Chapter 205: They Are Here.

Qiao Tian Yu’s followers frowned at him and said: “You’ll only end up provoking Third Young Master. If he finds out that we were the ones behind this, I’m afraid that not only will he not cooperate with us, he might even turn to bite us.”

Qiao Tian Yu sneered: “And that will only happen if he finds out.”

“Very well.”


Qiao Tian Yu was quickly left alone in the room and his eyes gradually darkened. As long as Qiao Tian Chang returned to the capital, he would have ways to force him to collaborate with him.

He had confidence in his plan.

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Soon, the people who followed Qiao Tian Yu knew where Qiao Tian Chang lived after the secret was deliberately disclosed.

Without any hesitation, they left Qiao Tian Yu and went to Qiao Tian Chang’s place.

Looking at that exquisite courtyard in front of them, they couldn’t believe that the cold Qiao Tian Chang was actually married.

If Qiao Zheng Hong knew about this, he would definitely fly into a rage. After all, he still wanted to benefit from their third young master and arrange a marriage to enhance the status of the Qiao family.

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The people pushed open the door and barged into the house. Upon seeing those people breaking into his house, Qiao Tian Chang immediately became terribly gloomy. His expression was even more unpleasant than when he saw Qiao Tian Yu.

“Young Master, please come back to the capital.” It seemed that they didn’t noticed Qiao Tian Chang’s darkened face. They just continued to speak respectfully.

“Qing Xuan, can you kick them all out?” He didn’t want to beat these people up as it would only dirty his hands.

“Of course.” Qing Xuan replied, and then she walked towards the row of people. Without using her hands, she kicked them out with one foot.

“Third Young Master, please come back to the capital.”

Qiao Tian Chang went to the door and looked at those people kneeling on the ground. He sneered: “If you want to die, then you’re free to stay. I understand Qiao Zheng Hong’s motive, but he has miscalculated. I, Qiao Tian Chang, has nothing to do with that man since a long time ago. I’m sure everyone was well-informed about it three years ago. Don’t come here to embarrass yourself. If you dare to come here again, it won’t be as simple as kicking you out next time.” Qiao Tian Chang turned and left, ignoring their gloomy faces.

“What should we do now, Leader?” The group looked at Qiao Tian Chang closing the door, and asked worriedly.

“Doesn’t the Young Master care about his wife very much? Let’s kidnap his wife. I don’t believe that he won’t return to the capital if his wife is there.” The leader said with a sneer.

They came over today was to inform Qiao Tian Chang, not to ask for his opinion.

“But Leader, it’s not good to provoke Third Young Master and that servant Qing Xuan.” The people were somewhat worried. Qing Xuan’s martial art skill was well above theirs. Paired with their third young master, it would be impossible to fight them off.

The leader smacked the head of the person who spoke. He annoying said: “Are you an idiot or something?” Don’t they know they could separate the two?

As long as the two people were separated, the rest wouldn’t be a problem. What they needed to do now was to lead Qiao Tian Chang and Qing Xuan out. However, they needed some planning.

“Let’s go back first.”

Qiao Tian Chang returned to the yard and hugged Ning Meng Yao: “Yao Yao, from today onwards, you must bring Qing Xuan wherever you go, okay?” He was very worried about Ning Meng Yao’s safety.

“Don’t worry, I understand.”

Ning Meng Yao had seen the scene earlier with her own eyes. Those people might seem to be very respectful towards Qiao Tian Chang, but it was obvious that they were only acting. They simply didn’t put Qiao Tian Chang in their eyes.

They had been embarrassed today so they might come back and find a way to kidnap her.

That was why he was very worried.

Qiao Tian Chang reached out and held Ning Meng Yao tightly in his arms: “I won’t let anyone hurt you. Qing Xuan, from today onwards, no matter what happens, don’t leave Yao Yao’s side.”

“Yes, Young Master.” They weren’t idiots, so they naturally knew what Qiao Tian Chang’s meant.

Qing Xuan blinked and thought for a while before going to her room. After a while, she came out with several bottles and cans in her hands.

“Missy, have these things with you at all times in case of emergency.”

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