Chapter 393: Severing The Father and Daughter Relationship

The last words were like the last straw that broke the camel’s back for Xiao Zi Xuan, and that was exactly what she was feeling right now.

”Father, you can’t do this, do not like me anymore? Xuan’er knows that she is in the wrong, please don’t be angry, alright?” Xiao Zi Xuan was constantly pleading with him, she would not have done it if she knew things would turn out like this, she was really too foolish.

Xiao Yi Lin kicked Xiao Zi Xuan away as he glared at her: “Not angry? Xiao Zi Xuan, are you only happy once you kill the hundreds of people in this residence?”

”I did not, I have never thought of harming father,” Xiao Zi Xuan shook her head.

In order for Xiao Yi Lin to be unrelated to this incident, she shifted all the blame to Li Lin Er. Why did her father have to investigate this matter? If her father did not investigate it, all of this would not be revealed, her relationship with her father would not be severed, why did it turn out like this?

She knew there was another reason why Ling Luo treated her well, it was because Xiao Residence was supporting her, what else would she have if she lost the backing of Xiao Residence?

Xiao Zi Xuan was feeling fearful thinking about the future.

If he found out that she no longer had any relationship with Xiao Residence, would Ling Luo who loved and pampered her treat her the same?

If it was the past, Xiao Zi Xuan believed Ling Luo would definitely treat her well like before, but now, she was feeling uncertain of the answer.

Even though she did not believe it, after passing the token to Ling Luo, Ling Luo was no longer as considerate as before, sometimes, he would not even bother. 

But she had pretended as if nothing happened.

Xiao Zi Xuan’s eyes were filled with fear, she must not lose this backing no matter what.

”Father, Xuan’er really knows her mistakes, can you forgive Xuan’er just this once? I beg you,” Xiao Zi Xuan grabbed Xiao Yi Lin’s robe as she looked pleadingly at him, her eyes were filled with tears.

If it was in the past, he would definitely feel heartache seeing Xiao Zi Xuan acting like that, but right now, seeing her acting like that only disgusted him even more.

”I’m already very benevolent by not killing you,” Xiao Yi Lin said coldly as he shoved Xiao Zi Xuan’s hand away.

Because he used a lot of strength, Xiao Zi Xuan fell to the ground.

Seeing Xiao Yi Lin acting like that, Xiao Zi Xuan’s eyes were filled with grievance: “Why can’t you just forgive me? I really know my wrongdoings.”

Xiao Yi Lin suddenly felt his approach in the past was wrong, Xiao Zi Xuan was a selfish and ungrateful wretch.

”You personally placed a knife on my neck and you want me to forgive you? Xiao Zi Xuan, where did you obtain such a shameless face?” Xiao Yi Lin’s words were especially ruthless when he spoke to Xiao Zi Xuan.

Xiao Zi Xuan was chased out by Xiao Yi Lin in the end, she walked on the streets in a daze, Xiao Zi Xuan’s face was pale, her pale face scared all the passersby away, afraid of being struck by bad luck.

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Xiao Zi Xuan did not know how she returned to Ling Residence, she only knew that she had locked herself in the room and did not do anything after returning, she was thinking how this incident ended up being exposed.

The morning of the next day, Xiao Zi Xuan called the remaining of her secret soldiers to investigate Xiao Yi Lin’s whereabouts these past few days.

Previously, he had never noticed it at all, moreover, all the blame was placed on Li Lin Er, why did he suddenly place the blame on her?

She really did not believe that nobody told him anything related to this matter.

Xiao Zi Xuan’s face became twisted, no matter what, she would not allow the person who set her up to live well.

Ling Luo already came to know about Xiao Zi Xuan leaving Xiao Residence in a dazed manner, but he did not directly find her since Xiao Zi Xuan was no longer useful to him, but seeing the severity of the incident, he was only willing to treat Xiao Zi Xuan a little better and nothing more.

Xiao Zi Xuan finally had more smiles on her face after seeing Ling Luo.

However, her smile did not last for long, it was because Ling Luo kept bringing up the names of other women, especially Ning Meng Yao, those three words were like a lingering nightmare. 

That night, the secret soldier returned, bringing the news with them.

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After reading it, Xiao Zi Xuan had a ferocious expression: “Ning Meng Yao, you’re seeking death.”

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