Chapter 466: You’ve Kicked A Metal Plate Now

“Yao Jing, why do I not accept your apology? The reason is that you only acknowledged your mistake as saying the wrong thing, causing yourself to get stuck in this mess instead of apologizing for hurting me! Your apology was only apologizing for yourself; it had nothing to do with sincerity!”

“That’s why I will never accept your apology. No matter how many more apologies you give, I will not accept them!” Yao Jing was a smart person, and her threats, compared to Ye Ying, that paper tiger, were much more believable.

The smart thing about her included the fact that after she had harmed someone, she would make it so that she couldn’t get implicated.

When faced against people like Yao Jing, compromising will not make the situation more manageable. Instead, it would be showing off a weakness. Then she’ll get an inch and want afoot, causing her threats to flow into every orifice.

The best decision was for her to understand right now that Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine wasn’t someone she could mess around with! As to the consequences of messing around with her? That was also not something Yao Jing could bear by herself!

For example: right now!

Yao Jing was already wholly mute. Even though there was still a burning sensation on her face, it only made her realize she had messed with the wrong person! She thought it would be as easy as manipulating Ye Ying, but who would have known that Ye Jian, who seemed so well-behaved and lovable, was a person who shouldn’t be provoked!

Similar to the flower of a cactus; it may look slender and elegant, standing above the crowd, but in reality, whoever dared to mess around with her…she’d prick you till you’ll bleed non-stop, and not dare to act rashly.

She lowered her head and as such, did not notice that her father’s rage was almost to its breaking point. If it weren’t because her mother was begging him with her eyes, her father would have stood up a while ago and given her a slap.

Ye Jian looked at the couple who loved their daughter, and her cold and harsh voice instantly mellowed out. She said without losing her integrity: “Uncle, Aunty, if it was I who insulted you today, then threatened to make Yao Jing drop out of school, Uncle, Aunty, would you easily forgive me?”

“I had to defend my mother’s honor, that’s why I slapped Yao Jing. My mother hit her. If I, as a daughter, could not even defend the honor of my late parents, then on what grounds should I stay in this world?”

“I will not forgive Yao Jing. I hope Uncle and Aunty understands.”

She wouldn’t leave an overbearing impression on her elders, but she would also let them understand that youngsters are not gullible.

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After Yao Jing’s parents allowed Ye Jian to say that, don’t even mention about stepping off the stage, also if someone delivered a ladder over to them, they still wouldn’t be able to step off the stage.1 Ye Jian’s humble and polite speech only made the couple feel extremely ashamed.

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“Dear leaders of the military, this is all because of our failure at educating our daughter and having raised such a foolish and arrogant girl. It is normal for student Ye Jian not to forgive her. We will discipline her strictly, and we will not allow her to act so outrageously in the future.”

“If anything happens to Ye Jian, as long as it implicated Yao Jing even a little bit, I will personally send her to a juvenile detention center for reformation! I will not allow her to come out and be a scourge to society!”

It was a promise made through the mouth of Yao Jing’s father, and that was another layer of safeguards to suppress Yao Jing.

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