Chapter 435: Border Defense Map

Why must her child lie in such an icy cold place? He could not even be placed in the ancestral hall. Xiao Zi Xuan displayed a ferocious expression when thinking about those people, they can’t blame her since they did such things.

If they were to die, then they would all die together.

Did they really think she did not know what they were doing? They plan to take action during Prince Xiao’s wedding, they’re really overestimating themselves.

Xiao Zi Xuan had always been trying to find that token but could not find it, there was only one possibility, the token must be in Marquis Ling’s hands.

As long as it’s in that old fox’s hands, it would be difficult to retrieve.

Xiao Zi Xuan headed to the room to sit down, there were children’s toys and clothing on the table. Xiao Zi Xuan immediately cried when she saw it. Her pitiful child.

When Ning Meng Yao returned to her room and laid on the bed, she seemed worn out.

Seeing her acting like that, Qiao Tian Chang found it funny and asked: “Are you so exhausted?”

Ning Meng Yao looked resentfully at Qiao Tian Chang, she then said in a dispirited manner: “After walking for such a long time, my legs are sore, it’s even a little cramp.”

She was now six months pregnant, the bulge on her belly was more obvious, Qiao Tian Chang loved to place his hand on her belly to interact with the child.

”Don’t walk so much in the future,” Qiao Tian Chang looked dotingly at Ning Meng Yao.

”Alright, I think so too, it’s better for me to walk less, but I can’t just stop walking,” It’s a skill to have a baby. And after giving birth, she still had to raise him in the future, it was a sweet burden.

”Take a nap, I’m around.”

”Alright, go read awhile for the baby,” Ning Meng Yao passed the book by her side to Qiao Tian Chang.

Qiao Tian Chang was already used to it, he accepted it and began gently reading to the baby.

Ning Meng Yao slowly closed her eyes under Qiao Tian Chang’s magnetic voice, she slept in a short while, there was a faint smile hung on the corner of her lips.

Seeing Ning Meng Yao sleeping, he bent down and kissed her cheek: “Sweet dreams.”

Ning Meng Yao seemed to have heard his words, her smile became even more obvious.

After placing the book to the side, Qiao Tian Chang quietly walked out, his aura changed after walking out.

”Lei An, how are the preparations coming along?”

”It’s almost done, but I’m afraid there would be some trouble on that day,” Xiao Qi Tian’s wedding was set for a month later.

They were unable to predict what would happen within the month, they could only try their best to secure every location.

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Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head: “I understand.”

”Boss, I’ll go get busy.”

”Go on.”

After Lei An Left, Qiao Tian Chang headed to the study room, he took out a map of the capital, he narrowed his eyes as he observed it.

When he saw a certain part, Qiao Tian Chang began to furrow his brows tightly.

It was still difficult to ensure the capital would be safe and secure.

Qiao Tian Chang was looking at the border defense map, the surrounding area outside the capital, and the neighboring cities the whole afternoon.

If they really reached an agreement with Ling Empire, then Ling Empire would also take action on that day.

 With such thoughts, Qiao Tian Chang furrowed his brows tightly. It seems that this matter was really troublesome.

”Ask Zi You to come over.”

In a short while, Lin Zi You knocked on the study room’s door. He saw Qiao Tian Chang standing in front of the map with his eyebrows furrowed the whole time and he felt curious: “Boss, is there a problem?”

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Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head: “There’s indeed a problem, it’s a huge problem, look over here,” Qiao Tian Chang pointed at a location and said to Lin Zi You.

Lin Zi You looked at the area Qiao Tian Chang pointed it out, he did not understand it at the beginning, but he finally understood after seeing the whole thing.

”We need to be careful of the area,” That area was easy to be attacked but hard to defend, it would easily be breached if they were not careful, it was not what they were hoping for.

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