Chapter 793: Mutual Support

With only six days left before the expedition was set to depart, though it still felt like a long time from Vahn’s perspective, he found himself feeling strangely tense. Things had been going ‘very’ well lately, as the amount of time he was able to spend with the girls had caused him to feel almost irresistibly complacent. Since he would spend tens of hours every day fighting to the ‘death’, this feeling was even more prevalent, causing Vahn to believe that it was his ‘instincts’ telling him something was about to go down. Thus, just as he encouraged the girls to talk to him whenever they felt something was ‘off’, Vahn had waited until after dinner, when everyone was still gathered together, to bring up his concerns.

After sending the children into another room, with Anubis, Mona, and Preasia to look after them, Vahn adopted a serious expression, saying, “My intuition is telling me that something will happen very soon, likely during the expedition, but possibly before. If you feel anything is abnormal, please tell someone as soon as possible. We may find ourselves in a War between the Alliance’s and Enyo’s forces very soon, with the entire City wrapped up in the conflict. At the same time, our other enemies may be maneuvering to take advantage of the situation. Though you’re all much stronger, never forget that there are ‘always’ stronger enemies in the world…never drop your guard, and don’t try to deal with a situation by yourself. We’re all in this together and, to protect everyone’s happiness, we need to support each other. There is nothing wrong with having secrets, but don’t keep anything that could endanger yourself, or the others within the Manor…please…”

Though he had been preparing himself for the possibility of losing one of the girls, Vahn knew it would be a painful experience, one which he genuinely didn’t want to go through. If they lost their lives doing their best to protect others, holding true to the beliefs they shared together, that was one thing. The worst possible outcome would be, like in the case of Tina from the Divination, that they ended up falling into a scheme and suffering a tragic fate. He might be able to move on if they died in battle, especially if they fought hard, Vahn knew part of him would ‘break’ if they ended up falling to a scheme. Whichever group managed to pull it off…he wouldn’t stop until they, and anyone remotely associated with them, were completely annihilated…

Hestia, having managed to claim the ‘throne’ of Vahn’s lap for herself, could feel the ‘pain’ Vahn was going through just thinking about the possible loss of a loved one. She gently squeezed his hands, which were loosely wrapped around her waist, and smiled radiantly as she addressed everyone at the table, saying, “Everyone here is family, regardless of the circumstances you may have come from. I believe in each of you, as you’ve shown me the strength of character possessed my mortals, something we gods could never hope to aspire towards. Remember that, even if fate may influence your life, each and every one of you is in control of your own destiny…if you feel as though you cannot bear the burden on your own, there are numerous people that will happily shoulder that burden with you. I sincerely pray every single time you all enter the Dungeon, that you will return safely to this place we have turned into our home…” Toward the end of her words, Hestia brought her hands together in a gesture of prayer, using the opportunity to sincerely request ‘fate’ to be kind to her family.

With the serious ‘plea’ of Vahn, followed by the guiding words of Hestia, everyone at the table adopted a somewhat solemn appearance, nodding their heads in affirmation. Afterward, Ais raised her hand slightly, drawing everyone’s attention to her as she hesitantly said, “Lately, unless I’m with Vahn, I have been having dreams that seem to relate to my past…I keep seeing visions of my mother and father, even though I can’t remember the latter’s face. Also…” Turning her head to the side, looking in the direction that many of them immediately understood was the Dungeon, Ais continued, saying, “I feel like the Dungeon is calling to me…like someone very dear to my heart is waiting for me…”

Though others might be somewhat surprised by Ais’ words, there were a few within the room whose expressions didn’t change much. Chief amongst them was Loki, who knew the most about Ais’ background, with Riveria also adopting a more thoughtful than confused expression. As for Vahn, he knew that Ais’ fate was directly tied to the Dungeon and he knew there were important revelations waiting for her deep within. He had also seen Ais’ [Hearts Desire] and, after talking with Loki and Riveria about her past, he knew there was nearly a thousand-year ‘gap’ between the time Ais should have been born, to the present. She had many secrets that only the Dungeon would be able to reveal, one of the only reasons he didn’t outright use the [Fate Severing Knife], even though it only had one use, to sever her fate…he wanted her to get the answers she sought and, even if it hurt her greatly, all of them would be here to help her recover.

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Firming his resolve, Vahn returned an encouraging smile to Ais as he said, “Thank you for sharing that with us, Ais…I promise, no matter what it takes, I will help you find the answers you seek. If you want to try and get a better understanding of those dreams, you can try to take a nap with Preasia. Though the memories may be buried deep within your subconscious mind, you may be able to find some answers within her Dreamscape…is that okay, Preasia?” Without any delay at all, Preasia’s face bloomed with a smile, saying, “Of course. I feel my ability exists to help people with exactly these issues. Whenever you take a break from your training, please come by the pagoda, Ais. I will do my best to help you, just like I will always do my best for everyone else within the Manor~.”

Having the support of both Vahn, the boy she loved, and Preasia, someone she was actually quite fond of, Ais’ troubled face transitioned to a happy smile as she said, “Thank you…!” Her smile brightened up the whole room and, almost as if the solemn atmosphere from before had been an illusion, everyone was infected by Ais’ happiness. They all began to talk about things they could do to help each other and, for those that were very close to Ais, they promised to help her find out why the Dungeon was calling out to her. Since they would be going into the Dungeon on the expedition in six days, there was a chance they would be able to find some of the answers very soon…

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Once the meeting had come to an end, many of the girls transitioned towards the orb while most of the mothers went to spend time with their children. Vahn, though his mind had been eased a little by how open and caring everyone was towards each other, decided he wanted to relax a bit more. Instead of making his way into the orb with the girls, he divided his body into two parts, one to go kiss all of his children good night, the other following behind Fenrir to her icy chamber. He didn’t miss the fact that she had a small smile on her face, nor that her tail was very slowly moving from side to side as she led the way.

After reaching her room, which immediately caused a layer of frost to spread across his skin and clothes, Vahn hugged her from behind and, perhaps influenced by the other girls, took a deep breath of her midnight blue hair. Fenrir’s fur became progressively ‘fluffier’ as Vahn nuzzled his face between her two large ears, getting a little carried away as he lifted her body off the ground slightly. She just let her legs dangle without resisting whatsoever, the small smile on her face growing progressively larger as time passed. Though she eventually said, “Master, let’s lay down…”, Fenrir really wouldn’t have minded if they spent hours just standing at the entrance of her bedroom.

Still holding her in his arms, Vahn smiled and began ‘waddling’ towards the bed while Fenrir’s paws dangled a few centimeters above the ground. Her tail kept rubbing against his lower body, something Fenrir was intentionally doing since she didn’t retain the instinct for wagging her tail. Whenever she did so, it was because she had chosen to, not because her body was reacting to her emotions. Thus, Vahn allowed his own body to react naturally as he lowered Fenrir onto the icy bed and crawled in with her.

Fenrir lifted up her body slightly, waiting for her Master to lay against the bed before she brought her leg over his body to straddle his hips. The clothes that she had formed from magic ‘dissolved’ into nothingness, revealing her almost unchanging figure, even though she looked significantly more healthy compared to the past. However, this didn’t mean she was unable to change at all as, under his steely gaze, Vahn watch as Fenrir’s breasts slowly inflated while both her midnight blue hair and tail grew marginally longer, gaining a sleek sheen instead of appearing as rough bristles. Even her butt, which has always been somewhat on the small side, began to inflate as a very soft sensation ‘wrapped’ around the tent he had been pitching at her backside.

Though it took a fair amount of focus to retain her transformation, Fenrir had worked very hard on it over the last year, wanting to make herself more appealing to her Master, even though she knew he didn’t mind her normal figure. However, instead of being ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’, Fenrir wanted to be ‘beautiful’ for her Master, at least when they were alone like this. It wasn’t simply because she wanted to do naughty things with him, but Fenrir knew now that her Master was more reliant on the mature girls within the Manor. Since he was also the most reliant on her, Fenrir thought she could make him even happier if her form also matched the ‘purpose’ she had accepted upon herself…

After letting her breasts grow to just below a C-Cup, the most she could manage with her current capabilities, Fenrir’s smile grew until it reached her eyes and, taking advantage of her newfound assets, she moved a little higher up his body and laid against him. Her breasts, which she had put a lot of effort into making soft, sandwiched her Master’s face as she used her forearms to both support her body and hug the sides of his head. At the same time, she began to use her now sleek and slender tail to brush against the bulge in her Master’s trousers until he finally removed them, liberating the object that always made her heart beat rapidly.

Using her tail, which she had put a lot of effort into controlling ever since she first became ‘Fenrir’, Fenrir coiled it around her Master’s p**** and, while lightly patting his head, began to slowly move her tail up and down. Though they couldn’t have sex, Fenrir had come to learn there were many things she could still do with her Master, working hard to improve her skills to make him as happy as he could easily make her. Still, she was very gentle with her tail because, even though her Master was reacting to her, Fenrir knew he just wanted to relax, not do anything too intense.

At this pace, even if several hours passed, he would never shoot out any of his delicious fluids, one of the few things she had ever eaten that had a ‘flavor’, tasting sweet and making her heart flutter when she devoured it. Since it had the added benefit of providing her a large amount of energy, even more than when her Master normally helped her ‘recharge’, Fenrir was very fond of it. She somewhat regretted the fact that, though she had practiced with more than a thousand bananas, Fenrir had never once succeeded in ‘not’ devouring it instantly. If she was able to use some of the things Haruhime had shown her, Fenrir knew she would get to eat even more of the delicious substance while also making her Master very happy…

Unaware of what was going through Fenrir’s mind, Vahn was absentmindedly enjoying the blissful softness pressing into his face, even though it also cut off the flow of air to his lungs. He didn’t really have to breathe and, though it caused him to panic in the past, he was now used to resisting the natural instinct by using his [Will of the Emperor] at a relatively low level. Right now, other than the focus he placed on trying to get Sakuya into her tiny fox pajamas, the only thing on Vahn’s mind was relaxing. Fenrir’s paws were very soft and she had learned how to almost completely retract her claws at this point, allowing her to rub the sides and top of his head with her squishy paw pads as much as she wanted…

For the better part of an hour, until he had gone to bed with Demeter and Autumn, Vahn let Fenrir do her best to comfort him while he slowly traced his palms up and down the sides of her body. Since she was putting in so much effort, bringing her comfort was the least he could do, even though there was now a frozen pool of liquid that had spread across his abdomen. Fenrir’s body was in a very excited state and, though the fluids coming from her honeypot strangely didn’t freeze instantly, they would do so soon after leaving her body. There was actually a small icy hill forming right above his navel, prevented from growing any further by the heat coming from Fenrir’s nearby v*****…

With his other body going to sleep, which always caused a strange ‘blackness’ to overlap in his perception, Vahn decided that he should reward Fenrir’s care a bit. Since she was very synchronized with him during moments like this, Fenrir almost immediately lifted her body from his face and had an almost ‘too eager’ smile on her face as she turned around and straddled his body in reverse. Vahn released a light chuckle at her antics and, moments later, found an almost painfully red and swollen mound in his face. Fenrir’s body didn’t react much in the past, but with the change in her mentality and the power of his [Grooming], her body would quickly go into a heated state, similar to a Chienthrope.

Hugging Fenrir’s waist, Vahn pulled her hips closer to his mouth and began to work his tongue on her insides, something that didn’t cause much of a reaction normally, but his hands were also inserting threads of stimulating energy into her deeply buried nerves. Fenrir released a heated sigh the moment he began his efforts before pressing her lips to the tip of his glans, something that had caused all the hairs on his body to stand on end in the past, and began gently circling it with her tongue. At the same time, she used her inexplicably soft paws, squishy paw pads included, and began stroking his p**** in a rather skillful manner. Since she couldn’t use her mouth, Fenrir had put ‘a lot’ of effort into learning how to use her hands properly, with Vahn being along for the learning experience the entire way…

After around ten minutes, though he could have held out almost indefinitely, Vahn gave Fenrir what he knew she was waiting for. Anticipating this, her tongue stopped completely and she made a seal around his glans and began a powerful suction that was absolutely impossible for the other girls to emulate. Because of her instinctual ability to use devouring laws, Fenrir could create a powerful vacuum to suck in even magical attacks that were fired at her, much less the tip of his p**** that was sealed off by her lips. The first time she had done this, Vahn thought his glans were going to explode but Fenrir had gotten much better at it now, essentially using it to completely empty the contents of his urethra…

Unlike a normal ejaculation, Vahn stayed in a pseudo-Magia Erebea state and, though this would have caused his semen to ‘vanish’ inside of a normal girl, Fenrir’s [Devour] would process the vital liquid almost instantly. Though it was nutritious by default, her body was capable of processing the source energy contained within, making it strangely more effective than actual food for the peculiar Vanargandr. When Terra had learned of this, she had practically wrung him dry a few times, not that he had minded it all that much.

With his hands moving to the tender skin between his testicles and anus, Vahn sent a thread of energy into his own scrotum, causing his anus to clench up tightly as a wave of pleasure ran up his spine. At the same time, a seemingly endless stream of semen began to pump from his testicles, which rapidly replenished their contents, while Fenrir took large gulps of it without pulling away for a single moment. He didn’t understand why, but Vahn always felt a strange sense of accomplishment when a girl would swallow his semen, even though it wasn’t the intended purpose of the viscous liquid. Though he was embarrassed when the girls would remark about how sweet it tasted, Vahn still enjoyed watching them somewhat eagerly ingest it, almost as if it were a rare delicacy…

Keeping up the flow for as long as his willpower could tolerate, which was a three minute period that other men would probably relate to the feeling of being caught between life and death, Vahn pulled away the thread of energy and began gasping for air. Fenrir continued her powerful suction until his urethra was completely drained before pulling her lips away and kissing the slightly swollen glans before they almost instantly reverted back to normal with his powerful regeneration.

Since she knew what was going to come next, Fenrir lowered her head and nuzzled against the warm p**** of her Master as Vahn calmed down and moved his hands to the top of Fenrir’s tail and the tiny bead poking out of her almost painfully swollen vulva. Pressing firmly into the nerve cluster at the base of her tail, Fenrir’s legs slowly became rigid as her butt raised proudly towards the sky. She was prevented from going too high by his hand, causing Fenrir’s legs to kick out and her claws to dig into the ice bed bellow. It had a natural recovery function, so it wasn’t that big a deal if she got a few scratch marks on it while excited.

Vahn always found himself smiling whenever he saw this unique reaction of a Vanargandr but, not forgetting his purpose, he began to use his right hand to trace around Fenrir’s vulva, sending seeds of source energy into all of her most sensitive spots, including her c*******. Though she didn’t have the sensitivity of a normal woman, such limitations meant almost nothing to Vahn anymore. He was confident that, even if a woman was completely frigid and barren, he could get her to melt under his touch in just a few short minutes. Since Fenrir actively sought out the pleasure he could bring to her, and he knew her body arguably better than his own, Vahn quickly targetted all of her favorite spots in less than thirty seconds.

Fenrir was already releasing a large amount of saliva, as her body seemed to be capable of producing an infinite amount of it, while slovenly tracing her tongue along his p****. Though his testicles had almost been frozen into popsicles in the past, Vahn was experienced with this process now and had already channeled his [Heart of the Eternal Flame] to increase the temperature of his body and infuse fire elemental energy into his testicles. It caused them to feel like they were vibrating, but Vahn preferred the somewhat itchy sensation over having them frozen solid by Fenrir’s saliva.

Once he had prepared her body, stimulating her for a good twenty minutes, Vahn knew she was beginning to reach the limit of her patience since he could see her scarlet eyes begin to glow as her grip on his p**** steadily increased. So she didn’t accuse him of bullying her later, Vahn decided to wrap things up by tracing his index finger along the almost scalding hot inner walls of Fenrir’s v***** and probing into the small hole near the base, barely big enough to take in a single one of his fingers. Fenrir’s body tensed up a little but, as long as he was pressing into the ‘button’ near her tail, she couldn’t even move her lower body if she tried.

After slowly inserting his index finger to its base, Vahn gave Fenrir a few seconds to prepare herself before he began to radiate source energy from his entire finger in a rapid pulse. When he had been petting her earlier, Vahn had inserted seeds of source energy into most of her deeply rooted nerves and, as her body was also infused with a great volume of petting energy, his current actually caused waves of pleasure to begin rapidly crashing through Fenrir’s body. Her mouth instantly became agape as an, “Aaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaah-aaaaaaaaaaah” sound escaped from her throat, like a raspy moan as a result of her generally husky voice.

Vahn continued this until, nearly a minute later, a veritable flood of fluid began pouring down his hand and splashing onto his body, almost immediately turning into ice on contact before melting under the influence of his body temperature. At the same time as the ‘phenomenon’ occurred, Vahn stopped pressing Fenrir’s button, allowing her hips to immediately fall against his chest while her legs began to twitch and spasm. Then, to capitalize on the opportunity, as he was also rather fond of Fenrir’s ‘flavor’, Vahn hugged her hips tightly and began to slurp up the somewhat citrusy love juices was Fenrir’s raspy voice continued to sound out for a few minutes longer…

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