Chapter 458: The Heck, Run So Fast

Ye Jian had only run for a few meters, then she spotted six or seven youngsters, who were initially leaning against a wall and smoking, stand up. A few of them were standing on her pathway, looking at her.

Under the street light, Ye Jian recognized that those youngsters were the ones who always slack near the school. Seeing that they were blocking her way, Ye Jian ignored them and turned to the road to avoid them.

She had no time to delay. She had to go to school immediately.

Initially, Brother Huang thought that by blocking the pathway, she would be afraid. When he saw she was running towards the road, he quickly asked the other youngsters to block the way… However, how could they be faster than Ye Jian? They could only watch her dashed right before their eyes. She had already run a dozen meters away by the time Brother Huang reacted.

“The heck! Run so fast! Is she in athletics?” 

“How could we catch up!!”

Ye Jian dumbfounded them as she ran like the wind and suddenly disappeared from their sight.

Brother Huang was stunned wide-eyed at her speed, he shouted to his fellows, “What the heck are you guys doing standing there! Call Lao Ran up and ask what’s the girl’s name! Darned it, I couldn’t block a girl!”

After he finished shouting, he sneezed several times continuously and yawned after that. Then he left.

The school’s gate was already closed, Ye Jian took out her student ID card, showed it to the guard, then rushed into the campus, ignoring his nag. She arrived at the door at the moment the bell rang.

Teacher Tong was already in the classroom. Seeing Ye Jian stepping into the class on time, Teacher Tong said nothing, and she indicated for her to return to her seat and continued: “… you’ll start military training the day after tomorrow. At 7:00 am, please gather, and we’ll set off from school. Everyone, please remember to bring your daily necessities. I have written on the blackboard the things to bring.”

“We’ll prepare some heatstroke medicines. Students who are going back home can also bring along their own. If you need to bring anything from your hostel, please let me know first. If we can prepare it in class, we’ll bring it together.”

As the teacher was talking about military training, the holidays were getting closer, and the students had more expectations. Unlike the previous holidays, the students were more excited to start the military training soon.

An Jia Xin lightly touched Ye Jian’s arm, and she whispered: “Yes! Ye Ying won’t be there!”

“I also won’t be participating, yay! You guys don’t envy me, all the best in military training. We’ll see each other again after seven days.” Ye Jian smiled at her and said gently: “I think you’ll like military training.”

An Jia Xin’s eyes were wide open, she clenched her teeth and said: “I can understand if Ye Ying doesn’t want to participate. But you? I don’t understand!”

“I need to take care of Principal Chen. I have already applied for leave.” Ye Jian couldn’t tell her about going abroad, and she could only say that she had to help Principal Chen. “The school had already agreed, it won’t affect my graduation.”

An Jia Xin accepted this reason.

Teacher Tong had finished speaking. The classroom got filled with sounds of flipping pages. Occasionally, students were discussing studies.

With a hungry stomach, Ye Jian finished her study and waited for the end of class. Then, she followed An Jia Xin to the canteen to buy bread.

There weren’t many students as recess just started; only a few boys were buying soda. When Ye Jian walked into the cafeteria, she saw Yang Heng holding two bottles of soda from the freezer. Upon seeing her, Yang Heng asked, “Your class ended? What are you eating? Let me treat you. By the way, I want to tell you something about Luo Ran.”

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