Chapter 456: Given Twenty Soldiers Wouldn’t Be As Good As Her

The political commissar got into a car and then went to look for Ye Jian. He spotted her resting under a tree.

Before he opened his mouth, Ye Jian’s head moved slightly, and her helmet slipped off her head. The political commissar locked eyes with her bright and clear eyes that were focusing intensely at his. He couldn’t help but laugh and wave towards her, indicating that he wanted to speak to her.

Ye Jian also smiled. She stood up steadily and patted the leaves off her body and walked towards Political Commissar Yan without disturbing the other soldiers who were asleep. “Aren’t you going to rest? We’re just midway of our training.”

This silly girl. Before he could even ask her, she asked him first.

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“What about you? You’re not resting?” Political Commissar Yan had always been easygoing with Ye Jian, and he had never get mad at her. He had always been kind and friendly. “How are you, little girl? How do you feel? Is this more fun than the training ground?”

Upon hearing that, Ye Jianyi smiled. “You’re treating me as a child. Simulation combat is also a war. There’s no ‘fun’, only feeling.” After the laughter, the twilight in her eyes gradually subsided, and her tone became cold. “The deepest feeling is when I saw the war, blood, death and life. I was stunned for a long time in the car, feeling the war around me. The simulation earlier was merely a firewire…”

“Political Commissar, I don’t think it’s interesting at all. I only felt that I still have too many areas that needed strengthening so that I can become a real soldier.”

A high school student who had a sense of crisis and a sense of mission was indeed rare. In the simulation, she knew that it was challenging to separate war from the blood.

Her peers were still struggling with textbooks and working hard to enter college, but Ye Jian had already thought deeper and farther.

Initially, he still wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with her, to let her understand the purpose of simulation and troops’ practice that tempered the body and mind of a soldier. However, that all seemed unnecessary now.

After returning to the car, Yan Political Commissar contacted Liu Tuan and expressed his feelings: “Ye Jian will be a star in the army next time. Her presence isn’t only going to inspire other soldiers, but also to promote the advancement of her unit.”

“Old Liu, this girl’s consciousness is quite high, and her understanding is scarce…. I can sense from her tone that she plans to enter the frontline troops. We must do the necessary for her future. Every time I look at her progress, I feel pity to ask her to go back to school.”

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A female soldier was inferior to male soldiers in the army. She suffered more and was more tired than male soldiers. However, she was very talented. Even though she had gone through the same hardships as the male soldiers, they were lagging.

Hearing his old partner’s sigh, Liu Tuan laughed and said: “How else would she be specially cultivated by a world-class sniper and a first-class sergeant? You don’t have to worry too much that little girl is a calm one. Twenty soldiers wouldn’t be as good as her!”

“A horse can’t run a thousand miles on its own, and you must train her at the training field! Give me a report when you return for winter vacation. If all’s well, we can let her enter the team to participate in winter training, and she can follow the male soldiers to the mountains for training. So in future, even if she went to other troops, hahaha, at least, she’ll be a recruit that got trained under me!”

Yan Political Commissar felt that his partner was rather shameless. He smiled and said, “Lao Chen will be making some arrangement. We have to wait for his arrangement and recruit Ye Jian after she graduated.”

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