Chapter 454: Trial By Fire

After the assessment was completed, the whole mountain was filled with the smell of thick smoke. When the voice over the intercom said “The test has concluded” even Ye Jian, who had tenacious willpower, laid against the steering wheel after stopping her car at a stable position.

The drill instructor, who was sitting in the co-drivers seat, laughed after noticing. He teased: “So even if you feel tired. Previously, all of our male soldiers were shocked by you. Every one of them started training with more enthusiasm as if they were scared to be defeated by a girl like you who hasn’t even graduated from high school.”

Many male soldiers couldn’t hold a candle to the little girl’s zeal. When these soldiers, who were entering Zhongnanhai, they saw the vigor and enthusiasm of hers when training, and their hearts felt heavy.

Regimental Commander Liu and Political Commissar Yan arranged for him to be her instructor. The level stress… wasn’t ordinary.

Now that he saw her tired to the point of leaning against the steering wheel. It was the first time, and He let his urges take over and started teasing her.

“Instructor, please don’t mock me anymore, we’ve almost been burnt to ashes by the artillery barrage just now.” Ye Jian muttered lowly. She wasn’t afraid but was more shocked than anything. Compared to the firefight in Australia, this was more shocking. 

No wonder Regimental Commander Liu and Political Commissar Yan insists that she participate in one night-time drive. It was asking her to join in on real combat, to let her feel the meaning of war and danger. At the same time, it sent shocks to her spirits, and it also made her understand why a country must have an active military and high power!

To prevent you from living in fear and becoming refugees, to prevent you from being surrounded by the flames of war, to prevent you from becoming destitute and orphaned, the only option is to have an active military and high power!

The instructor, who was seated on the shotgun seat, was also breathing heavily, hearing her words, he started guffawing. “Ye Jian, this isn’t much. This is the smallest combat simulation which is based on teams and  a combat simulation for our men.”

Merely the smallest combat simulation exercise was enough to let Ye Jian thoroughly understand what it means to be in war. It was world-destroying. It could destroy everything; from families, countries and lives.

It was an authentic feeling. A shock that hits the person in their spirits. Like they have walked into the circle of death and had face-to-face contact with the god of death.

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This was Ye Jian’s first time participating in a combat exercise. Even though there were only twenty-something people, the smallest combat simulation, the authenticity of it was so core shaking.

Compared to the time she had experienced the firefight in Australia, the shock that came from artillery barrage smashed right into the core of her person!

Even a small combat simulation possessed such a huge threat. Those soldiers in their combat uniform, who walked into the battlefield without fear of death, attacked death head-on, facing against the flames of war, the sweeps of bullets while defending their country and their borders with their flesh and blood. They were the people who are most loved and most respected of their generations!

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She pressed her hand against her chest. Ye Jian was feeling her heart palpitations gently shut her eyes, the corner of her lip curved upwards with a slight degree. No matter how intense the artillery barrage would get, no matter how concentrated the rain of bullets is, she will still head towards this direction, she would walk down this path one step at a time, without looking back and without regrets!

Ye Jian had journeyed further psychologically and gently exhaled a breath filled with smoke. Just as she was preparing to stand up, the instructor gently patted her back and smiled: “Rest for a bit, recuperate your spirit.”

“This was still considered fine. Compared to the militant group who got specialized in training military drivers, the occupational specialists were the ones who had refined themselves through and through. Besides learning how to drive jeeps and flatbed trucks, many of them must also learn how to drive specialized vehicles such as artillery tractors, heavy-duty trucks, etc. Their training is very harsh, and their assessments are rigorous. Even their combat simulation training is much more in volume than ours. When they graduate from their lessons, all of them have very ‘miraculous’ driving skills.”

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