Chapter 585: Apology From An Exceptional Person

Ye Jian seemed to have received the blessing of the soul and instantly thought of the crux of the issue; she looked meaningfully at Yang Heng.

She did not have much contact with Yang Heng and did not really understand him. However, she was forced by Ye Ying in her last life to read other people’s faces, and she could judge their thoughts and know if the people she was in contact with were good or bad. When facing the sixteen or seventeen-year-old Yang Heng, who had everything written on his face, she had some slight understanding of that boy.

A bad boy, but not harmful to the roots, a boy who was terrible during his rebellious stage, he knew his limits and knew what he could do and what he must not do.

Smoking, fighting, and surfing the net, he could do it as long as things do not get serious. Furthermore, his results were consistently ranked among the top five in the grade; he had such capital to play. In school, Yang Heng was a boy who did not need the teachers to worry; he was polite, motivated, and earnest. As for what happens after school, sorry, that is for the parents to care about!

In school, the teacher would care about it; when they returned home, the parents would be the ones who cared.

After listening to Ye Jian’s funny explanation of a ‘fair-faced African,’ Yang Heng touched his face and smiled: “Am I really so tanned? It seems that I need to apply sunblock just like you girls.”

”It’s too late for you to apply it now,” It was almost two in the afternoon, the students woke up one after another, Ye Jian pointed at the space in front, “Are you looking for me? We can talk over there; there’s not many people there.”

A lively discussion would occur if there were too many people, Yang Heng was an exceptional figure in the school, Ye Jian felt it was only right to avoid it.

He had indeed something to talk about, Yang Heng, who found it inconvenient to speak about it nodded. His long legs took the lead, people with long legs would be at an advantage in walking, his single step was equivalent to two of Ye Jian’s footsteps, he arrived at the place Ye Jian pointed out in a short while.

Ye Jian, who fell short in distance, admired Yang Heng’s delicateness, he walked fast to avoid other people’s suspicion.

There were a few sprinklers on the field used to water the plants; it was on at that moment, students who woke up stood a few meters away from the sprinkler to wash their faces and disperse the heat.

Yang Heng had washed his hair before coming over; there was a faint shampoo fragrance on him.

His handsome and bright eyes looked at Ye Jian walking over, the first word he said was ‘sorry,’ he was apologizing because of Yao Jing running to their classroom and creating trouble for her. He was also apologizing for his actions, which had implicated Ye Jian.

”Yao Jing and I grew up together in the same institution, she was already excellent when she was younger and grew even more extraordinary as she grew older, she laid a great foundation and was never stingy when it came to money, that’s why she has many friends.”

It seems they knew each other from young; it was no wonder they had casual expressions when they talked at the basketball court the last time.

Ye Jian was not in a hurry to talk, the corner of her mouth curled up, she looked calm and unruffled with a faint smile as she waited for him to continue carrying on.

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”She has many ideas, many considerations, she seems righteous but also knows how to protect herself, you can see her friends clustered everywhere, but there are not many who really want to be her friend.

He did not intend to hide anything from Ye Jian. For someone who was able to help the Public Security Bureau find the suspect using the many cameras in the whole province, she even drew out the criminal’s facial features, described his height with over 90% similarity. For such a girl with such delicate thoughts, he must first be filled with honesty if he wanted to befriend her.

Yang Heng had considered every word he said; his words were not just blurted out because he knew Yao Jing and Ye Jian were up against each other, he had thought of finding an opportunity to bring it up to her.

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