Chapter 619: Moss

Her grip was firm, Ye Ying did not seem to be affected, she smiled and said: “Naturally, how could we know what those boys are planning to do?”

It was not known why Yao Jing was so agitated tonight, she had been searching everywhere for her, but she had taken the initiative and found her.

No matter what happened, she wanted to drag Yao Jing along to defeat that damn girl Ye Jian! Unfortunately…… She did not drag Wang Dandan and Yue Mei along.

Some students hurriedly passed them; after that, the instructor’s voice could be heard from behind. They realized the person who passed them were a couple in the school; they might have done a bad deed and was caught red-handed by the instructor.

The instructor’s footsteps sounded from behind; the two of them let go of their hands at the same time; they did not even bid each other farewell and headed back to their own dorm.

In the dorm, Ye Jian was smiling and chatting with the girls of her class. She had experienced many field training when she was in the army. The army’s field training was numerous times more exhausting compared to the student’s field training; she naturally had a rich experience in-field training.

”The water in the canteen must be full; those who do not mind can directly sleep in their clothes. When the whistle is blown tomorrow, you can instantly get up and save time from changing. Your towel and toothbrush can be placed in the cup in advance; you can directly grab the cup and wash up after waking up.”

”You can loosen your shoelaces in advance, those with long hair can braid your hair, your hairs would not be messy tomorrow morning. You can just take a comb and brush your hair and save another minute.”

”Place your belt and canteen together; you can wear your belts and carry your canteen after washing up. I can guarantee that we can all rush to the field and gather within three minutes.

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She explained carefully; all the girls were listening attentively, some were even simulating it in advance to prevent from committing mistakes when the time comes.

They were all girls from the same class, even Meng Wen, who usually picked on Ye Jian during their studies, was listening attentively right now. She also took out a notebook to record what Ye Jian said.

She was a girl who was afraid of losing. Although she opposed Ye Jian all the time, she was not like Ye Ying, who would do anything by fair means or foul to win.

Ye Jian did not mind her behavior during the day; it was human nature to be competitive. Not to mention, she had indeed joined halfway, it was typical for students who had negative opinions of her to doubt her.

At least they directly voiced out their objections, unlike Ye Ying, who tried to set her up all the time.

”I just looked at the time, time passes really quickly!”

”We must sleep in our uniforms! Our hair must be braided! At least it can save us one or two minutes.

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According to what she said, all the girls in the class had zero objections, and they all agreed that Ye Jian’s idea was excellent.

An Jiaxin directly laid on her bed while her hair was still wet, just like a newborn puppy, she hummed comfortably: “Just thinking that I will have an extra two minutes to laze around tomorrow, it’s just like the beauty of life.”

Sounds of her rues sounded out; they thought they could laze around for an additional two minutes.

The girls had already slept in their uniform when Ye Ying returned to the dorm, the girls who had not slept were combing their hair and doing their braids or other preparations like loosening their shoelaces.

”Where did you take a stroll? Only if you have not returned to the dorm, you do not need to join the field training tomorrow, right?”

Ye Ying’s popularity in the class was not to the point of being ignored by others. She, who was accustomed to getting along with others, would not allow herself to be isolated by the others. When facing her classmate’s concern, she smiled and said: “I haven’t eased off from heatstroke this afternoon, I went out to get some air. I’ll definitely join tomorrow; it is our largest group activity. I do not wish to miss it.”

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