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Chapter 214: Investigation

Hearing what he said, Ning Meng Yao knew that she had to finish the tasteless thing that he had made for her.

“Rest for a while.” Qiao Tian Chang said gently as he reached for the empty bowl.

Ning Meng Yao nodded her head, “Okay.”

Qiao Tian Chang waited for Ning Meng Yao to be sound asleep before he got up quietly and walked out.

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When he came to the study room, Lin Zi You was waiting there, “Boss.”

“How’s the investigation going?”

“We’ve investigated it as accurately as we can. These past few years, those three families were up to a lot of things indeed, especially those at the Ling Residence. They are secretly raising an army, and the Xiao’s Residence has a lot of dirty money. The problem is bigger for the Qiao family. Not only are they secretly raising an army, they are also smuggling salt.” Lin Zi You quickly reported.

Qiao Tian Chang hooked a sneer on the corners of his mouth. Raising an army, corruption, and smuggling salt. Every one of them was a heavy offense. God is really on his side.

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“What about those men that the Emperor gave to us?”

“Don’t worry, Boss. They won’t die.”

“Die? Of course they can’t die so easily. I want them to wish they were dead instead.” Qiao Tian Chang’s voice was cold and the words he said were extremely cruel, causing Lin Zi You’s body to tremble a little.

Lei An swallowed, “Boss, what do you plan to do with them?”

“Let’s go see them first.” Qiao Tian Chang didn’t reply, and he told him very simply.

They followed behind Qiao Tian Chang to the dungeon where those men were held. When they went in, they saw the few of them sitting as if it were a banquet hall instead of a dungeon.

Qiao Mo saw Qiao Tian Chang and sneered at him, “Third Young Master, I advise you to let us go so that you won’t be at the losing end when the time comes.”

That arrogant look made Lin Zi You and Lei An frown. He was now just a prisoner with no rights to be arrogant in front of their boss.

However, Qiao Tian Chang did not seem bothered. He only turned to Lin Zi You, “Bring him out.” Today, he had to see for himself what exactly would happen if he laid his hands on him.

“Yes, Boss.” Two of them opened the door to the cell and threw him out before tying him to the torture rack.

Qiao Tian Chang sat on a chair nearby, his sight fixated on the brazier that was by the side, “Slice his tendons.”

“Yes.” Lei An was holding a dagger as he walked towards Qiao Mo. Before he could speak, Lei An sliced his wrists and ankles.

Pain was the only thing Qiao Mo felt. Ever since he followed Qiao Zheng Hong, how long had it been since he suffered from such pain.

Qiao Tian Chang looked at Qiao Mo who was twisting in pain. He got up and walked to Lei An before taking the dagger from his hands. He slowly went in front of Qiao Mo and looked at him coldly, “So I won’t be let off?” The dagger pierced into Qiao Mo’s wounds as he spoke.

“It must hurt, am I right?” Qiao Tian Chang whispered softly.

“Qiao Tian Chang, you’re courting death.” Although Qiao Mo was perspiring from the pain, he couldn’t help but raise his head to look at Qiao Tian Chang and clenched his teeth to swear.

Qiao Tian Chang started laughing madly, “You can try me to see who’s courting for death. That man can hardly save himself, what makes you think he would help you, let alone avenge you?” Qiao Tian Chang casually threw away the dagger in his hands.

His sight locked on the wound on Qiao Mo’s wrist, “I’m sure there are a lot of ants here.”

Such a ridiculous sentence out of nowhere struck Lei An with terror. What…was he planning to do?

“Strip him.” Qiao Tian Chang ordered.

Lei An and Lin Zi You looked at each other. The two of them walked to Qiao Mo at the same time and stripped away his clothes, leaving only his undergarments.

Picking up the dagger on the floor, Qiao Tian Chang took out a porcelain bottle before spreading some of its content onto the dagger. Afterwards, he used the dagger to inflict many wounds on Qiao Mo. The wounds were light and the bleeding wasn’t serious.

Qiao Tian Chang took out something else. When he poured it on Qiao Mo’s wounds, Lei An could smell something sweet. They immediately understood what Qiao Tian Chang was about to do.

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