Chapter 439: Barging Into The General’s Residence

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Xiao Yi Lin left Xiao Zi Xuan’s courtyard and headed to Ling Luo’s place.

”I’ve crippled Xiao Zi Xuan, she sent people to assassinate Ning Meng Yao yesterday, Qiao Tian Chang has begun investigating. I hope you all can keep an eye on her, or else she would not be the only person who dies when the time comes,” Xiao Zi Xuan had completely gone mad, she would not listen to any reasoning.

Marquis Ling was filled with surprise when he heard that Xiao Yi Lin had crippled Xiao Zi Xuan, however, the last line caused Marquis Ling’s face turned pale.

At that moment, she actually created more trouble for them.

”Duke, don’t worry, we will,” Marquis Ling gritted his teeth and said.

Xiao Yi Lin nodded his head, he turned around and left, heading towards the General’s Residence.

However, this time, he was unable to walk past the gate.

Xiao Yi Lin felt a headache seeing the people blocking him outside: “I have some matter and wish to meet your General.”

”The General has said, he would not meet people from Xiao Residence and Ling Residence from now on, those who come will be chased away. I hope the Duke does not put us in a difficult position.”

Xiao Yi Lin saw them acting like that and knew he was unable to enter using such a method.

He lifted his hands and attacked the two people.

The guards did not expect Xiao Yi Lin would actually attack them, they were immediately enraged and attacked Xiao Yi Lin.

One of them shot a flare towards the residence.

Qiao Tian Chang saw the flare and his gaze turned cold.

”Tian Chang, what’s going on?” Xiao Qi Tian was dumbfounded when he saw Qiao Tian Chang’s sudden change of expression and asked in doubt.

”Someone barged into the General’s Residence,” Qiao Tian Chang gritted his teeth and looked to the front.

Xiao Qi Tian looked at Qiao Tian Chang in disbelief. Did he hear wrongly? Someone actually dares to barge into the General’s Residence?

”Young miss, it’s Xiao Yi Lin. He said he has something to discuss with you and the General, he was obstructed and attacked the people guarding the gate.”

”What great prestige. Qing Xuan, bring the others over to have a look, don’t let him look down on our General’s Residence.”


”Tian Chang, you’re not going to have a look?” Xiao Qi Tian watched as Qiao Tian Chang continued sitting there, he had a calm expression and did not seem worried at all.

”I’ll head over in a while, Qing Xuan and the others can handle it well,” Qiao Tian Chang continued playing chess with Ning Meng Yao, he did not even lift his head.

Xiao Qi Tian was dumbfounded, that was not what he was implying. He knew Qing Xuan and the others were able to handle it well, but the crucial point was Qing Xuan and the others might make matters worse.

After placing down a chess piece, Qiao Tian Chang looked at Xiao Qi Tian: “Why are you so anxious? Even if he’s injured today, he’s asking for it. The General’s Residence is not so easy to barge into.”

Xiao Qi Tian choked, expressing his sadness. 

He did not even know how many experts were in the General’s Residence. He really couldn’t tell what would happen to Xiao Yi Lin for directly barging in.

When Qing Xuan brought people to the front yard, many guards had been injured by Xiao Yi Lin, she narrowed her eyes: “How impressive, coming to our General’s Residence to act like a hero, I wonder how did our General’s Residence provoke you?”

”I’m just here to meet Qiao Tian Chang,” Xiao Yi Lin was also not polite, was there any meaning to be polite at that moment?

Qing Xuan sneered: “Our young master does not have the time to meet you, please return.”

”Impossible, I must meet them today,” He attacked once more as he spoke.

Diplomacy before violence, since someone is being so shameless, don’t blame her for being vicious.

”Attack, let Duke Xiao see that the General’s Residence is not so easily barged in,” If Xiao Yi Lin barged in today, it was smacking them in the face, causing the General’s Residence to lose face.

Qing Xuan stood by the side and watched the battle, she realized Xiao Yi Lin’s martial arts were good.

Precisely because of that reason, Qing Xuan’s expression became much uglier. With such skills, he just stood there and watched while the young miss was being targeted by the assassins, who would believe that it had nothing to do with him?

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Xiao Yi Lin furrowed his brows tightly, these few people could push him to such a point, it seems the General’s Residence was not ordinary.

”Learn well from Duke Xiao, it’s a hard to come by opportunity.”

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