Chapter 457: Blocked

Who wouldn’t want to keep Ye Jian? However, this kind of thing wasn’t their decision to make. Yan Political Commissar also just briefly thought about it. Thinking of the training Principal Chen gave her, he said: “She had followed special forces’ training. Coming to our troop is a burden to her. I think we can let her participate in outside combat. After all, those that follow Old Chen are single soldiers.”

The new semester had only started less than a month, but the head of the troop and political commissar had already thought about training for winter vacation.

After two hours, all the vehicles started the morning training. When the sunset and the night fell, more than 20 cars were plunged into the winding road of “Nine Curves and Eighteen Bends”. None of the soldiers had bathed. They got immediately transferred to the second night’s long-distance driving training.

The mountain road was rugged and narrow. During the day, Ye Jian, who had a good rest during the day, looked carefully at the front; she dared not be sloppy. In the middle of the night, the soldiers struggled. The instructor, who accompanied the troops, took out a maneuver from his bag to help Ye Jian relieve her fatigue. He had brought this for every long training.

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She threw two raw radiant peppers into her mouth and chewed them. The spicy sensation gave Ye Jian a rush; she held on tighter to the steering wheel. “Instructor, your stomach must be made out of iron; this is so spicy. Will I get a stomachache?”

It was too spicy. Ye Jian could only feel the burn spurting in her mouth, and she was diverting her attention by speaking.

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“It’s common to eat raw peppers, cold oil, onions…but it’s also because this is a long-distance maneuver. It won’t affect your stomach. Our people never eat spicy food, but now I’m not happy if there’s no spicy food.” The instructor saw that Ye Jian’s face was turning redder due to the spiciness. He quickly looked away.

Although she was a high school student, she was also a girl, so he felt embarrassed, staring at her!

After passing “Death Pit”, Mountain Road, cliffs and other dangerous roads, they continued to drive for another hundred of kilometers. Finally, they completed the long-distance maneuver at 5:00 pm on Sunday.

The continuous and high-intensity driving training tempered the driver’s excellence to drive during wars. It also made Ye Jian understand that each unit wasn’t secure. This one-night training had changed Ye Jian a lot. Standing in the row of soldiers, she felt like a growing eagle, quickly and fiercely flying towards her goal.

In the afternoon, she still had to rush back to school. After simply tidying up herself, Ye Jian immediately rushed to the school by car. She was a little late this time. The Carman who was sending her didn’t need her reminder; he just stepped on the gas and sped to school.

Several youngsters who often slack around the school, saw a car parked on the side of the road and a girl alighting from the vehicle. One of the youngsters spotted her and snapped his fingers. Then, he turned to a yellow-haired boy and said: “Brother Huang, isn’t that chick Luo Ran asked to keep an eye on?”

“Darned it, what a surprise! She’s a rich student!”

Brother Huang was a close friend to Luo Ran. After hearing the news, a pair of small, smoked-covered and stained-yellow eyes turned towards the direction of the girl. Seeing the girl was still standing by the car and rolling her eyes, Brother Huang threw his cigarette to the ground and strolled towards the girl.

After a few steps, he sneezed. With a finger in his nose, he stood uncomfortably at the path that Ye Jian had to take to go to school.

The class was starting at 7 am, and she managed to arrive at school at 6:46 am. Ye Jian only had time to say “thank you” to the Carman and ran directly to the school.

She had to run five hundred meters in four minutes, then another five minutes to run from the school gate to the classroom. Her time was tight until and couldn’t afford to lose even a minute.

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