Chapter 112: It Has Nothing To Do With Me

Qiao Tian Chang was displeased and he looked at Ning Meng Yao. He put his hands on her shoulders, and turned her around: “Let’s go back inside, I’ve made you some snacks. Come, have a taste.”

“You have learnt how to make them already?” Ning Meng Yao’s eyes brightened. She had previously ordered Qing Xue and the rest to collect plum flowers to make plum cakes.

Because she liked it, Qiao Tian Chang had been learning how to make them from Grandmother Qin the past two days.

“Yes, Grandmother Qin said the taste was okay, but I still want you to have a taste.” Qiao Tian Chang nodded. It was the reason why he was slightly late to arrive by her side.

“Let’s go then.” Breaking away from Qiao Tian Chang’s hands that were on her shoulders, she stretched out her hand to hold his as they ran back into the house.

Ling Luo’s existence was left completely ignored.

Watching them leave like this, Ling Luo’s eyes flashed a haze. He now believed that there was no longer any place in Ning Meng Yao’s heart for him.

Ling Luo left in disappointment and he suddenly didn’t know why he came here anymore.

Questioning the one he loved because of another person, it was no wonder that she would fall for another in such a short time. The problem was himself all these time.

Xiao Zi Xuan listened to the report by her servants and her expression became furious, but she felt helpless. It was better for Ling Luo to misunderstand this incident about that woman. If he found out that she had sent someone to follow him, perhaps the warmth that she had established between them would all be broken. That wouldn’t what she wanted.

When Ling Luo returned, he saw Xiao Zi Xuan sitting on the bed, spacing out. Seeing this, Ling Luo couldn’t ask the question that he had been thinking about all the while on the way back.

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Taking a deep breath and suppressing the doubts in his heart, he showed a faint smile: “How are you today?”

“The usual, but where did you go for the past four days? I haven’t seen you for such a long time.” Xiao Zi Xuan pretended to have just seen Ling Luo enter her room. After he walked up to her bed and sat down, she grabbed his arm with both hands and shook them gently. 

“I went out for a trip.”

“Oh, that’s how it is.”


“Then, why don’t you rest for a while?” Xiao Zi Xuan didn’t want the two to sit silently, so she tried to find a topic to chat with Ling Luo.    

Ling Luo shook his head gently: “I can’t. There are many things to do for the next few days. I’ll settle them first before accompanying you.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”


A person watched Ling Luo leave before he slowly came out from behind Xiao Zi Xuan: “Do you think he knows?”

Xiao Zi Xuan smirked: “Does it have anything to do with me?”

The man was stunned for a moment, but then laughed out loud: “That is true. It really doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

Xiao Zi Xuan nodded with satisfaction. She still wanted that woman’s life, but it was better for her to wait for a while first.

On the other hand, Ning Meng Yao took a bite at the plum blossom cake made by Qiao Tian Chang. Although it didn’t taste as good as hers or any better than Grandmother Qin’s, it was quite good for a beginner.

 “It’s good.”

“As long as you like it.” Qiao Tian Chang was still somewhat worried at first. However, after hearing Ning Meng Yao’s affirmation, he finally felt relieved.

Ning Meng Yao ate a whole plate of snacks, but she was still feeling a little hungry.

“Don’t eat too much. If you like it, I’ll make more for you in the future.”


Grandmother Qin and Qing Xuan watched the two smiling at each other. It was good that the Miss was accompanied by this person, at least this man treated her well.

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Ever since she returned from the city, they felt that there was something different between the two of them. It wasn’t strange, but they surely were a lot more intimate than before. She would tell him many things.

However, they soon understood that this man was their future master.

Ning Meng Yao leaned forward and laid her head on the table, feeling a little bored. Recently, everything had been on the right track and it seemed that she had nothing to do.

 “Tian Chang, I’m bored.”

 “Well, what do you want to do?” Seeing her like this, he knew how listless she was.

“I don’t know. There are servants to make the wine, Grandmother Qin helps me make the sauce, and Brother Yang helps me with the chickens and ducks…” Ning Meng Yao counted on her fingers, finally realizing that she truly had nothing to do.

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