Chapter 455: Frontline Troops Were Having A Hard Time

Seeing that Ye Jian hadn’t moved, the young instructor was somewhat restless. He took off his training helmet, scratched his head and asked, “You’re fine?  I don’t quite know how to comfort people. You… Do you want to talk to the political commissar?”

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Picking up the walkie-talkie in the car, the instructor got serious and tried to contact the political commissar. Ye Jian raised her hand and grabbed the walkie-talkie. She looked up from the steering wheel and smiled. “I’m fine. I just passed through the gunfire, so I’m in a bit of shock right now.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just a small simulation, not like those big ones. All kinds of simulation subjects are actual combat.” The instructor smiled and looked at the comrades who were getting out of the car. Then he spoke to Ye Jian: “Get down, have some rest. We’ll leave in about two hours.”

When Ye Jian got down, she sat under the tree with the instructor. Both of them were sweating. The one-night driving, plus nearly an hour of simulation, were so exhausting that they didn’t want to talk at all. They looked at each other, and the instructor saw that this girl in front of him, besides the little tiredness on her face, had a pair of bright eyes. He couldn’t help but smile: “The experience that I’ve been through isn’t comparable to you, little girl.”

“Ye Jian, you’re going to apply for military school and join the front line troops after graduation, right?”

Military school graduates got directly assigned to the army. The school and the military also stipulated future choices, the students had no right to choose.

However, if the individual’s professional quality were excellent, the leader would usually ask about the student’s plan and then arranged the distribution reasonably.

For someone like Ye Jian, who hadn’t yet entered school, but already displayed excellent qualities, many troops would be eager to have her after her graduation. By then, Ye Jian could put forward her intentions and choose the one she wanted.

However, this kind of thing was still too far to think about it. First, Ye Jian had to pass the military academy entrance exam. She grinned: “I still have to pass the military academy entrance exam. Then, I’ll see how to arrange it. I still quite like being in the frontline troops.”

The frontline troops weren’t a particular division, but rather a specific special department.

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Any troop was ultimately serving in the war. The special forces were the pioneers of the army. They were ready to perform their duties and engage in fierce battles.

Ye Jian’s goal was to enter the special forces, obtain growth and practice in war. That was the only way for her to live up to Grandfather Ge and Uncle Chen!

“The frontline troops aren’t easy, but it’s a waste if you don’t enter the frontline.” The young instructor felt a little emotional. He closed his eyes and lay against the tree trunk. His outstanding facial features showed the rigidity of a soldier, mighty and upright, even though he was tired. Then, he said: “Hurry up and rest. The training isn’t even half complete. If you don’t have a good rest, it’ll affect the second half of the training.”

Ye Jian didn’t feel tired. Training like this could always stimulate her adrenaline. She was still excited, so she didn’t feel sleepy at all.

However, she still forced herself to rest. Ye Jian leaned against the tree and covered her face with her training helmet, just like the other soldiers.

There was still some smoke in the mountains, but strong winds circulated the mountains not long later. More than 20 soldiers were resting, while the political commissar of the same group was speaking to an injured soldier. He patted the soldier’s shoulder lightly, then went to look for Ye Jian.

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