Chapter 111: Accusation

Carrying Xiao Zi Xuan to his own room, Ling Luo stared at Xiao Zi Xuan, who was still shocked, in worry: “What is it?”

Xiao Zi Xuan was like she had found her backing and grabbed Ling Luo’s hand while wailing: “I also don’t know why it turn out this way.”

“En? I will investigate this matter thoroughly.” After saying so, Ling Luo furrowed his brows. Who would hate her so much to do something like this?

Even if it was meant to disgust or frighten her, wasn’t this too much?

Xiao Zi Xuan was carrying his child now. If the child was gone because of this, then he would severely punish those who did it.

After calming Xiao Zi Xuan down, Ling Luo ordered to perform the investigation.

All the evidence pointed to Ning Meng Yao, or, to be precise, the man beside her.

Pursing his lips, Ling Luo rode a horse and went out alone. After two days, he arrived at Ning Meng Yao’s gate.

Seeing the person by the gate, Ning Meng Yao’s eyes carried ridicule: “What matter do you have with me this time?”

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“Why did you scare Xuan’er? She’s pregnant. If not careful, then she might have a miscarriage. Ning Meng Yao, when did you become so venomous?” Ling Luo pointed to Ning Meng Yao and roared.

Ling Luo’s angry accusation made Ning Meng Yao somewhat stunned. He was accusing her? For another woman?

“Oh? What man and deity angering thing I did, to make you, the heir, run to my gate like this and accuse me? If you’re here to say things like that, then I’m sorry, but I do not have the time to waste on you.” Ning Meng Yao said in disgust and turned around to leave.

Not waiting for Ning Meng Yao to close the gate, Ling Luo grabbed Ning Meng Yao’s hand: “Ning Meng Yao, I don’t care what you’re doing, but if you keep doing this, then I won’t hold back against you.”

Swatting Ling Luo’s hand away, Ning Meng Yao looked at Ling Luo in disgust: “Just say it directly, what do you want? And what is it that I did?”

“Why did you sent the heads to my house?” Ling Luo asked.

Ning Meng Yao looked as if she had just heard the funniest joke ever and spoke to Ling Luo in irony: “You said I sent human heads to your house? Ling Luo, do I have the ability to do something like this? I’m just an orphan girl, that’s all. I do not possess such capabilities. And, you said human heads? I am curious. Where did I get those human heads from? You’re really being paranoid, aren’t you?”


“Yao Yao, why are you speaking so much to this kind of person? Can he even understand?” Qiao Tian Chang’s voice traveled from the other side.

He walked to Ning Meng Yao’s side and grabbed her waist, letting her lean in his arms, then as he looked at Ling Luo, Qiao Tian Chang said: “Thinking about this, I remember that four days ago there were seven to eight people clothed in black here, who wanted to take our lives. I wonder who sent them? Yao Yao, do you think we should report this matter?”

Ning Meng Yao shook her head: “Leave it be. The other party has a prestigious identity and the officials will protect them. Won’t the one who gets unlucky be us if we report?” Ning Meng Yao answered in satire.

“That is true. What identity do we have? The other party even got secret guards. If we report, then we might be the one unlucky.”

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“You’re right. So we shouldn’t fret over this. But if they still want to send trouble to us, then we will let them know that we are not easy to bully.” Ning Meng Yao stared at Ling Luo and said word for word.

Ling Luo furrowed his brows. He felt that those two purposely made him hear their conversation. He said that four days ago, there was something like that? Wasn’t that two days after he returned home? How could it coincide so much?

“I say, Heir Ling, if you do not have anything else, then leave my house. Don’t come here anymore. My small house cannot hold such a big Buddha like you.” Ning Meng Yao pointed outside and coldly said to Ling Luo.

Ling Luo looked at Ning Meng Yao in disbelief. Was she kicking him out?

“You’re kicking me out?”

“If we don’t dare to do this, then do we need to provide for you? This time, it was only assassination, who knows what will happen next time? I really hope that you, such a big heir, will take pity on us commoners.” Ning Meng Yao said with ridicule, making Ling Luo feel that there was no place for him. 

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