Chapter 486: She Went To Search For You

Yu Feng’s expression changed, he hurried to Qiao Tian Chang’s side: “What do you mean?”

”When she saw you not coming back at night, she had a strange expression before she left to search for you,” Qiao Tian Chang said calmly, he seemed to just be describing what happened as Yu Feng’s expression changed.

”That idiot,” Yu Feng turned around and ran off.

At that moment, a flare was shot out from the back mountain.

”Yu Feng, she is at the back mountain, and she had entered the deep mountain,” It was Qing Xuan’s flare, it seemed they had encountered danger.

”That foolish girl,” Yu Feng gritted his teeth.

He was currently feeling regretful for his own habits. When they were in Yu Lin Villa, he would go hunting in the deep forest when he was in a bad mood, she must have thought that he went deep into the mountain.

That idiot, she had a poor sense of direction in the deep mountain, and yet she went in alone.

”Stop being in a daze, it seems that she and Qing Xuan had encountered danger, we need to hurry over, I’ll go with you,” Qing Xuan would definitely not shoot out a flare if they did not encounter any danger.

There were tigers, bears, wolves and other beasts deep in the back mountain, and many of them.

”I’ll follow you all,” Nangong Yan stood up and walked to their side.

”Let’s go.”

The three of them headed to the back mountain.

At that moment, in the deep part of the mountain, Qing Xuan and Mei Ruo Lin were surrounded by a pack of gray wolves and two tigers.

Mei Ruo Lin was not afraid of tigers and wolves, but with dozens of wolves in the surroundings, it would definitely not be a problem if she brought along her flexible sword. But she did not bring anything when she came out, she would be seeking death if she fought barehanded.

”Ms. Mei, find an opportunity to escape, I’ve shot out the flare, young master and the others will come over soon,” Qing Xuan took the time to look at Mei Ruo Lin and said in a serious manner.

”If you are staying, we’ll stay together,” Mei Ruo Lin’s beautiful face was frowning deeply.

Because of her, Qing Xuan was surrounded by a pack of wolves, there was no way she was going to escape first.

The beasts did not give the two of them a chance to talk, the pack began to attack when the two of them were distracted. The two tigers were pacing back and forth by the side, they were shaking their tails. It was as if they were waiting for the wolf pack and Mei Ruo Lin as well as Qing Xuan to be mutually injured before taking action.

When they entered the depths of the mountains, Qiao Tian Chang and the other two heard the howl of wolves, Qiao Tian Chang frowned: “It’s a wolf pack, there’s quite a lot of them.”

”Hurry,” Yu Feng was really panicking right now, why did he run off? Even if he went out, he should have come back earlier, he had caused the foolish woman to run out and search for him.

The three of them increased their speed. When Yu Feng arrived, his vicious aura instantly burst out.

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Mei Ruo Lin’s face was wounded, her arm was also bleeding, and her wrist was even bitten by a wolf.

”Damn beast,” Yu Feng gritted his teeth, he flashed and entered the crowd, with a single kick, he sent the wolf by Mei Ruo Lin’s side flying. He swinged the sword in his hand and slashed several wolves, killing them.

Qiao Tian Chang rushed over and saw Qing Xuan seriously injured, he gave her a healing pill and passed one to Yu Feng.

Yu Feng shoved the pill into Mei Ruo Lin’s mouth with an icy expression, seeing her in such a sorry state, he said angrily: “You idiot.”

Mei Ruo Lin thought she was definitely going to die earlier. At that moment, she was thinking about Yu Feng, whether she would have the chance to see him or not, but she never expected he would appear right in front of her the very next second.

”Such a fool, why did you run into the deep mountain when the skies are dark, you idiot,” He lifted his hand and knocked on Mei Ruo Lin’s head as he spoke.


”I’ll make you accountable with you when we return, stay by me,” Yu Feng was really enraged, the person he had pampered since the beginning was injured to such an extent, how could he not be mad?

Mei Ruo Lin pouted, after knowing each other for more than a decade, it was the first time she saw Yu Feng so angry.

After an hour, the ground was covered in wolf corpses, the two tigers had long escaped when the three of them arrived.

Yu Feng walked to Mei Ruo Lin’s side and carried her, but he accidentally touched her wound: “Ouch.”

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