Chapter 137: Giving a Stern Lesson

Qiao Tian Chang stood in the yard and recalled the scene when Ning Meng Yao was in the water. His face got madder by the second, like he was about to explode.

When Qing Xuan came back with the new clothes, she saw the look on his face. She quickly handed over the clothes and scrammed.

The young master was too scary right now, so it was better to stay away from him.

Qiao Tian Chang went to the room next door to change his clothes. Then, he told Qing Xuan to let Ning Meng Yao know that he was going out for a while.

Without much effort, he found Yang Cui.

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Yang Cui had already been sent home by Yang Shu and his wife. Their expressions weren’t too happy either.

“Brother, I… I didn’t mean it, you guys have to… believe me.” Yang Cui tried hard to defend herself, but no one wanted to believe her.

Yang Shu’s forehead was full of wrinkles as he stared at her: “You still dare to say that? Do you take us as idiots? If it isn’t you, then why did you approach them? Plus, when you’re there, she fell into the lake. Yang Cui, have you forgotten what your second brother and I told you?”

Yang Cui’s face was slightly pale. She bit her lip, lowered her head and remained silent.

“Sister, I know that you don’t like Ning Meng Yao, but her current family isn’t someone we can offend. If anything happened to her because of you, they will deal with your brother. Your big brother is just the owner of a small shop, do you think he can withstand the blow?” Madame Sun’s face was unpleasant.

Their family condition was good now after both husband and wife worked in the shop. It was because of this that her second brother was able to continue his studies. If the shop ran out of business because of Yang Cui, then the family’s livelihood would encounter a problem.

“Brother, sister-in-law, I know I’m wrong. Please don’t be angry.”

“You know you’re wrong now? Do you think that our family’s life has been too good, so you have to constantly try to sabotage it?” Yang Shu snarled.

When Qiao Tian Chang came over and saw such a scene. He sneered. His eyes clearly showed a sense of mockery.

“Yang Shu, if you can’t manage your sister, then let me help you.”

This sudden sentence by Qiao Tian Chang surprised the three people. Looking at the uninvited Qiao Tian Chang, Yang Cui was having some mixed feelings, while Yang Shu was worried.

“Brother Qiao, you’re here to help me, right?” Yang Cui came to Qiao Tian Chang’s side and asked with a cheeky look.

Qiao Tian Chang reached for her neck: “Help you? Help you to kill yourself, you mean? I don’t mind seeing you off.”

Yang Cui was stunned by the grasp around her neck: “Big brother Qiao, I… I really didn’t mean it… Please let go… let go of me.”

Qiao Tian Chang stared coldly at Yang Cui, whose face was becoming redder as she struggled: “Yang Cui, you keep bothering us over and over again, allow me to teach you a lesson today.”

The other two people rooted at the side, feeling extremely terrified by Qiao Tian Chang’s action.

“Qiao Tian Chang, you’re breaking the law.”

“Breaking the law? Then, do you think it’s illegal to deliberately murder others?” Qiao Tian Chang sneered, as he watched Yang Shu and his wife ironically.

The couple anxiously glanced at each other: “This incident is really our fault. We’re wrong. We apologize. We’ll restrain her in the future.”

Qiao Tian Chang loosened his grip and turned to the couple. His eyes were cold, as if they were confirming whether what the couple said was true.

The couple froze. They were worried that he wouldn’t agree.

“Since you said that, then I’ll let her off this time. But if she comes to trouble me and Yao Yao again, your whole family must pay for it, not just Yang Cui.” Qiao Tian Chang warned.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to kill Yang Cui, but that it wasn’t the time now, so this was good enough. However, although the death penalty was exempted didn’t mean that the crime was excused.

Qiao Tian Chang smirked: “Just now this was the hand that humiliated Yao Yao, right?” Qiao Tian Chang grabbed Yang Cui’s left hand and heavily twisted it.

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Yang Cui screamed. Her face was pale and she was in serious pain. “Treat this as a lesson. Yang Cui, you better be more careful, otherwise next time you’ll end up like this.” Qiao Tian Chang stomped a foot on a stool and broke it apart. The couple watched in fear.

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