Chapter 484: Feel Sorry For Him

Their relationship used to be good but they ended up the way they were now. What did she do to deserve to be treated that way? So that was why Mei Ruo Lin had always been resisting, she always thought that what she had now must be false, so her feelings toward Yu Feng were hot and cold.

“Sister, I know you are doing this because of uncle and auntie, but have you ever thought that you are really unfair to brother-in-law. Besides, can someone like your uncle be compared to  brother-in-law?” Yes, Yu Feng could be a little sloppy but he was never unfaithful. He had married Mei Ruo Lin for ten years, and his heart had never changed.

Mei Ruo Lin stared blankly at Ning Meng Yao: “I know he is different.”

“If that is the case, why do you still treat brother-in-law that way? Sister Mei, maybe you could try to be more accepting of brother-in-law?” Ning Meng Yao did not understand Mei Ruo Lin. Since she knew brother-in-law was different, and treated her very well, why was she still treating brother-in-law like that? It had been ten years, wasn’t the wait enough? Suddenly, Ning Meng Yao felt bad for Yu Feng. He did not deserve this.

Yu Feng was standing at the door. He originally wanted to ask Mei Ruo Lin to come out and have some fruits. He had the fruit that she liked. Who knew that when he was close to the door, he overheard the two girls talking inside.

Ning Meng Yao seemed to feel something. She suddenly looked at Mei Ruo Lin and asked seriously: “Sister, I am asking you now, do you love brother-in-law? What is it that you are feeling inside your heart? If you do not love him, then tell him clearly and then leave.”

Standing outside, Yu Feng’s body suddenly became stiff, his hands clenched into fists, and his lips were tightly pursed.

In the room, Mei Ruo Lin could not believe what Ning Meng Yao said, she looked at her and asked: “You are asking me to leave with him?”

“Sister, don’t you think what you are doing now is really cruel to brother-in-law? Even a death penalty prisoner does not suffer as much as him. For ten years, you have been indifferent towards brother-in-law. Even if your heart is made of stone, shouldn’t now be the time it starts to melt?” Ning Meng Yao said a little angrily.

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When Mei Ruo Lin remained quiet, Ning Meng Yao went on: “My brother-in-law knows that you do not like those women around him, so he replaced all those people with guards or young men, or older woman. He is clean and good when he is outside. He never went to inappropriate places, and kept a distance from other women. He did all this because he was afraid that you would be unhappy. In order to attract your attention, a big man like him had behaved coquettishly for you, but what about you?”

Mei Ruo Lin stared blankly at Ning Meng Yao. She thought about her attitude towards Yu Feng in these ten years, it did seem… It did seem that she was too much.

“Yao Er, I…”

“Sister, I just want to know do you still love brother-in-law? If you do not love him anymore, please tell him clearly.” Ning Meng Yao ignored the pale-faced Mei Ruo Lin, and asked seriously.

Yu Feng stood outside, he too wanted to know this answer.

Mei Ruo Lin opened her mouth, then closed again. In the end, she realized that she was speechless.

“Yao Er, I do not want to leave him. Hearing you say that earlier made my heart ache. I do not know if that is love or not but I know that I want to be with him.” Mei Ruo Lin did not wish to deceive herself. It had been ten years. She was not a stone cold woman. But it was because of the things that happened before she met him that made her stressed and do not believe in love. 

But when she saw how lovely Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang were, she realized that real love still existed. At least Yu Feng treated her very well, he let her do whatever she wanted. He never forced her to do anything she did not like.

Thinking about it now, she really let Yu Feng down.

Ning Meng Yao looked at Mei Ruo Lin, with a slight headache: “Sister Mei, open your heart and accept brother-in-law’s affection. No matter how much love one has for the other, it will be lost, sad and disappointed if it did not receive any response for a long time. Brother-in-law just hides his feelings. On the surface, he looks calm, but he must be feeling sad deep down.”

All of them knew this except Mei Ruo Lin. She thought Yu Feng was the kind of person, whether he was happy or not, he always had the same expression.

Outside, Yu Feng quietly left.

Ning Meng Yao sensed that the person outside had left, she frowned and glanced at Mei Ruo Lin, perhaps now was the chance.

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Mei Ruo Lin was silent for quite a while. Then, she nodded and said: “I understand.”

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