Chapter 438: Finding Xiao Zi Xuan

In Ling Residence, Xiao Zi Xuan was waiting for the people to report to her, but after waiting for a long time, she did not receive any news.

Until the next day, Xiao Zi Xuan received the news that those people were all killed by Qiao Tian Chang,

”A bunch of trash,” Xiao Zi Xuan smashed the cup in her hand to the ground.

She had spent so much effort to set it up, it was actually ruined by others, it was simply unacceptable to her.

”Dammit, all of them deserve to die,” Xiao Yi Lin had ruined her plan, if it wasn’t for Xiao Yi Lin, how could Ning Meng Yao wait for Qiao Tian Chang’s arrival? If it wasn’t for Xiao Yi Lin, Ning Meng Yao would definitely die without a full corpse right now.

All of it was Xiao Yi Lin’s fault.


”All of you get lost,” The people below did not speak and chased out by Xiao Zi Xuan.

”Xiao Zi Xuan, you are truly bold,” Xiao Yi Lin heard Xiao Zi Xuan saying such words when he came in, his face was frighteningly gloomy.

Since when did Xiao Zi Xuan become like this? When did this well-behaved child become such a cruel and heartless woman?

”Humph, are you here to blame me? If so, please leave. I do not have anything to do with you right now, I do not wish to see you,” Xiao Zi Xuan looked coldly at Xiao Yi Lin, she had long shed all pretenses with Xiao Yi Lin. Why would she humiliate herself?

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”Do you know how much trouble you’re in? You still do not know how to repent at this moment,” Xiao Yi Lin grieved as he looked at Xiao Zi Xuan, he was disappointed at her.

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Xiao Zi Xuan laughed, there was madness in her laughter: “So what? I do not care about this, Xiao Yi Lin, you think you can protect that woman? Let me tell you, as long as I’m alive, I will kill her and take revenge for my child.”

”Go find Ling Luo if you want to take revenge, how did Meng Yao wrong you?” The child’s death was an accident, but Xiao Zi Xuan had pushed all the blame on Ning Meng Yao, she was being unreasonable.

Xiao Yi Lin came over today to find out why Xiao Zi Xuan wanted to assassinate others, however, after seeing how arrogant she was, he was unable to endure it and directly slapped her.

”Xiao Zi Xuan, I’m really disappointed in you,” Xiao Yi Lin looked coldly at Xiao Zi Xuan.

”Hit me then, hit me to death. Don’t think that I’m aware that you really wish to kill me,” Xiao Zi Xuan sneered and said.

Xiao Zi Xuan inhaled a deep breath and suppressed his anger, he said angrily: “Indeed, how I wish I could kill you right now.”

”What qualifications and reasons do you have to kill me?”

Xiao Yi Lin looked at Xiao Zi Xuan without saying anything, his sudden silence caused Xiao Zuan to furrow her brows.

”Since you have no way of controlling yourself, let me help you,” He walked towards Xiao Zi Xuan, he placed his hand on Xiao Zi Xuan’s shoulder and squeezed tightly. Xiao Zi Xuan screamed and her arm was broken.

Other than her hands, there was also her feet, with broken arms and feet, he did not believe Xiao Zi Xuan could create more trouble.

Xiao Zi Xuan’s face was pale having her arms and feet broken.

Xiao Yi Lin looked at Xiao Zi Xuan’s resentful look: “If I do not do anything to you right now, your death would be even more miserable.”

Qiao Tian Chang was a man who loved his wife deeply, Xiao Yi Lin did not know if he would let her stay alive after knowing what he did.

”Xiao Yi Lin, I swear to have Xiao Residence face eternal damnation, this is what you owe me,” Xiao Zi Xuan cursed viciously.

”Watch the Princess carefully, if such a thing repeats itself, you’ll die.”

”Yes, Duke.”

The people who came from Xiao Duke Residence to serve Xiao Zi Xuan had bitter expressions, if this carries on, they would be better off dying.

With such a Princess, they would be better off dying.

Right now, their true owner said such words to them, weren’t they placed in a predicament?

Xiao Zi Xuan seeing Xiao Yi Lin acting so cruelly and the guilt and the little bit of tenderness in her heart were completely gone.

Her pair of hands and feet had returned his grace of upbringing, from that day onwards, she would not stop until one party was dead.

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