Chapter 586: You Have To Be Wary Of Her

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His handsome facial features were a little dignified, his voice became a little heavy, “Ye Ying seems close to here, but it’s not so simple based on my understanding of Yao Jing, if you say they are good friends, they seem to be lacking something. But to say their relationship was not good, Ye Ying was a student closest to Yao Jing other than Wang Dandan and Le Mei.”

He was a boy not accustomed to badmouthing other people, but he told Ye Jian what he knew, he believed that with her intelligence, she would understand what he was implying.

”You mean to say; it’s best to stay away from Yao Jing, right?” Ye Jian lifted her gaze a little, her expression was like the clouds in the blue skies, gentle and calm, exuding a quiet expression, “Actually, even if I’m on my guard or not, Yao Jing had inexplicably hated me.”

”I am not someone who would take a loss. That day, Luo Ran’s basketball obviously was directed against me, I just seized the chance to warn him. As for Yao Jing, she rushed to the classroom and even dared to hurl insults at my mother. Yang Heng, do you think I can be on guard against such things?”

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”I have never provoked her in the classroom, but misery loves company. I believe that you know what type of relationship she has with Ye Ying, there are some secrets involved, and you and I should understand.”

She was telling the truth, Yang Heng groaned, he then sighed and said: “Yao Jing can indeed be annoying at times. How about this, I’ll talk to her and ask her not to create trouble all the time.”

”Don’t!” Ye Jian couldn’t help but laugh; her dark pupils had a meaningful smile contained within, she said calmly: “If you brought it up, it would not change anything, it would cause Yao Jing to be angered from shame.” 

”Yao Jing is spoiled. You also said she is someone who could not be provoked. However, she had prompted me right now; this matter would not be quickly settled. There is no need for you to be involved in this matter to prevent others from saying I’m making use of you to put Yao Jing in her place.”

”Also, they said that you like Ye Ying. Why do I feel… you are deliberating letting them think so?”

Yang Heng’s eyes got filled with astonishment; he indeed had such intention; he never expected Ye Jian to directly state it…She was different from all the girls he had been in contact with; he had never seen such a straightforward girl.

”It’s a bit deliberate, who could endure people asking you who you like? Do you need help? Are you shy and do not dare take action? Yao Jing had been asking me since the second year of middle school until now that day when I saw her pushing Ye Ying out; I just followed her wishes and casually commented about it.” 

Just a casual comment had destroyed Yao Jing and Ye Ying’s unstable friendship. Still, Yao Jing was a tolerable person and kept it hidden in the dark without revealing her thoughts, observing Ye Ying as well as Yang Heng.

It was a pity…Ye Jian sighed gently; it was a pity she knew Yang Heng, this boy was not bad, she could not use him as a trigger to cause Yao Jiang and Ye Ying to turn against each other.

”You really spoke without intention; such a matter is enough to be remembered by Yao Jing,” Ye Jian, who secretly sighed in her heart in pity, saw the instructor of Class One walking towards their class. She knew it was time to gather, “We’re about to gather, you better hurry back to class. Don’t be involved in matters regarding Yao Jing and me, it’s not as simple as you imagine.”

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