Chapter 788: Grooming

Walking into the workshop, Vahn’s eyes were immediately drawn to the exposed and glistening olive brown skin of Nanu, now wearing an outfit similar to an Amazoness. She had a pair of brown shorts with a white band hugging her bottom, with the entire fabric’s length being less than the length of a person’s hand. They hung very low on her hips, to the point that the crevasse between her two pert butt cheeks was clearly visible when her tail moved. As for her only other piece of clothing, it was similar to the strap that Tiona always wore around her chest, covering very little of her actual torso barely concealing her budding breasts.

Unlike Tina and Shizune, Nanu had changed a lot compared to her past self, who had been a little too eager for the moment they could become mates. Not only did she train seriously, but the amount of effort she put into forging had earned her many compliments from both Hephaestus and Tsubaki. Also, unlike the other two members of the youth troupe, Nanu had never bothered with taking the nutritional supplements to bolster her growth. Even so, as she had spent the better part of four years within the orb, Nanu’s body had started to develop into that of a moderately more mature woman, having fuller hips and breasts that were progressively budding closer to a B-Cup.

Though she was very aware of his presence, Nanu continued shaping the piece of metal she was working on, forming it into the template of a curved sword that created an inverse crescent with a hooked end. It was a traditional weapon from the Southern Sands, referred to as a Khopesh, though most people simply called it a curved sickle sword. Vahn could see she had been shaping the Mithril blade around a core of Orichalcum, making it a very magically conductive sword that Vahn expected would reach the A-Rank by the time she was finished. Still, Nanu didn’t seem that satisfied with it and furrowed her brows slightly as she inspected her own craftsmanship for the better part of ten minutes…

Eventually, Nanu released a sigh and set the blade into a vice to let it naturally cool in the air as her tail began to waggle back and forth. When she had fixed the blade nice and tight, Nanu turned around with a happy smile on her face and trotted over to him as she asked, “Master, what brings you to my workshop today~?” Upon reaching him, Nanu wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her nose into his chest as it if were the most natural thing in the world, a process Vahn knew the girls referred to as ‘recharging’. He fulfilled his part of the process, playing with her pointed black ears and hair as he let her senses understand the reason he had come.

Nanu, who had been smelling her Master’s scent, suddenly noticed a very different aroma wafting from his body, causing her own to begin aching as she put more force into her hug. She could smell the pheromones his body was releasing and it made her heart begin beating rapidly as she turned her head up to match his gaze. Seeing the look in his eyes, Nanu understood why her Master had come here and it made her body ache even more as her tail curled down between her legs. Turning her face downward, so as to keep her calm, Nanu muttered, “Master…unless you want to take me now…I think we should wait…”

Vahn was more than a little surprised by Nanu’s words, restraining the biological response of his own body as he asked in a soft tone, “Is it because you want to become a [Master Smith] first…?” Nanu, unable to fully resist the urges of her own body, had started to nuzzle into his chest as she nodded her head, saying, “Yes…I was using it as motivation to work harder…over the last few years, I’ve come to understand a lot of things about myself, and all the girls within the Manor. I don’t want to be the only ‘odd’ one within the group, who is only able to be with you because of a misunderstanding…even though I know you love me, I want to do something to break free from the constraints placed on me as a result of my upbringing…I don’t just want to be Master’s mate, but someone who belongs here with everyone…”

Hearing Nanu’s reasoning, Vahn felt a strange emotion spread through his chest, something he generally only felt when he was watching his daughters…pride. Since she was both his apprentice and disciple, Vahn didn’t think it was that strange an emotion to feel towards her, it was just a little unexpected. She had come a long way from being the young Chienthrope girl who only followed her instincts and the cultural fundamentalism she had been indoctrinated in while in the Southern Sands. Now, she was beginning to show genuine independence and, instead of treating others like they were in a ‘pack’, Nanu was starting to understand what it meant to be ‘family’…

Though she already had a place in his heart, Vahn felt like Nanu had touched a soft spot that made his expression morph into a loving and appreciative one. He brought his arms around her, noticing her skin was damp and hot as he pulled her into a firm embrace, saying, “I’m so proud of you, Nanu…” Her tail, which had tucked itself between her thighs, slowly emerged from its hiding spot and began to wag from side to side with increasing ferocity. Vahn’s smile grew marginally larger upon witnessing this, pulling Nanu’s 155cm tall frame off the ground as he continued hugging her for several long seconds.

Nanu didn’t mind the tight embrace at all, instead, finding it very comfortable as she resisted the urge to ask her Master to squeeze her tighter. The fact that he had praised her, and was now hugging her, caused Nanu to feel very happy and, if not for the fact that she was wrapped in what amounted to a bear hug, she would happily hug him in return. Fortunately, though she felt a little melancholic that it had ended, he ended up setting her back down on the ground after spinning around a few times. Even so, he didn’t let go of her body, causing Nanu to feel contented until something very unexpected happened that caused the aching feeling she was suppressing to increase…

Vahn knew it would be a little difficult for her but, after he had set her back on the ground, Vahn allowed his hands to wander down to Nanu’s moderately fleshy butt. Though she still had room to grow, Nanu went out of her wait to always wear bottoms that were enchanted with his ‘Shaping’ function, giving her an immaculate little posterior that he couldn’t help but stare at on occasion. In the past, staring was all he would do but, now that he wanted to reward her, Vahn decided to push Nanu a bit before bringing her back down. Thus, while satiating his own slight obsession with a well-shaped butt, Vahn egged on Nanu a bit as she began breathing heavily into his chest.

Since he didn’t want to completely trigger her into a heated state, Vahn reluctantly pulled his hands away and, before Nanu could ask, lifted her body into a princess carry and moved over to the sofa. Nanu had a somewhat complex expression on her face, even though there was a fair amount of eagerness in her eyes, until Vahn explained, “Don’t worry, Nanu…I’m going to respect your wishes…this is just a small reward for being such a good girl…”

Hearing her Master’s words, Nanu felt but relieved and sad at the same time, causing a fair amount of conflict within her mind as the former lowered himself onto the sofa while still holding her. Just as she was about to ask what the reward was, understanding immediately impacted her mind like powerful explosion magic as her Master allowed her to rest across his lap, pulling out a pillow to support her head. She could see her own exposed navel, still glistening with sweat, as her Master brought his hand to her belly and began gently rubbing it. In an instant, she jerked her legs up slightly and pulled her hands into fists near her chest as an indescribably pleasant sensation spread through her entire body…

For a Chienthrope, there were few things more intimate than having your lover rub your belly, even in normal situations. When Vahn did it, however, it was several orders of magnitude beyond anything most people could even comprehend. His petting energy spread through Nanu’s body like a very gentle, yet unstoppable, tidal wave. Everywhere it passed, it was like the energy washed away all tension, eased any form of discomfort, and chased away all negative feelings and mental burdens. While this was happening, Vahn also played with Nanu’s ears as her tail reached a record peak of 5 WPS, though it was getting progressively slower as her body relaxed.

Since he had come with the intention of staying for a few hours, Vahn spent the time he was intending to make love to Nanu simply pampering her into oblivion. For the better part of three hours, until she had essentially turned into a smiling puddle of contentedness, Vahn continued petting, rubbing, stroking, and lightly groping areas of Nanu’s body. By the end, her tail had slowed to a crawl of around .01WPS, barely raising before it would thump onto the sofa. Her legs, which had curled up happily at first, were now sprawled out completely as she lay limply across his lap with the expression of a person that had achieved nirvana within the mortal world.

Picking up Nanu’s seemingly boneless body, Vahn repositioned her so that she was sitting in his lap and straddling him. He then pulled the dazed Chienthrope into a gentle embrace, hugging her body with his left arm and stroking the back of her head with his right hand. At the same time, he reclined against the backrest and just allowed Nanu to slowly recover and bask in the moment for as long as she wanted to. Since it was a good opportunity for himself, Vahn also decided to relax his mind and take a short nap, confident it would take at least an hour before Nanu actually returned to her senses. His petting energy could course within a person’s body for several hours after he finished petting them and it was very difficult for people to want to return to reality after falling into such a blissful state…

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Back in the real world, Vahn was using his avatar in a way that would have stunned almost anyone that had a high impression of him. Currently, the proud Sage Aldrnari was crawling around on all fours as he chased a mischevious little kitten with predominately brown hair and tufts of white. She ran around very nimbly for a girl that was only sixteen months old, hiding behind the edge of the sofa as she peeked around the corner, laughing with a cheeky ‘nyahaha’. On the same sofa, Arnya sat upside down with her head dangling off the cushions, a similar smile on her face as she watched Vahn play with their daughter.

Vahn also had a large grin on his face as he mused, “I’m going to get you, Meinya~” while scuttling forward to try and snatch her up. Meinya giggled, saying, “Nyaha, Papa nyever catch Meinya~!” while continuing to run around the sofa. The moment she vanished from sight, Vahn’s eyes flashed with a serious light and, instead of continuing his current course, turned around and went in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, he underestimated his daughter’s cleverness as she had actually shimmied up the side of sofa and crawled behind her Mama’s somewhat plump thighs, confident she was hidden from view.

To make it ‘fair’, Vahn had suppressed his domain and he was actually surprised when he didn’t see Meinya come around the corner. It wasn’t until both Arnya and Meinya began laughing that he looked over to see an extra, significantly smaller, tail poking out from Arnya’s backside. He also caught a pair of light brown eyes peeking through the gap between Arnya’s thighs, snickering as she tried to bolt away. Without any hesitation at all, she actually jumped off the armrest of the sofa and landed nimbly on her feet before scampering towards a table and hiding behind it…

Though he had panicked a little when he saw Meinya suddenly jump from such a height, even though it was only around 90cm, Arnya had a complacent glimmer in her eyes so he assumed it would be fine. He was then surprised to see Meinya land in such a nimble fashion but, considering she was a Cat Person, it wasn’t that difficult to understand why. Not only that, but her genetics were actually more refined than normal, even ignoring the fact that she had seemingly inherited her mother’s talent. Though it was too soon for her to begin training, little Meinya would sometimes swing around a small wooden stick after watching her mother do some light exercises. She really liked to move her body and was always full of energy, a trait she shared with her sister, Anise.

Seeing Meinya hiding behind the leg of the table, Vahn put on an expression like he couldn’t see her, looking around as though he was very confused. This didn’t fool Meinya, however, as the moment he got near her location she immediately bolted away towards the next point of cover. Vahn tried to intercept her but she managed to jump to avoid his hands, snickering happily as she attempted to flee. Unfortunately for her, Vahn’s hand had darted forward like a snake, clasping Meinya’s thin ankle in his hand and then dangling her upside down as she began to laugh, saying, “Nyaaaa~! Papnyaa catch Meinya~!

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Vahn flipped her right side up and dangled her by her arms this time as he moved over to the sofa where Arnya was now sitting, taking the spot next to her and letting Meinya sit on his lap. The latter immediately tried to escape from his grasp and flee again, even attempting to slip out of her small vanilla colored dress. As a ‘punishment’ for her attempt, Vahn held up Meinya’s right arm and began to tickle her exposed and round belly as she began to kick, squirm, and laugh.

Eventually, Meinya screamed out that she gave up, red-faced with tears in her eyes from laughing too much. Vahn, however, was a little skeptical so, even though he stopped tickling her and had her sit down, he didn’t drop his guard. This ended up being the correct decision as, from the very moment that Meinya sat down and appeared to behave, she immediately tried to roll forward and flee once again. Having already anticipated her efforts, Vahn had swooped forward at the same time, supporting Meinya’s belly with his palm as her eyes widened. Instead of falling, as she had expected, she instead found herself inverted and back in her Papa’s arms!

Vahn held up Meinya by her armpits and had a ‘sinister’ smile on his face as he asked, “Oh~? Meinya tried to run away after she gave up? How should Papa punish this mischevious little kitten~?” As Vahn spoke, he turned to the smiling Arnya, prompting her to hold up both hands like claws, musing, “Tickle attack~!” This caused Meinya, who had recently suffered defeat at her Papa’s vicious hands, to begin kicking and trying to escape as she said, “Nyoooooo~! Nyo tickle Meinya~! Meinya be good! Promise!”

It was somewhat difficult to believe his daughter’s words as, while she was trying to escape, she had kicked him in the face a few times. Though Meinya was only sixteen months old, she was already 78cm tall, slightly above average for her gender and race. This meant she could easily reach his face from how he was holding her, eating a few of her somewhat powerless kicks as a result. In fact, at the same time as she was putting on a pitiable expression, both of Meinya’s bare feet were resting against his cheeks with the big toe of her right foot hooked to the edge of his mouth.

Though he enjoyed his daughter’s energy, Vahn was a little worried about the future with Meinya’s mischievousness growing by the day. Sill, he didn’t really mind it that much and just moved her from side to side until her feet fell away from his face and made her sit on his lap again. This time, Meinya didn’t try to run away, kept pacified when he brought his hand to her head and began lightly stroking her tiny cat-like ears. As if her previous energy was an illusion, Meinya almost immediately squinted her eyes with a contented expression and became very docile from the moment his hand contacted her head.

Seeing this, Arnya began to snicker with a teasing look in her eyes until Vahn telepathically messaged, (“I wonder how your daughter will act if she sees you purring…hmm…”) This caused Arnya’s teasing look to fade away in an instant, replaced by a very light blush as she sneakily reached her hand over and pinched his side. Vahn began to laugh in a somewhat uninhibited manner until a subtle sound reached both of their ears, causing Arnya’s to twitch while Vahn’s laughter immediately ceased. They both looked down, seeing Meinya tilting her head up slightly with closed eyes as a gentle and pleasant purring sound resonated from her throat…

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