Chapter 587: Such Military Training

“Also, help me keep an eye out on Luo Ran, he can’t find fault with me in school, but there is an opportunity in the army. Help me keep an eye out, at least I can be mentally prepared.”

Yang Heng furrowed his thick brows, then recalled Luo Ran getting close to the boys in Sixteenth High School, he said softly: “Yao Jing had just met him, she is also quite close to Liao Jian from Sixteenth High School, you need to be careful of Yao Jing, I’ll keep an eye out on Luo Ran.

Based on his understanding of Yao Jing, it was indeed what Ye Jian had said; she would not easily let it go, with Ye Jian returning and joining the military training…it was not wrong to keep a lookout.

The whistle for gathering sounded out, the students who had not woken up yawned as they ran to the gathering spot.

The two o’clock sun was very glaring; Ye Ying used some water which felt warm under the sun to wash her face, she unconsciously looked at Ye Jian who caused her to be filled with hatred and yet could do nothing to her.

She saw a scene which caused her eyes to light it, Yang Heng and Ye Jian were talking to each other!

The sound of the whistle was hurried, urging all the students to gather, Ye Ying looked at the time…it was a pity; it was three minutes to two o’clock, or else she would drag Yao Jing over to look at the scene!

She would be so angry that her heart would hurt!

The Anti-Chemical Unit was a unit that prevented the expansion of chemical weapons. Those who engaged in earthquake resistance, flood prevention, and those who wore gas masks to spray chemicals to prevent epidemics were soldiers that belonged to the Anti-Chemical Unit.

If we go deeper, their unit protects against nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, and incendiary weapons; they also assist the infantry in battle, acting as professional soldiers who safeguard the battle.

This branch of soldiers did not frequently appear in the past, right now, as a vital force in the National Counter-Terrorism Division, they had appeared more in public viewing.

Hearing the shocking roars of the real soldiers on the field, Ye Jian, who was standing pencil straight, had the posture of a soldier as she began queuing with her classmates under the order of the instructor.

After the gathering was done, under the instructor’s roll call, Ye Ying displayed a weak salute and stood by the side to watch her classmate’s training.

” She is putting on an act; the instructor knows she has heart disease and asked her to rest under the shade, she said she was able to endure it. She would rest if she were unable to endure it,” An Jiaxin seemed to roll her eyes as she spoke, she could not bear watching Ye Ying’s antics.

Ye Jian was afraid she would feel pain from rolling her eyes too much, she said softly: “That’s fine, she would not provoke you, ignore her. Also, she’s close to Luo Ran right now, don’t let her bear a grudge against you.”

” So be it, I look forward to her to bear a grudge on me so that she won’t just keep targeting you. Did you see that? She’s looking at you again!”

” If you continue talking, you will be the first girl to be punished by the instructor this afternoon,” Ye Jian noticed the instructor glaring daggers at the, she reminded: “Three times’s the charm, you will definitely be dragged out if you continue talking.”

An Jiaxin immediately kept quiet after knowing the consequence of punishment.

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Ye Ying originally wanted to stand for ten more minutes, she pretended that she could no longer endure it and went to rest, but seeing Ye Jian over there, she began thinking of how to embarrass Ye Jian. Standing straight, standing at ease, her line of sight never left her.

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