Chapter 480: A Happy Occasion

“It’s a boy.” Qiao Tian Chang said softly, “I’ll check if the child is awake. If he is, I’ll carry him out and show him to you.”

Mu Xue thought about it, then went to see Ning Meng Yao in the room, leaving Xiao Qi Tian alone outside.

“Yao Er, how are you? Are you okay?” Mu Xue noticed that Ning Meng Yao was looking pretty good, so she relaxed a little.

“I’m quite fine. I just have to take care of my body well now. As for the child, Tian Chang will take care of him.” Ning Meng Yao smiled, thinking of Qiao Tian Chang.

The Qiao Tian Chang now was nothing like a general who was firm to kill. He was basically a super house-husband. As long as the child cried, he would become so anxious.

Fortunately, this child was pretty obedient. He would only cry when he was hungry or when he peed. Other times, he was very well-behaved and easy to handle.

“It is really unexpected.” Mu Xue froze, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Ning Meng Yao also laughed. Who knew, right? Who knew a big bold man like Qiao Tian Chang could take care of children.

Standing outside, Xiao Qi Tian looked at the small basket in Qiao Tian Chang’s arms, he then said with envy, “Your son is so cute, I am envious.”

“Be jealous all you want, I don’t mind.” Qiao Tian Chang said very thoughtfully.

Xiao Qi Tian’s face darkened. This man before him was basically contented with his life now that he had a son.

The little guy was not asleep at this moment, his eyes glanced around excitedly. What did he see anyway?

“Is he looking at me?” Xiao Qi Tian couldn’t help but ask when he saw the child staring at him.

“You think too much. Yao Yao had said before, the child still cannot see anything at this moment.” This was also making Qiao Tian Chang depressed, why can’t you see anything yet?

Xiao Qi Tian was also a little disappointed, oh, so he cannot see anything…

The news about Ning Meng Yao giving birth to a son spread throughout the village in just one day, and every family wanted to prepare gifts for her child.

On the third day since the birth of the child, almost all the women in the village were there. When Grandmother Qin was preparing the bathing ceremony, there were a lot of silver and copper coins thrown into the basin. Naturally, Mu Xue gave gold. But this gold represented Mei Ruo Lin and the rest who could not come.

In the end, Grandmother Qin received quite a number of things, although those things meant nothing to her.

After the bath, Xiao Qi Tian gave the child a jade. Yang Le Le gave a pair of top-notch bracelets, and other people also gave a lot of things.

Some people saw the contents in the basin, the basin was at least half filled, and there were a lot of gold coins, which made the visitors think that Ning Meng Yao’s son was really precious.

It was half a month after the bath when Nangong Yan finally arrived with his butler Nangong Mo in a hurry.

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“Father-in-law, you are here.”

“Yes, where is the child? Quickly, show me.” Nangong Yan ignored the others and spoke hurriedly, his tone sounded eager.

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Qiao Tian Chang looked helplessly at Nangong Yan’s messy appearance: “Father-in-law, the child is sleeping. You should go wash up first, the child will wake up soon.”

“That’s right, Your Highness. Young master is still small and it is his nap time now. You can go wash up and change clothes first, then have a look at the child.”

Nangong Yan thought about it, he was indeed dressed a little messy, not only that, his clothes were dusty too. It would not be good if the dust fell on the child.

So he followed the servants to the room to wash himself.

After Nangong Yan’s arrival, Mei Ruo Lin and Yu Feng were next. They arrived in the afternoon on the same day, also looking very messy and dusty. It was obvious that they hurried here.

“Go have some rest first, then see the child later.” Before the two could speak, Qiao Tian Chang interrupted.

The two exchanged glances, and went into the room to wash. At this time, Nangong Yan was holding the child dearly, not letting him go.

The child was too cute, his eyes were exactly like Yao Er’s. He adored the child very much.

Qiao Tian Chang stared at his father-in-law silently: “Father-in-law, it’s time to feed the child.”

“Alright, go on.” Nangong Yan reluctantly returned the child into Qiao Tian Chang’s arms.

Qiao Tian Chang went to Ning Meng Yao with the child in his arms, he murmured with dissatisfaction: “Father-in-law came and took away my child.”

“The child will be playing with you often in the future.” Ning Meng Yao felt a little funny. He was fighting over the child with the child’s grandfather, oh dear.

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