Chapter 742: Lefiya Viridis (2/2)

Though he was ‘very’ interested in the changes to Lefiya’s body, Vahn wasn’t going to leave the enthralled girl hanging just to sate his curiosity. Carefully avoiding her wings, for the time being, Vahn grabbed Lefiya’s waist and pulled her against him in a firm manner. He lifted her hips a little, as he was obviously taller than she was, and made use of the fact that she currently had her head buried in the blankets. Judging by how she had made counter-movements against him, Vahn knew that Lefiya was the type that liked to have her depths knocked against. Thus, appeasing the greedy ‘fairy’, Vahn began to firmly knock against Lefiya’s cervix, causing her to tilt her head back and release loud, gasping, moans.

Shaking his head slightly at her behavior, while showing an appreciative smile on his face, Vahn continued to increase his speed while restricting his [Magia Erebea] until it was almost completely dormant. With the stimulation provided by Lefiya’s writhing insides, Vahn’s own tensions began to rise at a very steady rate until he was nearly at his limits. Though Lefiya’s wings kept smacking against him, it didn’t do anything to deter his movements at all as he buried himself deep into her insides. It was a little disconcerting when he felt her cervix dilate slightly, as, though it was very unlikely to ever happen, it wasn’t entirely beyond the realm of possibility to breach through the nigh-unbreachable protective membrane.

Fortunately, Vahn avoided that ‘dangerous’ first experience by easing up on the pressure a little and just allowing his semen to completely fill Lefiya’s depths. He had misjudged the amount he released, especially considering how little space was available in Lefiya’s tightly clenching v*****, as his own milky white fluids practically shot out from where they were connected. Vahn noticed that there was a strange ‘frustration’ in the back of his mind, having his semen basically ‘ejected’ from inside of Lefiya, but he let go of that thought almost immediately after it crossed his mind. Instead, he inspected Lefiya’s insides with his [Eyes of Truth] to see if her reaction was any different than that of others with Elven heritage.

Lefiya, currently in her own little world, just allowed her butt to be lifted by Vahn as she created a rather large damp spot from the drool escaping with her panting breaths. Vahn had forgotten to let her body relax since he was too busy observing the phenomenon going on inside of her body. Like a normal Elf, or a High Elf, Lefiya’s body seemed to be absorbing the energy contained within the remnant semen remaining inside her v*****. However, it was ‘only’ these remnants since Lefiya’s tightness had ejected the larger volume previously. As for her womb, the inside was actually filled with strange green runes that swirled around in an almost indiscernible pattern.

Vahn realized where that strange feeling in the back of his mind had come from as, looking into Lefiya’s body, he could see that those runes had actually formed a ‘barrier’ across the cervical entrance of Lefiya’s womb. It had completely ‘rejected’ his semen, even though Lefiya’s body itself seemed to ‘crave’ it, at least that was the impression he got from her ‘active’ her insides were writhing around him. Even now, Lefiya was slowly moving her hips in shallow movements, constantly seeking pleasure while the strange energy in her body seemed to be up to its own thing.

Eventually, the strange runes inside Lefiya’s womb began absorbing the energy that had been ‘processed’ within her vaginal walls. When this happened, their intensity increased greatly and, surprising Vahn, the runes began to spread ‘roots’ through Lefiya’s v***** before trying to ’embed’ themselves into his p****. Vahn, understanding this was just energy, and not something physical, allowed it to happen. He was curious what Lefiya’s body was trying to do and, as it might be very important for her future happiness, Vahn didn’t mind letting the strange phenomenon influence him.

The moment the vibrant green energy came into contact with his shaft, Vahn teeth clenched up and all the muscles in his legs and feet tightened. As he hadn’t resisted it, Vahn watched as the runes spread to cover the length of his p**** before they began to move around in a highly stimulating motion. At the same time, the runes seemed to be trying to train his vital essence itself, causing a sinking feeling in Vahn’s stomach, even as a powerful wave of pleasure passed through his body. It was fortunate that he was immortal, with an incredible amount of vitality within his blood, or this process could have potentially endangered his life.

Vahn knew there was an incredibly rare monster within the Dungeon known as a Succubus, which apparently took the form of the most beautiful woman within the hearts of men. It was one of the few monsters that weren’t exclusively killed on sight, as they were ‘arguably’ safe to be around. One of the characteristics of a Succubus was their ability to drain the essence of a man through sexual intercourse, which was said to be one of the most pleasurable experiences anyone could experience. It was so famously pleasurable that, even though it technically drained a little bit of their life force, there were numerous Adventurers who willingly sought them out within the Deeper Floors, even though they were incredibly rare, and never appeared in the same place twice.

Though he knew she wasn’t a Succubus, Vahn felt like Lefiya’s behavior, and the phenomenon occurring within her body, were startlingly similar to what was described within the Monster Compendium. It was plain to see that those strange runes were trying to suck the vital essence from his body, nourishing Lefiya’s own while simultaneously strengthening the runes within her womb. Fortunately, Vahn’s source energy wasn’t so easily absorbed so, after just a few short seconds of sublime pleasure, the runes seemed to be contented and began to retreat. At the same time, Lefiya’s body became completely limp, almost as if she had been a marionette with all its strings having been cut.

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Freed from what he could only describe as a ‘ridiculous’ amount of pleasure, Vahn released a long sigh of relief before slowly extricating himself from Lefiya’s insides. Though she seemed to lack the ability to muster any strength, Vahn’s mind dazed slightly when he saw Lefiya’s fair white butt sticking in the air while the previously perfect line dividing her vulva were now slightly parted. Vahn could see her healthy red depths palpitating eagerly as the entrance of Lefiya’s v***** opened and closed greedily. Like all Elves, this process seemed to be tied directly with Lefiya’s heartbeat and, as she was currently ‘very’ excited, Vahn could see that Lefiya’s insides were practically trembling in an inviting manner that made it hard to move his eyes away from.

While he was distracted by this tantalizing sight, the wings on Lefiya’s back began to tremble before, under Vahn’s watchful gaze, they began to shrink and retract back into her body. He had noticed previously that, instead of growing like a physical appendage, the wings had actually emerged from two swirls on her back that had been formed by the strange tree-like tattoo that emerged from her gemstone. Now, Vahn could see the tree slowly retracting its branches and shrink away until, nearly a minute later, it had vanished within the now inert gemstone. Previously, it had been releasing a steady and vibrant light but, now that Lefiya’s body had started to calm down, the gemstone had gone dark.

Once he had observed this process from start to finish, Vahn decided to help fix Lefiya’s posture. Though he felt like he could ‘admire’ her appearance for an indeterminate amount of time, Vahn knew the aftercare was very important. If sex could be graded on a ten-point scale, Vahn felt that the importance of foreplay and aftercare were both worth four points, while the sexual act itself was only worth two. After all, though sex was a very passionate affair that allowed two people to bond very closely with each other, the parts that left the deepest impression were usually the buildup to the event, and the physical and emotional aftercare when your body was already in a state of blissful release.

Vahn took a warm towel and began wiping down Lefiya’s body very carefully, making sure not to cause her any discomfort before lowering her hips to the bed. She was beginning to come down from her trip so Vahn rolled her over to the side before laying next to her and patiently waiting for clarity to return to her eyes. All the while, Vahn just appreciated Lefiya’s beauty, even though she now had a light layer of sweat covering her fair skin. The blush on her face had turned into a mellow pink while strands of moist hair clung to her face, framing it in a perfect representation of contentedness. Her gleaming green eyes, which had been watery and dazed from her sexual excitement, slowly became clear and Vahn could see as her star-shaped pupils, which had previously dilated slightly, were beginning to contract back into focus.

The lazy and complacent expression on Lefiya’s face morphed into a happy smile and, without any words being necessary between them, Vahn leaned in and gave her a gentle series of kisses. At the same time, he pulled Lefiya into his embrace, hugging her tired body that had, admittedly, been put through far more exertion than a virgin should have had to experience. Though they would probably have more sex later, as the day, and coming night, were still young, now was the time to simply experience the comfort they brought to each other. For Vahn, he held the seemingly frail young girl in his arms, feeling a strong desire to protect her from harm. As for Lefiya, she found comfort in Vahn’s warm embrace, feeling as though he was a firm and steady support she could always rely on…

After simply cuddling for the better part of an hour, Lefiya had calmed down a great deal, to the point where she playfully linked her leg with his. There was a perpetual blush covering her face, but her expression was very natural, the perfect image of a maiden in love. Vahn brushed his fingers through her hair, smiling as he said, “Honestly, you were amazing back then…” As if memories of her behavior had resurfaced the moment he said those words, Lefiya’s face began to turn crimson until the color spread into her slightly drooping ears. In a small and sheepish voice, she responded by saying, “I don’t know what came over me…how embarrassing…”

Hearing her remark, Vahn issued a light chuckle, surprising the confused Lefiya the next moment by giving her a quick peck on the lips before saying, “Remember last time, when you asked me to order you to be honest…I don’t mind, Lefiya, even if you are a lewd girl…after all, you’re only lewd for me, and that is all that really matters~.” Lefiya seemed simultaneously relieved, and extremely embarrassed by his words, yet, surprising Vahn greatly, she followed up by saying, “I don’t think that is true…” Before he could ask what she meant, Lefiya turned her eyes up at him and explained, “I think I could be lewd for Ais too…she…I just…”

This time, Vahn couldn’t hold back his laughter at all, causing Lefiya to flush ruby red before she began lightly beating against his chest with small and powerless hits. Vahn, of course, knew that Lefiya had been infatuated with Ais in the past, even if it wasn’t actually love. Her adulation towards the girl that had been her idol had reached an ‘extreme’ level, to the point where she had constant delusions about their potential interactions. Though she had opened her heart to him, it wasn’t as if she and Ais had ever grown apart. In fact, because of his support of their budding relationship, the two girls had grown much closer over the last year.

Grabbing Lefiya’s hand, which was about to hit his chest, Vahn held it firmly in his grasp before leaning in and whispering, “Next time, let’s invite Ais to play with us…I think you’ll be surprised with just how curious that girl can be…if you want, I can even just watch the two of you from the side, at least for a little while~.” At this point, Lefiya had turned into a tomato-colored statue and, even against Vahn’s expectations, a small trail of blood began to trickle from her left nostril. Her star-shaped pupils were expanding and contracting very quickly as Lefiya began to lose focus, inevitably issuing a ‘wawawawa…’ that caused him to laugh out loud once again…

After helping Lefiya calm down again, Vahn ended up sitting behind the naked Elf, tracing a line of blood down her back so that he could update her status board. She needed a bit of time to recover before they did anything more ‘strenuous’ and, after talking to her about the fact she had grown wings, even Lefiya was very curious about her current status. Now that she had ingested the [Wishe’s Blessing], it was obvious she wasn’t a ‘normal’ Elf any longer. After all, there weren’t any Elves that had gems growing out of their body, runes lining the inside of their womb, tri-colored hair, and strange tattoos that sprouted from their body. Just her eyes alone made it very apparent she was no longer just an Elf, completely ignoring the fact that she had sprouted fairy-like wings.



Name: Lefiya Viridis

Race: Sacred Tree Fairy Spirit

Only allowed on

LV. 4(+)

POW: 719+(H119)->(G207)

END: 1625+(F301)->(D547)

DEX: 2092+(F316)->(C620)

AGI: 2371+(G282)->(E498)

MAG: 3891+(D515)->(A939)

Skills: [Fairy Queen’s Domain:Innate:B](new), [Fairy Cannon:A], [Concurrent Chanting:E->C], [Prometheus’s Blessing:A], [Ros Sanitatem:I->H]

Magic: [Rattatoskr:Innate:(sealed)], [Arcs Ray:C->B], [Fusillade Fallarica:C->B], [Elf Ring:B], [Sagitta Magicka:F](new)

Development Abilities: [Daughter of Wishe:I->D], [Mage:B->A], [Abnormal resistance:F->E], [Spirit Healing:E->C]


When Vahn saw the change in Lefiya’s race, he wasn’t really that surprised, after all, it was very obvious she wasn’t an Elf any longer. However, when he saw the changes in her Skills and Development Abilities column, Vahn couldn’t prevent his eyes from widening in shock. The fact that Lefiya had a completely new Innate was far outside his expectations and, from this alone, he knew that the ‘fairy’ before him now possessed a Tier 3 soul. Though she obviously lacked the capabilities of one, her potential had been increased to that point and, in the future, Vahn knew that Lefiya would be much stronger than before.

After recording the changes onto a piece of paper for her perusal, Vahn handed it over to the anxious Lefiya while explaining, “Your race has been updated to a ‘Sacred Tree Fairy Spirit’, which would explain the wings that had popped out earlier. However, the thing you need to be most aware of is that you now possess a new rare skill, while your previous [Daughter of Wishe] seems to have been upgraded. In the future, your potential…even I can’t really imagine how far you will go…it’s kind of exciting, hahahaha~.” As if sharing his excitement, Lefiya held onto the paper tightly, crumpling it as a result while shaking excitedly. Since she was still naked, Vahn could feel his heart begin to itch as the smile on his face became slightly strange.

Lefiya, sharing a strong connection with him, immediately noticed the change and began to release a deep-hued bush while her breathing began to accelerate. This time, as a result of her excitement, Lefiya decided she wanted to take the initiative. Taking advantage of the moment Vahn was dazed, Lefiya brought her body close to his, pressing her painfully sensitive breasts against his chest before whispering into his ear, “I heard fairies were supposed to be playful and mischevious by nature…I wonder…Vahn, will you play with me~?” As if to emphasize the fact that she was indeed a fairy, wings slowly unfurled from Lefiya’s back while a hazy light began to spread through her deep green eyes…

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