Chapter 18: The Guild

As he made his way towards the tower, Vahn continued to look around at the various comings and goings of people on the street. He noticed that even though everyone had unique outfits and appearances, nobody stood out quite as much as he did. It was rather ironic that clothing meant to enhance stealth now made him appear like a sore thumb as he moved along drawing the eyes of several curious pedestrians.

After about an hour Vahn noticed a building that had dozens of people coming and going in groups of differing sizes. The building had an aged but regal look. From what he could see there were three floors and the design of the architecture made it stand out from all the surrounding buildings. After observing the building, he didn’t see any posted signs indicating what the building contained so Vahn let his curiosity get the better of him and decided to enter.

Once he entered the building he immediately knew where he was. It seems entering from the northwestern gate was the correct decision, as it put him on the same route where the Guild was located. Vahn couldn’t help but sigh at how ‘The Path’ always seemed to take his future actions into consideration. Following the map directly from his cave ended up putting him in the same trajectory as the Guild if he were to try and approach the tower when entering the city.

Vahn looked around to see if he could recognize any of the characters from the show. He remembered the two girls Eina and Misha as they were noteworthy characters within the manga and thought it would be interesting to meet them in real life.

“Excuse me, Sir, may I help you find something?” spoke a sonorous voice from behind Vahn.

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Vahn turned towards the source and saw a mature lady with lilac-colored hair and pale green eyes. She looked only a few years older than Vahn, but she carried herself a lot like Dr. Keenly from his previous life which caused Vahn to grimace slightly. The most notable thing that caught his eye was the fluctuation of her aura which seemed to change back and forth between transparent and a dull grey color.

Noticing the change in the boys’ expression the Receptionist, Fauna Vestille, couldn’t help but feel a twitch in her eye. She had taken the initiative to approach this vagrant child in front of her in accordance. Yes, she probably would have overlooked him outside of work, but she couldn’t help but feel annoyed with his the boy seemed to observe her body with a frown on his face.

Trying to keep her cool she continued to perform her duties, “This…Sir. Is this your first time at the Guild?”

Vahn realized the woman must be one of the guild employees, and seeing the black pantsuit that seemed to match everyone behind the counter he couldn’t help but feel apologetic for worsening her mood.

“I’m sorry, and yes, this is my first time in the Guild and I’d like to register as an Adventurer.”

Fauna was a bit surprised with how polite the boy was, especially since he had so rudely stared at her body previously. She decided he was likely not used to interacting with girls and believed her charm was the reason for the slip in his expression.

Smiling at the thought, she turned to the boy. “Welcome to the Orario Guild Main Office. My name is Fauna, may I ask for your name young sir?”

Vahn was able to see a drastic change in the aura emitted by the woman who had introduced herself as Fauna. Though transparent, it now had a vague mellow color similar to sunlight. With a smile on his face, he decided to introduce himself as well.

“Hello, Ms. Fauna. My name is Vahn Mason.”

Fauna giggled a bit at how quickly the boy named Vahn’s expression changed. It was very subtle, but due to her profession, she could easily distinguish what the boy was thinking based on the small changes in his facial features. It would seem this unkept child was taught proper manners, and she shouldn’t have snuck up behind him thinking he was a vagrant that had wandered in.

“It’s nice to meet you Vahn. You can find the desk for Adventurer registration over there, near that blond haired woman wearing glasses.”

Vahn followed the direction she was pointing at and saw a petite girl with blonde hair standing behind a desk. Thanking the Receptionist, Fauna, Vahn made his way towards the desk with a bit of excitement apparent on his face.

As she watched him walk away like an expectant child, Fauna couldn’t help but giggle with how interesting the boy acted despite his appearance. She began to wonder if maybe she should lecture him on how he should dress if she got the opportunity in the future. The boy had deep aquamarine eyes, dark hair, and handsome facial features. She believed with a proper haircut and decent attire he would be quite the lady-killer when he grows up.

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Unaware of the ripples he had set in motion, Vahn approached the registration desk and gave his best smile towards the girl that had noticed his arrival.

“Good afternoon, my name is Vahn Mason. I would like to register as an Adventurer!” After observing the change in Fauna after he had smiled, Vahn determined it would be a good tactic to improve the impression he made on people.

The young girl seemed to be startled by the exclamation of the boy in front of her. She had expected as much since she had seen him talking to Fauna as the later pointed towards her direction, but she hadn’t anticipated the excitement of the boy who she initially thought had a rather solemn air.

“G-greetings Vahn, my name is Millie Strauss. May I ask what level you are and which Familia you belong to?”

After his introduction, Vahn noticed the aura around the girl had turned blue and began to flicker slightly. He was unsure of what he had done to bring about the change and stood there blankly for a moment before responding.

“Ahh, I’m Level 1 and I don’t belong to a Familia yet,” he said with a sorry expression on his face.

Millie was surprised with his sudden change in character. For a moment she even felt as though she should apologize, but decided against it for the time being.

“You may be unaware, but the Guild only really accepts people that have been registered to a Familia. Since we wouldn’t be able to maintain liability for all the free adventurers moving in and out of the Dungeon, we only accept those that can be held accountable to the various Gods that reside within the City.”

Vahn was surprised as he didn’t recall that type of detail from the Manga. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to join a Familia with his current strength, and without becoming an Adventurer it would be very difficult to make money in the future.

Seeing the dejected look on Vahn’s face, Millie decided to try and cheer him up by offering some advice. “If you’d like, I can arrange for you to meet some of the Familia that are recruiting. You also have the option of becoming a freelance dungeoneer and delving into the upper levels to improve your strength if there is a particular Familia that interests you.”

After hearing what she had just said, Vahn’s mood did an immediate one-eighty and he inquired, “You’re saying it’s possible to go into the dungeon without registering at the Guild? And can you give me a list of the Familia that are recruiting right now!?”

Taken aback by his exclamation, Millie couldn’t help thinking, ‘This boy must be pretty simple, he changes his mood so quickly!’.

She sighed before saying, “Yes. The biggest difference between being a freelance dungeoneer and becoming an Adventurer is the number of benefits you receive from the guild. For freelancers, there is a 30% tax on all items and loot drops they sell to the guild. There are also restrictions on the missions you can accept based on your level, and Adventurers always have priority for higher ranked quests since they can rely on their Familia if difficulties arise.”

While explaining, she had handed a roster of all the currently recruiting Familia to Vahn. As she listed out all the benefits being in an official Adventurer provided, Vahn was distracted by all of the names that were on the list he had received. He couldn’t recognize the majority of the Familia on the piece of paper, and was surprised by the sheer number of gods that seemed to reside within the City!

Towards the bottom of the list, the rankings of the Familia began to increase and Vahn finally noticed a familiar name: Loki Familia. Interested at the thought of joining one of the most powerful guilds within the story, Vahn looked at the requirements before sighing within his mind. They required a person to be at least Lv 2 and to have recommendations from other Familia before being able to apply. It didn’t seem like they accepted outsiders very easily and only wanted members that had positive reputations. Vahn by surprised when reading this as he recalled out abrasive the wolfman Bete acted in the manga.

Noticing the boy in front her seemed to get distracted, Millie looked to see where he eyes were drawn. Millie was rather surprised that the Familia that caught Vahn’s interest was the Loki Familia. She assumed he had heard about their fame and wanted to try and join their ranks. Too bad he wasn’t yet strong enough.

“The Loki Familia? They are considered one of the top three alongside the Freya and Hephaestus Familias. They usually only accept the best of the best and are constantly competing for the name of ‘Number 1’ Familia within the City.”

Vahn nodded at hearing her explanation since it was similar to what he had read in the manga. He knew that Loki and Freya were constantly competing for talent, whereas the Hephaestus Familia only focused on creating quality goods to be used by capable adventurers within the Dungeon.

Vahn continued to browse the list and was surprised that he didn’t see the Hestia Familia listed anywhere. He was almost about to inquire before Sis interrupted within his mind.

(*Vahn, please remember that you entered this world before the main timeline of the story. It is most likely the Hestia Familia does not yet exist as she may not have descended yet.*)

He had almost completely forgotten that fact since he spent the majority of his time over the last seven months just training and hunting.

(“Thanks, Sis. I almost gave away a bit too much information. You saved me.”)

(*You are very welcome Vahn. Just remember that while you may alter events in the future, you shouldn’t give away any information that would allude to the fact you are aware of what is supposed to happen.*)

Vahn nodded and returned the list to Millie. “Thanks for the list, but I want to improve my strength before trying to apply to a Familia. If possible, I would like to sell a few items to the Guild. Is that okay?”

Receiving the list, Millie nodded at his inquiry. “Certainly Vahn. Though it’s not a typical procedure, there aren’t many people trying to register as an Adventurer at this time of year so I have a bit of time if you’d like to sell things now. What would you like to exchange?”

Vahn placed his hand above the table and murmured some words under his breath before the goblin Chief’s core appeared on the table. He had previously discussed it with Sis and determined that storage magic, though very rare, did exist in this world. He masked the existence of his inventory by pretending to chant a magic spell before placing the core down.

Millie was shocked at the fact the boy before her seemed to possess Storage Magic! If news were to spread, he wouldn’t even need to apply for a Familia because they would be lining up to recruit him!

She looked around to see if anyone had been watching before leaning towards Vahn and whispering, “You should be very careful about using storage magic in public! If you’d like, we can handle this trade in the private booths in the back.”

Vahn smiled before saying, “It’s fine to trade here for now. The only item I want to exchange is this core, but thanks for your concern. I’ll be more careful in the future.”

Staring at the gently smiling boy, Millie blushed slightly before staring at the core that had been placed on her desk.

“This…? Where did you obtain this core?” she asked.

Remembering the excuse he had prepared, Vahn quickly explained, “Before I came to the City, my Grandfather had entrusted this core to me saying it would help me procure enough funds for food and lodging when I became an Adventurer. I don’t know where he had obtained it.”

Millie nodded at the explanation, as she didn’t believe a level 1 would be able to obtain such a high-quality core. She could tell that, even though it wasn’t as pure as some high-grade monster cores, it definitely came from a variant species.

“I see. I will have to verify it’s price with our Appraisal Expert since the core is from an unknown origin. Please wait here for a few minutes.” Millie bowed and took the core into a back room.

After several minutes, as Vahn continued to look around at the various adventurers she finally returned with a small pouch.

“It was determined that the core came from an evolved species of goblin, likely the variant known as a Chief. Since goblin Chiefs are a nuisance that causes devastation in rural areas outside the dungeon, it was determined that you would receive the bounty of hunting one as well as it’s exchange value. The total, after a 30% tax, comes to 14,000 Valis. Please confirm the total.”

Vahn wore an incredulous expression as he counted the coins within the purse. He hadn’t expected to earn so much for a goblin he killed with a single arrow. After confirming the amount, he once again thanked Millie before leaving the Guild. On his way he noticed the Receptionist, Fauna, looking at him with an almost scary smile as she waved in his direction. Giving a curt nod, Vahn exited the Guild.

Remembering the first survival lesson he had obtained when he came to this world, Vahn set out to look for a place to stay. He didn’t have to worry about food with his inventory, but it would be difficult to get by without a roof over his head. Besides, the thought of staying within an Inn was an exciting and new experience that he was looking forward to.

As he continued to wander down the street towards the huge tower in the center of the City, Vahn was unaware of the attention he had garnered from an unexpected source. He never could have anticipated the troubles that would find him in the future.

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