Chapter 202: Qiao Tian Yu has arrived

Xiao Qi Tian didn’t want to provoke in any further him so he changed the topic, “Xiao Zi Xuan has given birth to a boy. Her status has now been changed from Concubine to an Imperial Consort.”

“Is that so?” Qiao Tian Chang doesn’t seem to really care about it and he casually replied while paying no attention to him.

Xiao Qi Tian frowned, “The both of you better be careful, that woman won’t just let matters go like that.”

“I know.” Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head.

Since he had already said so, there was naturally nothing more for Xiao Qi Tian to say. He could only shrug and keep quiet.

Xiao Qi Tian stayed for some time before heading. However, another piece of news struck him unprepared when he returned.

That uncle of his was finding trouble with him. Although it was not obvious but he was secretly finding trouble for his business.

“Brother, it seems like our Uncle isn’t as harmless as he looks.” Xiao Qi Tian said with a sarcastic look.

“Anything wrong?”

“Of course not, if he could touch me, I wouldn’t be doing my business.” Xiao Qi Tian said with a scornful look.

He didn’t have any talents in political affairs but in business. Other than Ning Meng Yao, nobody else could be compared to him. If they wanted to crush him from a business perspective, he would want to see who the last one standing would be.

“Brother, be prepared to watch the fun.” Xiao Qi Tian said.

If they dared to lay a hand on him, they would have to be prepared to pay the price.

Xiao Qi Feng looked up at him and snuked silently. So he was angry, it seemed like that man would be in big trouble this time.

Qiao Tian Chang opened the door and the person standing at the door turned his face cold, “What did you come here for?”

“Third Brother, Father wants you to return.” Qiao Tian Yu’s voice was distant, as if he were emotionless.

Qiao Tian Chang looked at Qiao Tian Yu with what seemed like a smile, “He wants me to go back? On what position is he using to make me go back?” In other words, what rights did he have to make him return?

Qiao Tian Yu was silent and his sight fell on the person behind Qiao Tian Chang, she was a very beautiful woman.

“Tian Chang, who is he?”

“Nobody, are you ready? Let’s go.”

“Yes.” Ning Meng Yao turned away from Qiao Tian Yu and followed beside Qiao Tian Chang to the back of the mountain.

Qiao Tian Yu didn’t follow them. He only stared at the both of them as they left together intimately.

Had he already gotten married without letting them know?

Maybe he could make use of that.

This time, he received an order by death. He had to bring Qiao Tian Chang back no matter what.

He naturally knew what Qiao Zheng Hong’s purpose was. He wanted to make use of Qiao Tian Chang’s status to return to power, didn’t he?

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But seeing Qiao Tian Chang, his plan was probably going to fail.

Qiao Tian Yu returned to town. It seemed he would need to give more thought if he wanted to take him away.

“Tian Chang, are you alright?” Ning Meng Yao blocked Qiao Tian Chang and looked at him worriedly.

From just then, he was very quiet. Even when she asked him, his mind was elsewhere.

“That person is Qiao Tian Yu.” Qiao Tian Chang told Ning Meng Yao seriously after being silent for a while.

Ning Meng Yao was taken aback, “He’s Qiao Tian Yu?”


“And you’re worried?”

Qiao Tian Chang reached out for Ning Meng Yao’s hands as the both of them walked in the lush and green forest, “Yes, he’ll go to any length to achieve his goal. He knows your existence and will very soon know about our relationship. I’m afraid he’ll lay his hands on you.”

He wasn’t worried about any other things, he was only afraid something would happen to Ning Meng Yao.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

Qiao Tian Chang smiled, but he it wasn’t a comforting one.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m not as weak as you think.” Ning Meng Yao felt the warmth from inside his worry but she it could not be helped that he would be a bit oversensitive when it involved her.

Qiao Tian Chang pulled Ning Meng Yao into his embrace, “I know, but I’ll still worry.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not so easy to get bullied.” If she was that easily bullied, she wouldn’t have the achievements she had today.

Qiao Tian Chang laughed softly, he naturally knew what she meant.

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“Let’s go, let’s not talk about this anymore. Didn’t we come to pick wild fruits?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

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