Chapter 203: Don’t Want to Be Controlled

Qiao Tian Chang took Ning Meng Yao’s hand and became even more determined than before. He wouldn’t let Ning Meng Yao suffer any harm even if he had to lose his life.

After Qiao Tian Yu returned to the place he was lodging, he ordered people to investigate Qiao Tian Chang.

Not long later, the report he wanted was placed on his table.

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Looking at the scribbled words, Qiao Tian Yu’s eyes flashed with a little excitement. That woman was actually collaborating with the Emperor.

He slammed his hand on the table. It seemed he mustn’t act hastily. It was better to start with Qiao Tian Chang. If all else fails, then he would have to use this final card.

After he had gotten his plan all figured out, he burned the paper in his hand. He squinted his eyes slightly and thought to himself: Maybe he could use this time to do something.

“Young Master, we…”

“I know what to do, don’t let this information leak out.” Qiao Tian Yu was deep in thoughts. He had his own considerations. Although Qiao Zheng Hong had brought his people, most of them belonged to Qiao Tian Yu so it wasn’t impossible to keep this note a secret for a while.

“Young Master, what do you mean?”

Qiao Tian Yu sneered: “He’s used to controlling everything, unfortunately I don’t like being controlled by him.”

Since young, he had already known the difference between him and his brothers. Qiao Zheng Hong wasn’t as harsh as he was, even towards Qiao Tian Chang.

But Qiao Zheng Hong treated Qiao Tian Yu as if he had committed something terrible. If Qiao Tian Yu did not let him treat him as he pleased, then it would mean bringing troubles to himself. It was almost as if Qiao Zheng Hong would be unhappy if he did not treat him as such. But most importantly, Qiao Tian Yu couldn’t refuse what Qiao Zheng Hong told him to do, no matter what it was.

“But Young Master, the preparations aren’t ready yet.” He was clear about Qiao Tian Yu’s situation, so he was also worried. If they followed Qiao Tian Yu’s plan, their losses would probably be great. 

“That’s why I asked you to keep this matter a secret for a while.” Qiao Tian Yu sneered.

If he could get Qiao Tian Chang to collaborate, then he would have enough power to deal with Qiao Zheng Hong. After all, Qiao Zheng Hong had nothing now other than his residence.

On the other hand, Qiao Tian Chang was the general of the country. He was very clear where the scale was leaning towards.

Everyone else nodded, indicating that they understood.

At this moment, Qiao Tian Chang still didn’t know that someone was trying to use him. He was helping Ning Meng Yao handle her wine stores and workshop.

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“Yao Yao, some wines are running out.” Qiao Tian Chang said. He took the inventory list and walked over to Ning Meng Yao before handing over the list in his hand.

Ning Meng Yao took a look and said: “It’s okay. We can gradually produce less of these.” The grapes were almost ripe so it was almost time to brew grape wine. Therefore, it did not matter to her if those wines that were brewed at the beginning were to run out.

Qiao Tian Chang nodded and marked on the list to avoid forgetting about it.

After they were done, Qiao Tian Chang went to Ning Meng Yao’s place to rest and watch her sew clothes for him. She would never sew for herself, but she had made many clothes for him.

“You should also sew something for yourself, don’t just make clothes for me.” Qiao Tian Chang said helplessly.

“Don’t worry. I have Qing Zhu to do that for me.” Ning Meng Yao was focused on the needle in her hand and did not lift her head to answer him.

Qiao Tian Chang felt even more helpless, so he quietly accompanied her. After some time, he asked her to rest and didn’t allow her to keep herself busy. Ning Meng Yao feel very listless not doing anything.

Qiao Tian Yu stayed in the town for a while. During this time, he ordered the people sent by Qiao Zheng Hong to continue searching for Qiao Tian Chang while he went to Qiao Tian Chang’s small courtyard with his confidant.

Seeing the man at his doorstep once more, Qiao Tian Chang was annoyed.

“I have something to discuss with you.” Qiao Tian Yu said before Qiao Tian Chang could speak.

Qiao Tian Chang folded his arms in front of him and looked at Qiao Tian Yu: “I have nothing to discuss with you.”

“Even if this has something to do with Ning Meng Yao?” Qiao Tian Yu ignored Qiao Tian Chang’s tone and unpleasant expression. He simply looked at him calmly.

Qiao Tian Chang’s expression changed and he glared at Qiao Tian Yu coldly: “Do you know what you’re talking about?” His words were enough to make Qiao Tian Chang want to murder him. 

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