Chapter 485: Decade Long Wait

Yu Feng used his light footwork and left after walking out of Ning Meng Yao’s home, over the years, he knew that Mei Ruo Lin did not believe in love, he also knew she had a knot in her heart, that was why he had shown tolerance in hopes that she would one day know how good he was and completely accept him.

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But his wait became a decade.

When he knew Ning Meng Yao was pregnant, he was also wondering when he would have a child. He had also tried asking once at that time, which made Mei Ruo Lin ignore him for quite some time. As such, he no longer brought it up.

He just kept everything inside without mentioning anything, just quietly waiting.

But today, he heard her conversation with Ning Meng Yao, he realized he was no longer himself after all these years.

Just like what Ning Meng Yao said, he acted coy and cute, it was for Mei Ruo Lin’s attention. But no matter what he did, she remained indifferent towards him, even when they were in bed, it was the same.

It was not like he never thought of letting go, but after thinking that he had waited for so many years, he did not mind waiting a little longer.

However, as the years slowly went by, he was starting to get impatient.

After being several hundred miles away from White Mountain Village, Yu Feng let out a roar: “ARGHHHHHH……”

The depressed feelings from so many years seemed to be bursting out.

Only God knew how he was feeling when he saw Qiao Tian Chang’s son, he liked children very much.

When he got married, he had dreamt of having children in the future. He would have two or three sons and a daughter, and they would be tasked to protect his daughter.

But over a decade later, the girl whom they protected was now a mother, but the children he desired never arrived. Mei Ruo Lin was even unwilling to have any children.

He could still accept the fact, but why was she so cruel to him?

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Yu Feng stood by the riverbank and observed the rushing river, he leaped forward and jumped in, just like a log standing in the water, allowing the rushing river to wash over his body.

Mei Ruo Lin did not see Yu Feng after leaving Ning Meng Yao’s room. In the beginning, she thought Yu Feng went to the workshop and did not pay much heed. She remained in the room alone as she reflected on Ning Meng Yao’s words.

But when night arrived, Ye Feng still did not return, Mei Ruo Lin began to panic.

”Tian Chang, did you see Yu Feng?” Mei Ruo Lin asked while panicking.

Qiao Tian Chang looked doubtfully at Mei Ruo Lin, he said: “In the afternoon, I saw him standing at our room entrance for a while, he then said he wanted to take a stroll outside and left.”

Mei Ruo Lin’s expression instantly became pale, she only had a single thought on her mind, did he hear everything?

Where could he be since he was still not back?

”I’ll head out to find him,” She directly left while ignoring the crowd’s expression.

Qiao Tian Chang looked at Mei Ruo Lin who was absent-minded and found it strange.

After some thought, he returned to his room: “Yao Yao, Yu Feng has been out the whole afternoon and has not returned, Mei Ruo Lin went out to find him.”

”I know,” Ning Meng Yao gently sighed, hopefully, she would be well aware of herself this time.


”Only they themselves can settle this matter, we won’t be able to help them,” Ning Meng Yao told Qiao Tian Chang about their decade long relationship in a helpless manner.

Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head, indicating he understood: “If I was Yu Feng, I would need to calm down since he had been waiting for a decade. However, I think Mei Ruo Lin doesn’t seem to have no feelings for Yu Feng, after knowing Yu Feng left, her face was pale and she felt worried.”

”Have someone follow her,” Ning Meng Yao gave some thought and felt slightly worried.

”I’ll send Qing Xuan over.”

”Alright then, you should go and eat.”

Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head, Ning Meng Yao did not seem to be in high spirits: “I’ll accompany you later, don’t think too much.”

”I understand.”

However, Yu Feng returned not long after Mei Ruo Lin left, he had a cold expression and his body seemed to be in a sorry state. His clothes were creased and it seemed like he did not have a change of clothes in a long time.

Qiao Tian Chang furrowed his brows and looked at Yu Feng: “You didn’t run into Mei Ruo Lin?”

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