Chapter 7: Within the Western Forests (2/2)

After cementing his new-found conviction deep within his heart, Vahn continued inspecting the functions of the ‘The Path’. He noticed there was a new function labeled ‘View Affection’ which he remembered obtaining from the ‘Beginner’s Package’. He decided to inquire about how it’s used later, but for not focused on his ‘Inventory’ as suggested by Sis.

Vahn stated within his mind, ‘Display Inventory’

Within his view, he could see a grid that, after counting, contained 27 empty spaces. To the left of the grid was a very rudimentary image of a human body with a total of 13 empty spaces. There was a single slot allocated to each of the: head, neck, torso, waist, legs. And there were two spaces each for hands, feet, wrists, and fingers. He could see that everything he was currently wearing was displayed on the image of the man. Upon closer inspection, he noticed he could even view the details of the items.

3-Layered Wool Tunic (Brown)
Rank: (I) Torso Armor
Slots: 0
P.Def: 3 (Physical Defense)
M.Def: 1 (Magical Defense)
An insulated tunic that provides protection against the elements. Its three-layered function gives it basic waterproofing capabilities.

Common Linen Trousers (Black)
Rank: (I) Leg Armor
Slots: 0
P.Def: 2
M.Def: 1
A pair of trousers commonly worn by humans within the continent of Eden. (A/N: No pockets!)

Tempered Leather Belt (Brown)
Rank: (H) Waist Armor
Slots: 2
-Decanter of Replenishment

P.Def: 1
M.Def: 0
A belt made from the hide of a minotaur. Possess a moderate durability and can hold two attached items.

Decanter of Replenishment
Rank: (B) Auxilary Waist Attachment
Special Status: Indestructible
A Decanter made from a mysterious entity at the bottom of the ocean. Blessed by the Goddess Amphitrite to replenish up to one liter of water per hour.

Common Sheepskin Sandal (x2)
Rank: (I)
Slots: 0
P.Def: 1
M.Def: 1
A common sandal that is worn by humans on the continent of Eden. Manufactured from sheepskin and hemp.

Vahn was surprised, especially at the information about the ‘Decanter of Replenishment’. With it, he didn’t have to worry about finding a clean water source, and if he finds containers he can fill them with fresh water for bathing.

As he continued inspecting what he recognized as his ‘Equipment’, he noticed there was an icon in the bottom-right corner of each equipment slot. It looked like two arrows which were following each other to draw a circle. When he thought about pressing it…

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“What on earth!?” Vahn exclaimed, noticing the Tunic he was previously wearing was now gone, leaving him bare-chested in the clearing. He noticed that the slot was now ’empty’ with the faded image of the tunic behind it. When he thought of pressing it again the tunic immediately re-appeared.

“So I can freely wear and remove the items I’ve placed into the equipment slots?”

(*Thats correct Vahn. I’m impressed you were able to find out on your own so quickly. You should also take note of the equipment slots for each of your hands.*)

Taking the advice given by Sis, Vahn noticed that there was a faded image behind each of his hand equipment slots. In the right slot, there was a dagger, while the left slot held a small hatchet. Toggling each, both the dagger and hatchet appeared in his hands. He inspected them.

Common Steel Dagger
Rank: (H)
Slots: 0
P.Atk: 90(+10)
M.Atk: 10
A dagger forged with a unique refining technique to give it increased durability. The blade has been polished thoroughly to give it increased attack power.

Common Steel Hatchet
Rank: (H)
Slots: 0
P.Atk: 110(+10)
M.Atk: 0
A hatchet forged with a unique refining technique to give it increased durability. The blade has been polished thoroughly to give it increased attack power. Gives an enhancement when felling wood.

After reading their description, Vahn weighed each of them within his palms. The dagger was relatively light, even for Vahn, and it had an excellent balance even though the blade was about 20cm. The hatchet was much heavier, which was the likely reason for it’s increased physical attack prowess. He noted that the blade was only about 13cm long with a thickness of around 4cm tapering into a wedge along it’s blade-ridge. He also experimented with swapping the two items between his hands and noticed it immediately updated within his equipment slots.

“This is so cool,” remarked Vahn as he toggled the equipment over and over, watching as it vanished and re-appeared instantly within his hand.


Vahn was surprised at the sudden coughing sound within his mind, resulting in him dropping the dagger onto the ground. Since he was so focused on toggling the icon, he noticed that when he dropped the dagger the image within the slot vanished.

Picking up the dagger, Vahn remarked, “Sorry about that Sis. It’s just really cool seeing something disappear and re-appear like that. It’s almost like a magic trick, and I just got distracted.”

In an almost apologetic sounding tone, he heard Sis reply.

(*Thats fine Vahn, but remember your priorities. Right now it is around 3PM, so you need to begin looking for shelter and food before the sun sets.*)

“Yes, Sis. Thank you for your reminder, but what happens when the sun sets?” inquired Vahn while looking at the bright orb floating within the sky.

(*…When the Sun sets, the world becomes dark making things difficult to see. It’s also when dangerous, nocturnal creatures begin hunting for food. If you are unable to find shelter before the sun sets it will become very dangerous when you’re wondering about, much less trying to sleep.*)

Vahn was shocked at the information. Since he had spent his entire life indoors, he had never seen what the actual sun and moon look like. All the information he had about he came from manga and anime, where even though it was slightly darker everyone seemed to be able to see and move about freely.

“I understand. I’ll begin looking for shelter immediately! But…where should I begin searching? I’ve never been in a forest before, so should I start heading towards Orario? Maybe I can find some of the characters from the story, or even join a Familia and start my journey!”

As his excitement began to build, he was once again alarmed by what Sis said next.

(*That will be impossible at present Vahn. Even though 30km isn’t that far, you wouldn’t be able to make it there before the sun sets. There is also the fact that entering the city requires money, so without items to trade or barter you would be unable to gain entrance to the city. But the most important factor is that many of the characters from the story may not even be in Orario at the moment.*)

“What do you mean Sis? Why wouldn’t they be there?”

(*It is due to the fact you entered this world without designating a point and time of entry. To compensate for this, ‘The Path’ determined it would be most optimal for you to arrive here in the outskirts of the Western Forests. As for the reason characters may not yet be in Orario, that is because you are presently three years from the start of events in the story!*)

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