Chapter 799: Reminder

After she had calmed down for the second time, Lulune sat down in the nearby chair, kicking her legs out as she plainly stated, “Well, this has been a pretty shitty day…still, thanks for telling me, Vahn…” Towards the end of her words, Lulune had muttered something about wanting to ‘punch’ him and ‘forging him this time’, but Vahn pretended not to hear them as he smiled and said, “You’re a strong girl, Lulune. If you use this information to your advantage, you can actually become much stronger…” Passing over the Status Sheet he had produced earlier, Vahn allowed her to peruse her information, causing her to ask, “These letters…are they like the letters in Parameters? Higher is better…?”

Asfi was also seeing the Status Sheet created by Vahn for the first time and was quite curious about it herself, turning her attention to Vahn to hear what he had to say. Confirming Lulune’s suspicions, Vahn nodded his head and said, “This is one of my secrets, so I’ll have the two of you keep it to yourselves. Don’t tell anyone any information you acquire from me without my direct consent…well, to explain it simply, I have a version of ‘Read’ that is much more powerful than most gods. Not only can I interpret the hieroglyphs of a person’s Status, but I can glean a lot of extra information that can be very useful for your growth. In normal circumstances, I would have kept your other hidden skills a secret but…well, I just thought you deserved to know the truth outright.”

Lulune took a deep breath through her nose and looked like she wanted to say something but ultimately kept silent. Asfi, using this opportunity to her advantage, inclined her head slightly and asked, “Will you check my Status Board as well…?” Though she was a little nervous about removing her armor, as it was comprised of a single piece of multi-layered leathers, Asfi was very curious about any secrets her body might possess. Fortunately, Vahn looked over and, seeming to think for a few seconds, eventually nodded his head and said, “You’ll have to expose your back…Lulune, let Asfi sit in that chair.”

Then, making Asfi feel strangely annoyed, Vahn turned his back and seemed to enter into deep thought, clearly waiting for her to remove her armor. Though she was nervous about him seeing her underwear, as she had worn some comfortable lace garments today, Asfi wished he would at least pretend to show interest toward her. She comforted her mind by reminding herself that he might be distracted on something happening with his other body and, remembering his earlier words, Asfi didn’t think Vahn genuinely lacked interest in her. He was probably just trying to be considerate and it was actually she that was acting out of character…especially since there was someone else present…

Asfi’s speculation wasn’t exactly wrong, as Vahn was currently holding Loki up in a ‘dangerous’ position as she clung to his neck. They had been going at it for well over an hour at this point and she was being especially ‘greedy’ today after his earlier slip. She had even teased him by having him pull out [Enkidu] and using the spearhead to trace red marks across her body, even drawing blood once before he dispersed them and started to proactively ‘pacify’ her…

Around a minute later, as she had several belts, pouches, and magical items to remove, Asfi didn’t immediately sit down and instead sent a ‘warning’ look towards Lulune before saying, “You can look…” Vahn’s mind came back to reality and, realizing what Asfi was trying to do, a small smile appeared on his lips as he turned around and unhesitantly stared at her figure. She was wearing pale blue lace underwear that almost made it seem as though she knew he would be coming by today. With her fair white skin and her shapely figure, it was pretty difficult to pull his eyes away from the sensitive areas.

Asfi was currently twenty-two years old and, instead of a thin and lithe figure like many of the girls he associated with, her figure looked natural and soft. She was still thin, but her hips, thighs, and breasts had filled out very well. At a glance, he could tell she was on the upper end of a C-Cup and, though it hadn’t been obvious when she was wearing her leather skirt, Asfi had very full thighs and a fleshy buttocks that appeared to have a bit of fat on it. The strings of her lace panties cut into her skin slightly and gave Vahn an urge to want to tease her by pinching the small bit of excess flesh that Tsubaki had admonished him about in the past. He didn’t understand why girls were sensitive about such things, especially since the appearance of a mature woman was ‘very’ impactful, especially when combined with Asfi’s intelligent look…

Though she had intended to show off her body, Asfi suddenly felt very nervous and regretted not going on the diet she had been thinking about a few weeks prior. To pull his eyes away from her bottom, unaware of the fact that Vahn was renown in the Manor for appreciating butts, Asfi crossed her arms and tried to prop up her breasts. She immediately regretted this, however, as, though she managed to get Vahn’s eyes to focus on her breasts, Lulune suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, Asfi is pretty sneaky…I didn’t think you were the type to appeal in such a direct manner. Wow…” Though she was still moody about the information she had obtain, Lulune was trying to act in an upbeat manner, this time at the expense of her somewhat frigid Captain.

Asfi, hearing the remark, furrowed her brows and nearly ordered Lulune to leave the room before remembering she didn’t exactly have that authority. Fortunately, Vahn looked over at the troublesome Chienthrope with a stern expression and said, “Asfi is one of the people who can best understand what you’re going through, Lulune. You should try to get along with her better…I believe the two of you can become friends.”

Upon hearing this, Asfi smiled slight and felt a bit of heat touch her cheeks, at least until Lulune brought her hands up to her flat chest and muttered, “I guess…anyways, do you like bigger breasts or smaller breasts, Vahn?” Then, before Vahn could even answer, Lulune jumped up to her feet and had stars in her eyes as she asked, “Hey, do you have another one of those scrolls that you gave Elilly!? If it can really change a person’s body, doesn’t that mean I can use it to increase the size of my tits!?”

Hearing her rapid-fire questions, Vahn felt his body tilt slightly as he absentminded said, “When you ask me a question, at least wait until I answer before you ask another one…” At the same time he was saying this, Vahn remembered an incident in the past where many of the girls also wanted to try and learn the scroll. Unfortunately, it really did take a lot of effort and it had been a simpler solution to just develop the nutritional supplements to help bolster their development. He had also carefully explained that he was fond of the girls as they were, culling the dangerous light in some of the girls’ eyes, especially Tiona and Lili. The former had been humoring the idea of trying to increase her bust size while Lili had wanted to develop her height, something Vahn didn’t actually think was a bad idea, even though he explained that she was fine the way she was…

Like then, Vahn tried to keep a calm and casual demeanor as he explained, “I have always been of the mind that women, and people in general, are fine the way they are. I have no special preference for bust size and, unless you are genuinely self-conscious about your figure, you shouldn’t use such an extreme method. Besides, you already have a very unique appearance, Lulune, and I think you would become a very charming woman if you wanted to be…” Though he had an appreciation for mature woman, especially those with toned butts, Vahn didn’t think there was anything wrong with the outgoing and athletic type either. Lulune’s figure, though it was lacking in the bust department, was actually lean, athletic, and it was obvious at a glance that her butt would be very pleasant to touch. Her long and somewhat shaggy brown tail was also a very unique feature and, if she were to wear lighter clothing, Vahn felt that Lulune would have a very vibrant and youthful appeal…

Though she was listening to his words, Lulune took the opportunity when Vahn had finished speaking to immediately say, “You gawked at Asfi’s breasts, even though she is still wearing a bra. When I was completely topless, you barely even spared a single glance towards mine…very suspicious…” To this, Vahn once again pinched the bridge of his nose, deciding to be frank as he said, “You can’t tell this to anyone, but Asfi and I have a life-bound vow with each other. She is essentially my wife and we’ll likely have a physical relationship in the near future…though I can’t deny that I’m somewhat interested in you, Lulune, I’d rather us be friends than become lovers. Though I’ll help you find the happiness you seek, I can’t be the sole provider of happiness for every woman in the world. I can barely manage the relationships I’m already in so, though I don’t mind if you want to spend time with me in the future, I think it would be best if you find someone else to dedicate your heart to. You deserve someone that will be there to support you…someone that treats you like the center of their world…as for me, well, I simply can’t do that…”

For the first time in her life, Lulune felt like she had ‘lost’ something before she had even managed to obtain it. There was an aching feeling in her heart and, for the third time today, she felt a very strong urge to cry. However, just as she wanted to complain about him being unfair, Lulune’s brain keyed in on a few words Vahn had said. Though he had told her that she should find someone else to fall in love with, Lulune noticed he also mentioned that they could spend time together in the future. This was a very vague way of saying things but Lulune felt like she might still have a chance if she managed to soften up Vahn. At the very least, since he claimed to be ‘somewhat interested’ in her, Lulune was confident she could get him to f*** her, at least once. Then, if she played her cards right, they could at least become sex friends until she finally finds that person Vahn seemed to believe was out there waiting for her…

Seeing the rapid changes in Lulune’s aura, combined with the fact her Affection was jumping up and down, Vahn withheld a sigh and wondered what he would do with this peculiar Chienthrope. She had a very similar look in her eyes as Sylfia so Vahn could easily imagine Lulune trying to linger around and appeal to him if she got the chance. Though he could just tell her to stay away, which she would have to comply with, Vahn had just turned the girl’s life upside down and, as he stated previously, he would like to be friends with her. There was a fair chance they might do something more intimate in the future, but Vahn would prefer if she could turn her affections to another person. A small part of him could even imagine Bell making an impact on the girl and, given his character as a ‘hero’, there was a good chance they could be happy together…

As that thought crossed his mind, Vahn felt more than a little like a jerk and wondered what had changed inside of his mind to allow him to be so ‘accepting’ of such a thing. Not only was he understanding of the fact that he might sleep with Lulune in the future, which could easily be considered him taking advantage of her, but he was also ‘hoping’ she would be someone else’s problem. This simultaneously made him feel even less worthy of the affections she was currently directing towards him while also making him feel like he was ‘obligated’ to make her happy…such contradictory thoughts were the hardest to deal with, making Vahn feel conflicted and guilty about the type of person he had become…

Since Asfi had already sat down on the chair, Vahn moved behind her and, though he was tempted to observe her fair backside for a bit, he instead drew a line of blood and got on with things. He was starting to feel like he needed to wrap things up here, arrange for Asfi to demonstrate how she made magic items, and then return to the Manor. At times like this, when he was feeling doubts and didn’t know how to deal with them himself, Vahn knew he could rely on the girls. In fact, he was currently having a discussion with Loki while the petite goddess patiently listened to his complaints and gave him advice. She essentially repeated the same things he had said himself, being that he can’t make everyone happy. However, she also told him that he didn’t need to show so much restraint and, because they knew he loved them deeply, most of the girls didn’t mind if he had developed a promiscuous behavior…



Name: Asfi Al Andromeda

Age: 22

Race: Human

Level: 4

POW: F389

END: G256

DEX: C618

AGI: D539

MAG: I60

Skills: [Analytical Eye:Innate:(sealed)], [Piercing Strike:B], [Homing Throw:B], [Five-Points of Pain:D]

Magic: [Kalov Argol:D]

Development Abilities: [Maker’s Intent:Innate:D], [Mystery:A], [Mixing:B], [Metalworking:B], [Throwing:(sealed)], [Blacksmith:(sealed)] [Piercing Strike]

Rank: B

Use: Causing a strike to inflict greater damage depending on the defense of the target.

Active Trigger

[Homing Throw]

Rank: B

Use: Imbue energy into a thrown weapon and allow it to track a target for short distances.

Active Trigger

[Five-Points of Pain:D]

Rank: D

Use: Create a pentagram using projectile weapons that causes debilitating pain to a target if successfully activated.

Active Trigger

[Kalov Argol]

Rank: D

Use: Spews forth a thick and pungent stream of liquid from the mouth that quickly hardens into a calcified mass that causes the target to become immobile and more susceptible to damage.

Chant: The errant winemaker creates a stale mockery of extravagance. Let all those who sip from the gold grail suffer. Tear the stomach and taint the body with your foul invitation. Fermentation, Stagnation, Decay, seize mine enemies and allow them to know the Endless Abyss. Fall into despair, Kalov Argol~!

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Rank: A

Use: Allows the user to activate a miracle and create magic items.


Rank: B

Only allowed on

Use: Allows the user to freely shape metal into the intended form.


Asfi’s Status allowed Vahn to focus his mind and record the information onto a Status Sheet for her personal perusal. She only had two Innates but the fact she had already awakened one, while also having very developed Development Abilities, showed that Asfi was quite the capable woman. The fact that her [Mystery] was currently A-Rank, even though she was only twenty-two, meant she was actually a prodigy in the field of item creation. Vahn knew this was likely a result of her [Maker’s Intent], as the name seemed to be directly related to the creation of items, but that didn’t mean Asfi hadn’t worked hard.

Once he was done looking over her Status, Vahn passed over the Status Sheet to Asfi and casually muttered, “Get dressed…” Asfi, who had just been able to look over her Status, while sitting in nothing but her underwear, immediately stood up with a slightly flushed face and began getting dressed. Because of how he had worded his statement, she couldn’t refuse and this made her feel even more embarrassment since she could have gotten dressed of her own volition if she hadn’t been distracted. As for Vahn, he was feeling a little tired and, though his mind said it was ‘wrong’ to tell them what to do, it was the existence of contracts they had signed that gave him that power…

Even if he didn’t truly treat them as his possessions, everyone in the Hermes Familia, including any members that might join over the next year, were irrefutably his belongings. He could spout all kinds of platitudes denying it, but the world itself recognized this as the truth. Though he didn’t have any intention of outright exploiting any of them, it was very useful at moments like this when he was feeling mental fatigue. Currently, he didn’t even feel like being playful and teasing either of the girls, especially considering the circumstances of Lulune. She would probably be ‘happy’ if he teased her a bit, but Vahn was genuinely worried about her mental wellness after the earlier revelations.

As if she knew what he was thinking, Lulune furrowed her brows slightly and said, “You know, you’re a bit different than I expected, Vahn…” Hearing this, Vahn turned his eyes towards her, a questioning look on his face that urged her to add, “I mean, you’re like this amazing and incredible guy that has a ton of power and authority, right? It’s just…I mean, it’s really weird to see you acting so solemnly. Look, you’re in a room with two girls that will ‘literally’ do whatever you say, but you’re acting like a victim that doesn’t even know if their next meal will ever come. It’s like…super f****** weird…”

Though she was speaking honestly, Lulune shrunk back a little since she was afraid of offending Vahn with her words. He might never do such a thing but, if Vahn was genuinely annoyed by her words, he could literally order her to kill herself. It was even possible, if her words were constantly grating on him, for Vahn to order her to never speak again. Then, even if she wanted to scream and shout, not even a single syllable could escape her lips for the next year. He had absolute authority over them and, though she could tell he was a sensible and thoughtful boy, Lulune was bothered by how Vahn acted like everything happening was troublesome. If he didn’t want to get involved with all of this, Vahn could have simply ignored them and moved on with his life…

Seeing the combination of fear and concern coming from Lulune, Vahn produced a small smile and said, “I’m sorry, Lulune, Asfi…honestly, even though people tout me as being something amazing, I’m really just…” Even if he wanted to, Vahn couldn’t find any words to describe his situation as, no matter how he looked at things, he truly was blessed. In fact, he often felt extremely happy whenever he was just spending time with the girls at the Manor and watching over his children. It was everything he did outside of his home that weighed heavily on his heart, especially the matters of other nations. Sometimes, he felt like it would be so much easier to just stop caring about the rest of the world and just spending his time happily with his loved ones…however, it was that same desire, the desire to protect that happiness he already had, that drove him forward.

Vahn genuinely wanted other people to be happy and, in order to facilitate this desire, while also protecting his own happiness, Vahn ‘had’ to change the world. He didn’t want his children to venture out one day and be exposed to all the terrible things the world currently possessed. At the same time, he simply couldn’t overlook people who were suffering, especially if they were right in front of him. Yes, these things often caused him a host of problems, mainly because of his own mentality and lack of restraint, but they were also the moments he prided himself in when looking back on events. The things he was doing now, though they weighted heavily on his heart and mind, were the exact moments that would shape the world he wanted to see…

Realizing this, Vahn began to release a lighthearted laugh, suddenly feeling much better about how things were developing. Just as Loki said, he really didn’t need to mind such things and, as long as he didn’t do anything to truly bring discourse to the Manor, most of the girls wouldn’t mind. In fact, other than Terra, Fenrir, and Lefiya, the other girls wouldn’t care at all. The only thing that mattered to them was the happiness that already existed in the Manor and, as long as he didn’t threaten it directly, they would work with him to make sure it persisted far into the future. Some of them were even more concerned about what would be on the menu for dinner than they were about his relationships outside of the Manor…

Though Asfi and Lulune were giving him strange looks, Vahn didn’t mind it and continued to laugh until it felt like he had removed all of the negativity that tried to take root inside his heart and mind. When he was done, he looked at the two girls with a smile that grew larger as their blushes deepened. Just as Lulune began to fidget a little, causing a subtle aroma to spread through the room, Vahn chuckled lightly and said, “You’re a good woman, Lulune. You might not realize it yourself, but those words of yours really were what I needed to hear right now. In the future, even if you change everything else, I hope you’re able to continue being straightforward and honest. Seriously, it adds to your charm a lot more than you realize…”

After dealing a critical blow to Lulune, emphasized by the fact she had plopped onto her butt with a stupified expression, Vahn turned to Asfi and let his expression soften as he said, “I’ll say it directly, so you’re not always misunderstanding things, Asfi. I think your intelligent look, combined with your mature body…well, it makes you look very sexy? Also, though I can appreciate your shapely breasts, I’m actually more interested in your butt…really, though it might make me sound inconsiderate, your mother was right to be envious of your looks. Even though I’ll let you deal with her as you please, don’t blame me if I give her a slap or two of my own…hahahaha~.”

Though she had wanted him to be more honest and direct, Asfi now realized she was wholly unprepared for Vahn actually following through with her intentions. Her face felt like it was set ablaze and, even though she had already worn her clothing again, Asfi shrunk her body a bit and tried to hide her figure. She was strangely happy that Vahn had called her ‘sexy’, something she hadn’t remotely expected him to say, but it also made her hyper-aware of her body. Part of her couldn’t help but feel as though he was just trying to be nice, even though she could see clear appreciation in his gaze…

Seeing Asfi’s peculiar behavior, Vahn’s smile softened even further as he reminded himself that this adorable creature in front of him was one of his women. In fact, even Lulune could be one of his women with a simple change in his intentions. He didn’t even need to accept her as a lover that resided in the Manor and, as long as he was always open and honest with her, Vahn believed Lulune wouldn’t even mind. Ultimately, he couldn’t take care of everyone woman and accept them in his heart, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t show them his favor and help them become stronger people. It was strange to consider, but that was a power he had held for a long time…something the girls in the Manor had reminded him of several times when they saw how much he was restraining himself at the Elven Kingdom.

With these thoughts running through his mind, Vahn gestured to Asfi, muttering in a light tone, “Come here, Asfi…” Unable to resist his words, Asfi moved closer to Vahn as her heart began beating like a drum that was on the verge of collapse. Then, with that same smile on his face, Vahn said, “This is an order…if I ever do something you don’t want me to do, immediately tell me. Don’t keep it inside your mind just because you’re afraid to offend me…that goes for you as well, Lulune. You don’t have to tell me everything, but I want you to be honest with me if I ever do anything you don’t want, okay?”

In response to his words, Lulune absentmindedly nodded while still sitting on the ground. As for Asfi, she was breathing a little heavily and, after a few seconds of silence, a resolute light emerged in her cyan eyes as she said, “If it is something you want to do…I will accept it, Vahn…I already told you back when we first made our vows…besides…a part of me feels like I ‘need’ you to show your interest in my body…” Ever since the time they had spent together in the Dungeon, when she had seen Vahn happily interacting with the other girls, Asfi had developed a strange ’emptiness’ in her heart. When their Familia had lost the information they had spied from him, Asfi felt like the sky had fallen on her head, especially since she had to ask him to help save her companions. The year and a half after that had been very difficult for her because she had always been wondering when, or even if, Vahn would finally ask her to make items for him…

Hearing Asfi’s words, Vahn lightly shook his head and mused, “Asfi, you’re really adorable, did you know that…?” At the same time, causing Asfi’s words to catch in her throat, Vahn reached his hands around her body and placed them upon her surprisingly firm buttocks. They were soft, as he had expected from witnessing them previously, but also possessed an unexpected firmness. Perhaps it was because she was constantly creating items, or because she flew around while balancing on her magic sandals, but Asfi’s butt was surprisingly muscular. Vahn spent about twenty seconds marveling at the sensation before eventually pulling his hands away, smiling ‘radiantly’ as he said, “Sorry, but I wanted to do that since the first time we met…hahahaha~.”

Asfi, with a beet red face that made her intellectual look break down, replaced by the charming and bashful look of a maiden, returned a small smile to him as she shrunk away and said, “Idiot…you made me worry all this time…haaaa…” Though Vahn’s actions had been a surprise to her, Asfi actually felt a great deal of relief since she had been worrying about it more than she’d like to admit. However, just as she was about to say he could continue, Asfi nearly lost her balance when Lulune suddenly said, “Ah, the Captain is a lucky girl. You know, you can touch my butt if you want, Vahn. I might not have as much fat as the Captain, but I’m pretty confident in its feel, y’know?”

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