Chapter 27: Ye Anshi Returns To His Sect

There had always been no lack of busybodies in the martial world who loved to create some ranking board or another, pushing every famous person they could find into every one of them. As time passed, all manners of titles were born. Just the sword schools alone held a myriad of titles such as Sword Saint, Sword God, Sword Emperor, Sword Tyrant, Sword Duke, Sword King, Phantom Sword, Sword Hero and so on… The other weapon schools weren’t any better either. However, there was one word these busybodies dared not hand out lightly, and that was the word “Immortal”. Only those with a status akin to a legend could bear such a lofty title.

Even so, there were still three people who bore the title of Blade Immortal. As for Sword Immortals, there were five of them. However, only the spear was an exception -it had one immortal.

The one and only Spear Immortal, and that title belonged to Sikong Changfeng, the third citymaster in Snow Moon City.

His spear was said to be able to sever ghosts and exterminate the soul. In the past, he used a single strike to break through the combined Severed Space Array laid down by six elders at the base of Mount Qilian. The one who created the Weapons List once said that of the world’s spearmen, Sikong Changfeng alone made up for eighty percent of their combined fame.

Looking at the person in front of him clad in black robes, Lei Wujie saw fiery light in the man’s eyes that seemed at odds with his aloof, scholarly air.

Xiao Se sighed, “That look on your face right, it’s the same look those good-for-nothing young masters of Revelations City have on their faces when they stare at the brothel’s top courtesan.”

Yet there was one who was decidedly less enthusiastic about the man. Lu Yudi wiped off the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth and coldly laughed, “What a Spear Immortal. Your JUNIOR is grateful for the lesson!” 

Sikong Changfeng clasped his hands behind his back as he stood on his spear. He slightly furrowed his brows together and laughed, “I made a move?”

Lu Yudi immediately choked on his words. It was true that Sikong Changfeng hadn’t made a single move against; he had simply been forced aside by the sheer force of the man’s arrival.

“For the Unparalleled City to dispatch so many elites… Is this monk really so important?” Sikong Changfeng continued to laugh as he asked.

Lu Yudi simply replied with a cold laugh.

“Go back to Unparalleled City and tell those old men… If they really think they can overturn the martial world by capturing a single kid, then they just give up on ever uttering the words ‘Unparalleled Under The Heavens’. In fact, their city name might as well be forfeit too’.” Although Sikong Changfeng was calm when he said that, his words were anything but. Not only that, he was one of the only three people in the world who had the qualifications to utter these words too.

Lu Yudi was enraged but he had nothing to rebut with.

“Also…” Sikong Changfeng looked at the kid who was holding the sword magazine and continued, “It’s rare for your Unparalleled City to find such a fine piece of jade, don’t use a butcher’s knife to carve it. Please pass on these words to Song Yanhui.”

Unlike his furious senior brother, Unparalleled merely nodded his head solemnly. “This junior will definitely pass on elder’s words. Yes… that’s if I can still remember it.”

“You showed mercy just now. Otherwise, with your cultivation and their bodies ridden with injuries, it would have been easy for you to kill them.” Sikong Changfeng nodded his head. “You have my thanks.”

“No need to thank me. I just hope that we will be able to fight again after their injuries are healed.” Unparalleled smiled and flashed a set of white teeth.

“Although I may not be as proficient in the sword as my second martial brother, I have practiced it for several years…” Sikong Changfeng suddenly stretched out his hand and waved it once. Immediately, the sword magazine beside Unparalleled opened up and twelve swords shot out. With a flash of steel, they revolved around Sikong before returning to the sword magazine. Then, with another wave of his hand, the sword magazine slammed shut.

Unparalleled’s eyes widened. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that someone hailed as a Spear Immortal would actually know the art of commanding swords as well. He was even able to control twelve flying swords at once!

Sikong Changfeng laughed, “Whether it be swords or spears… The way to control them is the same. I unlocked another sword for you this time but you have to rely on yourself to grasp the meaning behind it.

Unparalleled cupped his fists at Sikong Changfeng and said, “Many thanks.”

Sikong Changfeng turned around and didn’t look at Unparalleled again, “Go.”

Unparalleled helped the seriously injured Lu Yudi up his horse and snapped the reins. The other riders quickly went after them.

Tang Lian raised his head to look at Sikong Changfeng, “Third Esteemed Teacher…”

“Tang Lian, you’ve suffered.” Sikong Changfeng looked at Tang Lian and sighed.

“Third esteemed teacher… “ Tang Lian exclaimed once again.

Slightly caught off guard, Sikong asked, “What do you wish to say?”

“Third esteemed teacher, can you come down and talk? Do you think it isn’t tiring for us to keep our heads raised all the time?” Tang Lian was finally blurted out the words he had kept in his words till now.

“Oh oh oh.” Sikong Changfeng finally came back to his senses and jumped off his spear. With a light flick of his wrist, he grabbed the black metal spear. “Tang Lian, you’ve done well this time.”

Tang Lian forced a smile as he said, “What do you mean well? I almost died.”

“It’s good that you didn’t. As long as you don’t die, this assignment can be considered complete.” Sikong Changfeng laughed and nodded.

Everyone else was dumbstruck by what they just heard. Only Tang Lian, who was already used to interacting with this seemingly peerless expert but actually had a screw loose in his head Spear Immortal, seemed unfazed as he looked around. After glancing at the surroundings, he asked, “Third esteemed teacher, did you come here alone?”

“Originally I came alone. However, I ran into a couple of old acquaintances on the way here and was held up a little. That’s why I’m late. I hope you won’t mind.” Sikong Changfeng gave out an embarrassed laughter.

Wuchan walked forward to pay his respects, “This junior is Wuchan of the Snowy Peak Temple and the disciple of Master Wangyou. This is my junior brother, Wuxin.”

Sikong Changfeng nodded and walked towards the monk who was seated on the ground.

“This junior is Lei Wujie from the Incendiary Hall of the Lei Clan, Lei Wujie. I’m on my way to formally become an apprentice of Snow Moon City.” Lei Wujie quickly cupped his fist together and exclaimed loudly.

“Oh.” Sikong Changfeng answered with indifference and patted Lei Wujie’s shoulder. “Little brother, your wound has reopened.” Lei Wujie’s face flushed red and he quickly lowered his head to look at his shoulder.

Sikong Changfeng then bent down to look at the deathly pale monk before him face and commended, “Crippling one’s own martial arts… That isn’t something anyone can do. No wonder Wangyou looked highly upon you.”

Wuxin revealed a bitter smile and said, “You’re here to take me away as well.”

“No.” Sikong Changfeng stood up and tilted his head downwards to look at Wuxin before saying in a clear voice, “Snow Moon City is here to respectfully Ye Anshi back to his sect!”

“What?” Everyone was stunned.

“Snow Moon City is here to respectfully send Ye Anshi back to his sect!” Sikong Changfeng repeated himself once again.

Snow Moon City had no intention at all to hold this young monk hostage against the unorthodox sects. Neither did they have the intention to let the monk return to the Snowy Peak Temple. As per their agreement twelve years ago, Snow Moon City was here to send their young sectmaster back to the Outheaven!

They were not going back on their word but at the same time, it was a threat. With a single command from Snow Moon City, Wuxin didn’t have a second choice.

Tang Lian suddenly raised his head to find two shadows drifting over. Focusing his eyes for a second, he murmured a quick ‘not good’ to himself before starting to circulate his true qi. One of them had flowing white hair and the other was wearing a violet robe. They were the White Haired Immortal and Violet Duke from Outheaven!

“No need.” Sikong Changfeng shook his head at Tang Lian. “The two acquaintances I was talking about are these two.”

“Them?” Tang Lian was shocked.

By that time, the two shadows had already appeared beside everyone. Without looking at anyone, the Violet Duke walked over to Wuxin to help him up, violet qi rippling around him as he did so. Placing his hand on Wuxin’s back, he sent his true qi into Wuxin. 

“Uncle Yu Ji.” Wuxin called out with a smile

“Humph. You ran away the moment you saw me… Do you still take me as your uncle?” The Violet Duke harrumphed.

The White Haired Immortal glanced at Sikong Changfeng and asked, “Snow Moon City won’t regret this decision then?”

“As I’ve said before, Snow Moon City isn’t afraid of the unorthodox sects nor the Outheaven, And certainly not a seventeen year old.” Sikong Changfeng was calm.

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The White Haired Immortal glanced at Tang Lian, “Your heart must be fuming right now, I bet.”

Tang Lian gave a cold snort and refused to reply.

“Lian, don’t be resentful. This white haired uncle’s name once shook the world as the Perfect Sword, Mo Qixuan. If he didn’t take your master into account when fighting against you, you wouldn’t even be standing here.” Sikong Changfeng laughed and tried to smooth things over.

Perfect Sword Mo Qixuan. When he heard the name, the expression on Tang Lian’s face slightly changed. The name was like thunder which shook his eardrums but a dark expression appeared on Tang Lian’s face nonetheless. “Third esteemed teacher, I told you many times to not call me Lian.”

Not at all like the esteemed third citymaster of Snow Moon City, Sikong Changfeng simply laughed and patted Tang Lian on his shoulders. “What about it? If you want to blame someone, blame your master, Lian Yue. It’s his own problem that his name is so feminine… why did he have to give his disciple such a feminine name as well?”

However, the Violet Duke had no interest in listening to the two of them indulge in idle chatter. An impatient expression had long since shown itself on his face. Grabbing Wuxin, he was about ready to leave. However, a red figure suddenly stood in his way.

The Violet Duke was slightly stunned but his face retained its sourness. “What do you want, kid?”

Lei Wujie stared at Wuxin and said, “You guys want to take him away, but have you asked if he wants to go?”

The Violet Duke yelled, “He was originally the young master of Outheaven. If he doesn’t return, where is he going to go, the Snowy Peak Temple?!”

Lei Wujie was undaunted as he continued, “And what if he does?”

The violet qi around the Violet Duke surged suddenly, “Brat, are you looking to die? You really think I’m afraid of some Lei Hong who is still hiding in his comfy Lei Clan? Do you really think I won’t kill you?!”

Xiao Se leisurely walked forward and stood beside Lei Wujie. He ignored the Violet Duke and stared right into Wuxin, “Monk, do you really want to leave?”

Wuxin frowned but he didn’t reply. The Violet Duke coldy snorted then fell silent.

It was then that the White Haired Immortal suddenly fell to his knees, hands still grasping his jade-like sword.

“Young sect leader, Outheaven has already awaited the return of its leader for twelve whole years!”

“Today, all the sects are falling apart. Only us, the Outheaven, stand strong -not a single one of us has left in these twelve years!”

“We are all waiting for the young sect leader’s return, for him to assume command!”

Wuxin let out a long sigh and pushed away the Violet Duke. Walking over to the kneeling White Haired Immortal, he sighed again. “Uncle Mo…”

The White Haired Immortal didn’t raise his head.

“I understand.” Wuxin took a step forward past the White Haired Immortal. “Let’s go.”

“Wuxin!” Lei Wujie yelled.

“Snow Moon City respectfully wishes Ye Anshi well on his journey back to his sect.” Sikong Changfeng laughed.

Wuxin laughed as well. “Spear Immortal Sikong, you can stop threatening me now. Wuxin knows… To be honest, that old monk isn’t there any longer, whether or not I return to the temple isn’t important anymore. The old monk was right, my home lies in a place beyond reach, a heaven outside of heaven.”  

“Sect leader Ye can definitely return to Snowy Peak Temple if he wishes. Just not now.” Sikong Changfeng said.

“Senior brother, I’m leaving now.” Wuxin turned his head to look at Wuchan who was standing in the distance.

Wuchan sighed and nodded, “Your senior brother plans on returning to the Snowy Peak Temple today. It doesn’t matter if junior brother is the sect master of Outheaven or not. There will always be a room, a praying mat, and a Buddhist scripture waiting for him.”

“Well, you can get rid of the Buddhist scriptures. I never chant them anyway.” Wuxin laughed and looked at Lei Wujie. “That fist technique I taught you… you have to practice everyday. Remember, the most important point in the technique isn’t to overcome the demon. It’s the Arhat. Even though the first half of the technique seems ordinary, but if you practise it a thousand times, ten thousand times, then even flames can be ignited from ashes and flowers can bloom on stone.”

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“Monk, are you really about to leave…” Lei Wujie couldn’t accept it in his heart and tears nearly flowed down his face. Even though he only knew the monk for several days, he felt a real connection with him.

“As for what I taught you…” Wuxin looked at Xiao Se, “I hope you will never need to use it.”

“I’ve already forgotten everything you taught me.” Xiao Se shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s better that you have.” Wuxin turned around yet again and with his back facing all of them, he took a step forward. He leaped into the air and the Violet Duke and White Haired Immortal quickly followed suit.

“I wish to ride the winds northwards, where the snow falls like a blanket over the earth.

I wish to ride a boat eastwards, where the fairies stand bewitchingly amongst the wind.

I wish to travel a million miles stepping on the clouds, what can the temples and dragons say to that?The crests of Kunlun bathe in light, even amongst green mountains does an end exist.

Over ten thousand miles does a swallow fly home, yet return I will not till I see world’s end!”

As the figure of the monk disappeared into the distance, his voice lingered in the air.

“I pray our next meeting will be soon!” It was then that the last traces of his robes disappeared

Wuchan chanted under his breath, “Amitabha.” 

Lei Wujie and Xiao Se looked at the figure which disappeared into the distance with a calm expression on their face as they muttered under their breath, “I pray our next meeting will be soon.”

As for the Spear Immortal whose name shook the world, he simply waved his metallic black spear and pointed towards the direction where Wuxin disappeared. “See that? See that… when I was your age and traveling the martial world with your teachers, we were this carefree as well.”

Tang Lian’s brows crinkled with disdain as he spat out a single word.


End of Arc 1: The Golden Coffin

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