Vahn knew he had a tendency to want to tease Elven women. It was almost like they had an aura that drew him in, whispering, ‘tease me, tease me’ inside of his ear. Though Lefiya’s race was very likely closer to that of a Spirit right now, she still had the appearance of an Elven maiden so, unable to restrain the ‘instinct’ inside of him, Vahn couldn’t help teasing her a bit.

Knowing that it would be unfair to her if he took things too far, Vahn bought his left hand to Lefiya’s navel, staring into her eyes through the mirror as he whispered, “I can’t help but tease you a little, Lefiya…after all, you’re such an adorable girl…” Lefiya’s body trembled as he traced his fingers up her abdomen, getting progressively closer to her budding breasts and the sensitive gem nestled nearby. Just as she thought he was about to tease her again, Lefiya’s eyes widened when she saw that Vahn was suddenly completely naked, still holding her body against his while his index finger traced around the edge of her bra.

Feeling how tight the fabric was against her skin, Vahn’s smiled increased as he playfully mused, “Tiona is going to be jealous…hahaha…” The already deep blush on Lefiya’s face became so startlingly red that it created the illusion that her skin was glowing. Vahn used this gap in her mental processes to insert his hand into the fabric, lifting it up to reveal the pale and perfect breasts that had barely been contained within. Lefiya released a surprised yelp before biting both of her lips, a teary-eyed expression on her face as she fought the powerful wave of stimulation assaulting her body.

As he hadn’t been using his [Hands of Nirvana], nor his [Grooming], Vahn was very surprised by Lefiya’s reaction. He made a mental note not to use such techniques on Lefiya until her body had adapted more, as it seemed her sensitivity was abnormally high right now. It was likely a result of the changes to her body and, as she had only been in this form for a few minutes, Vahn wouldn’t be surprised if Lefiya was unable to control herself just yet. This made what was to come more exciting but Vahn also knew he would have to be careful so as not to give Lefiya any form of trauma.

Since she was obviously more than ready, Vahn picked up the startled Lefiya in a bridal carry before moving over to the bed. Though using the mirrors would have been interesting, that was a more advanced play, not something that a girl should experience during her first time. Vahn wanted Lefiya to look back on this moment with fondness, not embarrassment, so he wanted to give her a ‘normal’ sexual experience. He could tell that Lefiya had inclinations that would likely cause her to become somewhat similar to Anubis in the future. For now, however, he wanted her to just be her normal bashful self…even if, by her own admission, she was a bit ‘lewd’ at heart.

After laying her down on the bed, Lefiya looked up at him with her hazy green eyes and muttered, “Master…” in a wispy voice. Vahn returned a gentle smile to her, stroking her cheek ever so softly as he said, “I will forever be your Master, Lefiya…but, for the time being, the only thing I want to be is the boy you love. For now, it would make me much happier if you just called me Vahn…” Then, leaning in close to Lefiya’s flushed face, Vahn whispered directly into her pointed Elven ears, “It makes me happy to have such an adorable apprentice…but I’m even happier to make you ‘my’ Lefiya…” As he spoke, Vahn had already started tracing his fingers around the band of Lefiya’s panties, waiting for her next words before taking the next step…

In the most sensual voice he had ever heard escape her lips, Vahn watched as Lefiya showed an absolutely amorous smile and said, “Vahn…” At the same time, Lefiya had brought both of her hands up, framing his face with her delicate fingers, before slowing pulling her head forward to overlap their lips. This was all Vahn needed to know that Lefiya was ready so, without delaying any further, he tossed her panties and bra into his Inventory while locking his lips with the beautiful Elf that had patiently waiting for this day for a much longer period of time than even he was aware…

Though they had shared plenty of kisses in the past, this time was far different than in the past and it had lasted nearly ten minutes before Lefiya finally broke free to gasp for air. A thin thread of saliva trailed between their lips that was broken when Lefiya absentmindedly licked her lips while her hazy eyes followed his face. Vahn had already been helping Lefiya ‘prepare’ during their kiss and, now that the opportunity had presented itself, he hefted her legs up and repositioned himself between them. Looking down over the strangely mature young body, Vahn made eye contact with Lefiya and saw an almost fervent glint in her eyes, intermixed with a great deal of expectation as she suddenly spread her legs even wider.

Vahn, egged onward by Lefiya’s action, let his eyes wander down her body until they became firmly affixed to the honeypot down below. This was the most adequate description Vahn could give for what he was experiencing, as Lefiya’s fragrance smelled sickly sweet and seemed to spread through his body, filling his lungs with her aroma while a buzz spread through his mind. It was almost shocking, the flow of ‘honey’ leaking from Lefiya’s pristine, unblemished, tender, and beautifully constructed vulva.

Though he likened it to a honeypot, the appearance was closer to that of a very tender peach, with the exclusion of a single strand of hair. There was an almost perfectly drawn line diving the two fair, yet slightly flushed halves of Lefiya’s v***** and, though it was almost unnoticeable, Vahn could see that her little red ruby had peered out from its hiding place to join the fun. Unable to contain his amusement, Vahn cracked a smile, nearly reaching out to tease the mischevious bud before coming to his senses. Lefiya was clearly waiting for him, watching each of his actions intently, completely relying on him to guide things forward.

Vahn brought his knees under Lefiya’s thighs, lightly lifting her backside as he began to position himself near her entrance. Lefiya’s eyes had become glued to his lower body the moment he began positioning himself and, when he began rubbing his glans against her honeypot to benefit from the supplied lubricant, Lefiya began breathing very quickly through her nose. Vahn was beginning to wonder if there was a limit to how red she could become but that was something he could discover later since there were more pressing matters to attend to.

Once his member was adequately coated in her viscous honey, Vahn inhaled an excited breath of his own before parting the perfect line with his glans, tracing it along Lefiya’s inner walls as she tightly gripped the bedspread. Since Elves typically weren’t very sensitive in their v*****’s, Vahn found this reaction very refreshing as he gingerly probed the small indentation that designated the entrance to Lefiya’s v*****. The moment he did so, Lefiya’s body began to twitch slightly and a much larger volume of fluid began to emerge from her depths, indicating the fact that she had a light climax. Since he could see the nerves in her body exploding like tiny fireworks, Vahn knew this would be a moment Lefiya never forgot, no matter how much time passed.

Since it was a very opportune moment, Vahn pressed forward until the tip of his p**** had firmly rooted itself into the entrance of her v*****. Then, skillfully shifting his body without removing the firmly grasped tip, Vahn leaned over Lefya and brought his eyes parallel to her own. For several seconds, Lefiya just continued to breathe heavily, eyes trained on his, before she loosely wrapped her legs around his. Vahn smiled at this action of her’s before leaning down and, instead of kissing her lips, as she would need to be able to breathe for what was to come, he began licking her long and sensitive ears.

Lefiya’s body began to tremble greatly as she brought her arms around to tightly hug his body. Using this moment, Vahn slowly began to bury himself into her depths, causing Lefiya to instinctively try to pull her hips away. However, as if compelled by an even greater instinct, she tightened her legs around him at the same time and released a long, drawn out, “Vaaaaaaahnnnnnn~.” As for the boy in question, he was shocked by the sensations wrapping around his p****, though not nearly as much as when he finally reached a dead end without any real resistance along the way.

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Vahn was certain that Lefiya had been a virgin, as he had verified it himself in the past, so it must have been one of the changes to her body that he hadn’t noticed. This was a blessing for them both, as it meant Lefiya wouldn’t have to experience the pain of losing her virginity and he wouldn’t have to put in the usual effort of comforting a crying girl for a few minutes. The fact that her insides were constantly writhing around him, in a ‘very’ stimulating manner, all the while taking in well over half his length, only made things even better for them both. Lefiya herself didn’t even seem to notice this incongruity and was just releasing hot breathes, accented by sensual moans, that tickled Vahn’s ears, steadily eating away at his restraint.

Since she didn’t need an adaptation period, Vahn immediately began moving his hips in a steady and deep piston that caused Lefiya to immediately tighten her legs around him. The fact that she made absolutely no efforts to stifle her moans, which were becoming progressively louder, made Vahn feel like he was going to lose his mind. It was almost like she was begging to be eaten up by him and, having a rather ‘voracious’ appetite, Vahn wasn’t sure he would be able to refuse such a tantalizing offer. His speed steadily increased, matching the increase in Lefiya’s voice until she suddenly screamed, “VAAAAAHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN~!” directly into his ear, all the while tightly clinging to his body.

Though he made sure to place mental restrictions on himself, Vahn also cut loose at that moment, tightly hugging Lefiya’s trembling body before pulling her into a seated position. She released a nasally and sensual ‘Nnnn~’ that plucked at his heartstrings, all the while locking her legs around his hips. Vahn, mouth closed, took in a deep breath while his eyes widened slightly at how ‘greedy’ Lefiya was, even though she didn’t seem to be aware of it herself. Grabbing her small, yet fleshy, butt, Vahn began to lift Lefiya’s body before allowing her weight to bring her down against him. Each time he did so, Lefiya released another long, drawn out, ‘Nnnnn~’ that served as a magic spell to increase his excitement.

For a brief moment, Vahn recalled Loki’s words, realizing that Lefiya was going to be a ‘dangerous’ existence in the future. It was almost scary how reactive she was and, considering it was her first time, Vahn knew that she would only become more proactive in the future. Since she was generally a very bashful, quiet, and intelligent girl, it was hard to imagine that Lefiya turned into a nymphet in the bedroom. However, though this gap created a sense of incongruity in his mind, Vahn didn’t mind it at all. Lefiya, including all of her quirks, was now ‘his’ and, until she herself changed that fact, he would accept her everything…

Following another one of Lefiya’s powerful climaxes, this time strong enough to make the freshly plucked maiden dig her nails into his back, Vahn flipped her around onto her hands and knees. As if it didn’t matter to her what position they were in, Lefiya just arched her back as if it were the natural thing to do. Even in the throes of her climax, she matched his movements with her own, resisting his thrusts with a counterforce that caused his glans to knocks at the entrance of her cervix, almost like a group of soldiers attempting to breach a castle gate. The edges of Vahn’s eyes were twitching while an incredulous smile appeared on his face at her ‘natural’ prowess.

Vahn never thought things would get so intense during a girl’s first time and, as it didn’t seem like Lefiya had any intent to stop any time soon, Vahn felt compelled to see things through until the end. From this position, he could clearly see the gem on her backside, almost as if it drew his eyes to focus on its peculiar red hue. His thumbs had already been in very close proximity to the enticing gemstone so, without resisting his urges, Vahn began tracing his thumbs over the strangely soft and hot surface. Lefiya immediately released a loud cry, completely lacking any semblance of rationale before she buried her face into the bedding and tightly clenched her fists.

Seeing this extreme reaction, Vahn’s expression became a little weird but, before he was able to do anything else, his expression quickly became one of shock. The gem he had been touching began to glow with a vibrant light as the runic formation he had observed during Lefiya’s transformation sprouted from the top of the gem. It climbed up her back, like a sapling growing into a full-sized tree as it slowly began to sprout branches that coiled and curved around each other. In the next instant, two sparkling protrusions shot out of Lefiya’s back, briefly impacting his face and chest before they expanded outwards nearly a meter in both directions.

Vahn just knelt there on the bed, completely motionless while Lefiya’s body continued to tremble and wriggle around his hips. All the while she was moving about, Lefiya seemed to be completely unaware of the flittering appendages protruding from her back. Vahn, however, could see them very clearly and, even though this was the case, he couldn’t quite make sense of the situation. To confirm he wasn’t seeing an illusion, Vahn reached his hand out and gingerly touched the very real, incredibly beautiful, and sublimely soft pair of fairy-like wings that had popped out of Lefiya’s back. As if he had touched the gem on her backside again, Lefiya began to tremble, entering into the throes of another powerful climax while her wings flitted about excitedly, entirely without her notice…

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