Chapter 195: Get Tortured Slowly

The two of them had no elders in their families so Ning Meng Yao did not wake up early in the morning for the tradition of preparing tea and slept soundly in Qiao Tian Chang’s embrace.

When the sky brightened, Qiao Tian Chang woke up. He looked at the person in his arms and did not want to wake up. He stared at Ning Meng Yao lovingly with a strong gaze. It was amazing that she was able to sleep soundly under his gaze and he smiled. 

When Mu Chen and the rest woke up, they realized that they were out-drunk by the new groom and their faces turned dark. They were many in numbers and they still could out-drink a person? This was truly a big embarrassment on them.

So they devised a plan. They came to the door of the newlywed’s room, but the two of them had not woken up yet. This made Mu Chen, Yu Feng, and the rest feel sour. The sister they pampered was taken away by another person just like this.

Yu Feng and Mu Chen shared a glance and knocked on the door at the same time: “It’s time to rise! What time is it now? Don’t just keep sleeping.”

When there was the sound of knocking, Ning Meng Yao kept on rubbing her head in Qiao Tian Chang’s arms, wanting to block out the annoying noise.

Qiao Tian Chang helped by covering her ears, not letting the noise travel to her ears.

When she fell asleep again, Qiao Tian Chang wore the clothes by the side. With his hair still untied and his face dark, he walked out.

“Who are you trying to wake up?” Not letting others sleep in the morning and making all that noise.

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“Where’s little Yao’er?” Yu Feng looked behind Qiao Than Chang.

Qiao Tian Chang’s black face turned uglier: “Why are you so worried about my wife? Of course she’d still be sleeping.”

“You beast! How much did you torture our little Yao’er?” Yu Feng instantly jumped. They all knew that their little Yao’er always woke up very early, how could she still sleeping now? Unless it was because he was tossing her around until late?

Qiao Tian Chang closed the door behind him and looked at Yu Feng in disdain: “You’re not embarrassed for saying that? Do you dare say that you did not toss your wife around when you were married?”

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Yu Feng could not retort to that because when he and Mei Ruo Lin got married, Mei Ruo Lin needed to lie on the bed for two whole days. He was even punched. He indeed did not have the right to say that to this guy.

Looking at Yu Feng’s expression that was like excretion, Qiao Tian Chang laughed in disdain: “You’ve done this before, so what right do you have to speak like that to me?”

“Hahaha.” Mu Chen’s heart was originally sour, but after listening to them bicker, especially when he saw Yu Feng’s expression, that made him laugh boisterously.

It was too funny. At the thought of the time when Yu Feng and Mei Ruo Lin got married and she had to lie in bed for two days, he could not stop laughing.

“Why aren’t you dead from laughing so much yet?” Yu Feng gritted his teeth.

Mu Chen took back his smile: “Don’t worry. Even if you die, I won’t die.”

Qiao Tian Chang did not have the time to listen to them spouting nonsense.

“Step aside.” Qiao Tian Chang pushed the two of them and went to the kitchen.

The group were curious when they saw him enter the kitchen, including the ones who came at the end: Xiao Qi Tian and the rest.

Standing at the door of the kitchen, they saw Qiao Tian Chang start the fire to make porridge and took the flour to make some snacks. They thought they were hallucinating. So he could actually cook.

Each step he took indicated that this was not the first time he had cooked.

Yu Feng smelled the fragrance and asked: “Are there some for us as well?”

“No.” Qiao Tian Chang, who was busy making snacks, heard Yu Feng’s question and answered without turning his head.

He wanted to make these for his wife. They were not his wife, so why should he make any for them?

“Hey, Yao’er’s an important member to us, you know,” Yu Feng was dissatisfied. Wasn’t this person being too stingy?

Qiao Tian Chang put the snacks on the side of the self-made oven and turned his head: “That can’t do. I only cook for my wife and children.” The others could only dream about having a taste.

Yu Feng and Mu Chen smiled, although they had some resentment. With Qiao Tian Chang pampering her like this, she would live a very good life.

Although that was what they thought, the two of them still badmouthed him in front of Ning Meng Yao when she woke up. He cooked food but did not give them. He was simply torturing them.

Ning Meng Yao drank the porridge Qiao Tian Chang made and said with a pleasant smile: “Then continue to be tortured slowly.” 

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