Chapter 6: Within the Western Forests (1/2)

Vahn felt his soul being ‘pulled’ through several layers of an unknown substance. It almost seemed as if had passed through various forms of liquids with different densities. As his momentum constantly increased, he became unable to breathe or orient himself as an endless multitude of colors flashed through his vision. Suddenly, the ‘tugging’ force in his gut returned and Vahn found himself laying in a clearing surrounded by trees.

After looking around for a bit, Vahn stood up and wiped the debris that was littering his clothing.

“Sis, what happened? Why did the transfer start so suddenly? You should have warned me before I used the ‘Beginner’s Package’!”

(*Sorry Vahn, but since you had asked me to use the ‘Beginner’s Package’ immediately after I had explained its function, I had to open it without being able to clarify. Remember, my purpose is to act as the intermediary between you and ‘The Path’. I am unable to delay the execution of commands without your consent.*)

Hearing the apologetic tone within Sis’s voice, Vahn felt slightly guilty for blaming her.

“It’s alright Sis. It was my fault for making the decision so quickly without asking for your guidance.”

(*Don’t let it bother you Vahn. Would you like me to explain the current situation?*)

Vahn once again looked around the area before looking down at his own appearance. He seemed to be in a clearing surrounded by trees, which he could only assume was a forest. Instead of being naked, which he was grateful for, he was attired in a brown tunic with black pants. Around his waist was a belt with a strange leather container which, upon closer inspection seemed to contain water. The biggest thing to note was that the complexion that differentiated him from normal humans was replaced with a mild tanned skin tone.

“Yes, Sis. Can you please explain what happened after the transfer? Why has my body changed, and where is this? Also, from now on please include any advice you believe would be beneficial to the situation. I don’t trust myself well enough to make proper decisions in a new world.”

(*After the transfer commenced, your body had to be reconstructed since you were just a soul. ‘The Path’ was able to alter your appearance to match the ideal you held within your own mind, as well as reconstruct the networks within your body to enable you to use the ‘source’ energy within the ‘record’. Since you disliked your previous sickly complexion, you now possess a healthy body and what you consider a normal skin tone. Your body now possesses the ability to channel the ‘source’ within this world, and if you practice you will even be able to use the magic and skills unique to this world. As for your present location, you are currently on the outskirts of the area known as the ‘Western Forests’. ‘The Path’ determined this would be the safest starting location, and it puts you in close proximity to Orario which can be found 30km to the south-east. As for advice, I would recommend you take the opportunity to review your Status, Skills, and Inventory. After that finding shelter would be the highest priority.*)

Vahn was shocked at the barrage of information provided by Sis. He felt like his brain was going to melt trying to organize all the information he just obtained.

“Sis, I’m sorry…I don’t think I can remember all that,” said Vahn with a tone of dejection.

(*It’s alright Vahn. To summarize things, you now possess a new, healthy body which fits your preferences as far as looks are concerned. Your current location is a forest near the City of Orario where the main story takes place. Other than that, please use the commands to display your Status, Skills, and Inventory before seeking shelter.*)

“Okay, Sis. Thanks for simplifying things a bit.”

(*My pleasure, Vahn.*)

‘Display Status’

Name: Vahn Mason

Age: 14

Race: Human, *sealed*
Parameters: Danmachi
-Power: I-40(0)

-Endurance: I-70(0)
-Dexterity: I-23(0)
-Agility: I-38(0)
-Magic: H-120(0)

Soul Strength: Tier 1 (Mortal Soul)


Upon seeing his status, Vahn frowned.

“Other than my Magic, all of my other stats are low. And what are the second values for?”

(*The second values would indicate the parameters shown on your Status Board when you manage to join a Familia. As you have yet to join a Familia, the total would be displayed as 0.*)

“That makes sense. Why is my Magic stat so much higher than my other parameters? I’ve never been able to use magic, so shouldn’t it be as low as the rest?”

(*That is due to ‘The Path’ altering your body to allow you to exist in this world.*)

Vahn continues to stare at the Status for a moment when a few things catch his eye.

“Sis, why is my age set to 14? Didn’t Klyscha say I had spent 3 years in that white space? And why are there two values for race? And didn’t my Karma reset to 0 when I obtained ‘The Path’?”

(*Since the soul is ageless, it did not change your age regardless of how much time you spent in the Astral Plane. When your body was reconstructed upon entering the ‘record’ of Danmachi, it let you keep the age you had accumulated at your time of death. As for Karma, while you were able to have a value of 0 as a soul, you cannot exist in the world with 0 Karma as your existence automatically begins to alter fate around you. Upon birth, or in your case entering this world, a child would have 100 Karma. Please note that the total value of Karma includes both positive and negative values!*)

Vahn was pleasantly surprised at the information. He had expected since he was going to ‘reincarnate’, that he would have to go through the process of being born and raised as a child. He didn’t know how he would have dealt with being a child born into a family with the mind of a teen.

“I see, that’s good. At least I can start training to become stronger immediately. And are you saying that if Karma becomes 0, I would instantly die?”

(*That is correct, but note that it is very difficult to lose karma. Even if you decided to do bad deeds, it would still result in a net gain but comprised more-so of negative karma.*)

Vahn nods in understanding at the given explanation.

‘Display Skills’

Though he had no expectations, Vahn was surprised at what he saw.


Status increases if the wielder is bound, sealed, or imprisoned. Increase is proportional to the stress of the user and desire for freedom.

Pain Tolerance:
The more damage the wielder sustains, the greater the effect this skill has on the mind. Does not inhibit pain, but prevents the wielder from being distracted by it.

Yggdrasil’s Favor:
Your connection with the ‘source’ enables you to vastly improve comprehension of healing skills and abilities. Increases success rate of alchemical products. Allows the user to imbue ‘source’ energy into objects.

Veil of the Traveler:
Prevents information about the user from being exposed by skills of lower rank without the wielders consent. Increases the effect of concealment and stealth related abilities.

*Development Skills*

Spirit Healing:

Increases the recovery rate of mental energy and ‘source’.

Wound Transfer:
Transfer wounds to willing targets. Increases recovery rate on target.

After reading all of his skills and their descriptions, Vahn was confused. He couldn’t understand how he had so many skills, given how low his stats were.

“Sis, why is it that I have so many skills, and aren’t they very high ranking compared to my level?”

(*’Chainbreaker’ is the manifestation of your ‘wish’ to live a free and happy life. When you obtained ‘The Path’ it gave you an equivalent skill that should transition with you when you move to other worlds. ‘Pain Tolerance’ is a result of your mental state and experiences in your previous life…I won’t go into too many details for that. ‘Yggdrasil’s Favor’ seems to be a blessing you received upon entering this ‘record’ from the world’s ‘source’. It should prove to be very beneficial for you while trying to become stronger and develop a profession. ‘Veil of the Traveler’ was given to you by ‘The Path’ as a means of protecting your identity as a transmigrator. Though you may not have considered it Vahn, it can prove to be very dangerous if people discover you arrived here from another world. As for ‘Spirit Healing’ and ‘Wound Transfer’, those skills seem to be a result of —————————–.*)

“Ah, you omitted some information again. I guess my soul isn’t strong enough to know that information yet.” sighed Vahn.

(*So it would seem. I’m sorry Vahn.*)

“It’s fine, Sis. It just gives me more motivation to grow and become stronger. So, to summarize what you had said…all of my skill are a result of my past experiences, and my soul seems to have retained them after I transmigrated to this world. Other than that, I should be very careful about exposing the fact I came from another world…is that correct?” inquired Vahn while contemplating the new information.

Only allowed on

(*Yes, Vahn. For lower tier worlds that have no interactions with other planes, it is very dangerous to expose information of their existence. This world seems to be comprised of five different realms, but the mortal populace is only made aware of three of them. If you tried to talk about the existence of other worlds, it could invite a backlash from the world’s ‘Laws’.*)

Vahn perked up at the mention of the word ‘Laws’.

“What do you mean by ‘Laws’, Sis? Is that something that the Gods made to help govern this world?”

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(*That is only partially true Vahn. The ‘Laws’ of each respective ‘record’ are things that maintain the stability of the ‘record’ itself. Even the various Gods and Goddesses are bound by them, and may not even be aware of their existence. They can use their ‘Divinity’ to emulate the function of ‘Laws’ and pass them unto lower-tiered beings though. That is the biggest difference between mortals, demi-gods, and gods within many ‘records’.*)

Vahn was surprised that even the Gods of this world were restricted so much. He could understand how divulging information about his previous life and experiences could bring about great harm to himself. After mulling things over for several minutes, he makes a personal vow to keep his past an absolute secret, at least until he is able to become strong enough to break free of the ‘Laws’ themselves.

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