Chapter 201: How much for 500g of your skin?

Grandmother Qin and the others watched the two of them carry a few lotus seed pods back and was speechless. They spent the entire afternoon together at the pond and only picked so few lotus seed pods?

Looking at Grandmother Qin and the others’ speechless faces, Ning Meng Yao reached out to touch her nose, “We ate the rest.”

They looked at Ning Meng Yao in disbelief, which made her feel embarrassed and she pleaded Qiao Tian Cheng for help. 

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“Lotus seed porridge doesn’t need so many lotus seeds.” Qiao Tian Chang confidently looked at them.

Qing Xue and the others quietly turned their heads around. They thought that ever since their Young Master had gotten married with their Young Lady, he had become so thick-skinned, and it wasn’t just the usual thick.

“Tian Chang, let’s go catch some fish.” Ning Meng Yao hurriedly changed the topic. If they continued on with this, he would have a breakdown.

Qiao Tian Chang took the fishing net and left for the pond again. Ning Meng Yao hurriedly followed after him, leaving Grandmother Qin and the others behind. Grandmother Qin only shook her head and started to peel the lotus seed pods in her hands.

Soon after, the two of them caught three 1kg to 1.5kg fish back. Ning Meng Yao thought after seeing the fish, “I think it’s about time we sell the fish in our pond, does Xiao Qi Tian want them?”

“He’ll definitely want.” Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head. After knowing that they not only raised fish but also grew lotus seed pods, he said that he wanted to have some too.

“Then, let him call a few people to come over when the time comes.”


The two of them walked and talked intimately as they headed to the kitchen.

On most occasions, the servants would not interfere when the two of them went to the kitchen.

After dinner, both Qiao Tian Chang and Ning Meng Yao went to the study room in the attic to read books. Qiao Tian Chang contacted Xiao Qi Tian to tell him the fish were ready to leave the pond soon.

Two days later, Xiao Qi Tian brought some servants over and Ning Meng Yao was dumbfounded, “What are you here for?”

“Didn’t you say that the fish are ready?”

Ning Meng Yao didn’t want to talk with this fool so she turned to Qiao Tian Chang, obviously telling him to handle it.

Qiao Tian Chang shot Xiao Qi Tian a sharp look, “I’m talking about after a month.”

Xiao Qi Tian stared blankly at Qiao Tian Chang, “Did you tell me it would be after a month? Why don’t I seem to recall?”

With a lack of enthusiasm, Qiao Tian Chang did not want to talk to him for long, “The crabs will also be ready after a month. Come again then.”

“You’re telling me to go the moment I arrive?”

“What else?” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Xiao Qi Tian in disdain.

Xiao Qi Tian’s head was throbbing hard, “Qiao Tian Chang, can you not be so stingy?”

“I can’t because I have to support my wife.” Qiao Tian Chang told him boldly.

Xiao Qi Tian was angry hearing his words and he laughed. He extended his trembling hands and pointed at Qiao Tian Chang, “Look who’s talking? Is it Meng Yao supporting you or the other way around?”

Qiao Tian Chang wasn’t angry even though his capability was doubted, and he spoke with a smile, “Are you envious of me having such a capable wife? But you can’t get by with that envy.” Xiao Qi Tian shook his head and said, “Tian Chang, I realized you have become more thick-skinned after you got married.” Instead of being angry, he unexpectedly took those words for what it was. Xiao Qi Tian wanted to beat him up after seeing the look on his face.

Qiao Tian Chang gave a scornful look to Xiao Qi Tian, “I have a wife, what do I need my face for? How much will 500g be worth? I’ll sell it to you.”

Xiao Qi Tian staggered and almost fell to the ground. Was this really the Qiao Tian Chang that they knew? Was he swapped with someone else?

Although Ning Meng Yao felt very blissful after hearing him, but for the sake of her husband’s feelings, she reached out to pat on his hands, “That’s enough.”


“Tian Chang, you don’t need to be that obedient, really.” Xiao Qi Tian properly looked at Qiao Tian Chang.

Qiao Tian Chang didn’t even want to deal with this person right now as he was simply here only to drive a wedge between them.

Fortunately, Xiao Qi Tian didn’t know what Qiao Tian Chang was thinking. Otherwise, he would be spewing out blood for sure because he had never seen such a thick-skinned person before.

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