Chapter 620: You Won’t Be Able To Cry Afterwards

She then saw a few girls wet towel placed in the cup, she looked once more and confirmed so, she couldn’t help but laugh, “What’s this? There will be bacteria if the towels are rolled up.”

”Don’t we have field training tomorrow, Ye Jian taught us how to save time, it’s beneficial.”

”It’s fine as long as it’s useful, a night of bacteria is fine, we can rinse it off with water when the time comes. Ye Ying, it would be best if you also were prepared since you’re joining. What Ye Jian taught is indeed useful,” Another girl smiled as she replied, she then placed the towel she rolled into the cup, she clapped her hands and said in satisfaction: “That’s right, at least I do not need to search for my towel tomorrow morning.”

Right now, no matter where she went, she would keep hearing about Ye Jian, Ye Ying who listened until her ears were ringing clenched her fist, she then smiled and said: “It’s a good idea, are there any others?”

Her gaze was like moss circling around the whole dorm, but she did not see Ye Jian.

She then stopped searching; there was a weird smile at the corner of her mouth. She began trying Ye Jian’s ideas one after another.

The night…… calmly passed just like that; it was not certain what would happen tomorrow.

The horizon of the skies had not brightened covering the quiet anti-chemical unit; the silence was broken by a sharp and hurried whistling.

Ye Jian immediately got out of the bed at the first sound of the whistle.

The first thing she did was to turn on the lights to wake up the student beside her, “Hurry and wake up, we’ll gather in five minutes,” She began folding her quilt as she spoke, her speed was rapid.

After the girls at her left and right woke up, they saw Ye Jian had folded her quilt neatly in a squarish tofu-like shape, they had adoration in their eyes when they looked at Ye Jian.

”Oh my, Ye Jian, where did you learn this? It’s really great!”

”I look and learn, you all can follow my actions, try our best to gather downstairs within three minutes,” Ye Jian did not take the initiative to help her classmates. Some matters did not mean you were helping others all because you gave a helping hand; it was actually giving a blow to others at times.

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Doing evil deeds with good intentions, one must consider carefully before doing it before knowing whether you should take action.

There were no strict requirements when it comes to folding blankets; you just needed to follow the steps. The girls immediately took action and folded it; they then followed Ye Jian to wash up.

When all the boys and girls of other classes came running over while buttoning their shirts, buckling their belts or carrying their shoes, the girls in the first class of the eleventh grade were standing freshly over there and lining up in a neat and orderly manner.

The boys were probably stimulated by Ye Jian yesterday; they had spoken about Ye Jian when they chatted last night. Early in the morning, with the monitor, Lu Xin, taking the lead, the leader of the group bore the responsibilities and were the earliest to gather on the field.

Political Commissar Yan had mentioned before that the unit Ye Jian joined would absolutely be a powerful unit.

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She was no different in class; she used her own charm, she did not use many words, she did not try to express herself too much and gathered the strength of the entire class, knitting them into a tightrope.

Seeing all the students from the first class of the eleventh grade lining up neatly without a single person late or dragging them down, it caused all the students from other classes to secretly be in a daze.

With Ye Jian around, she was like an ocean-quieting needle, unshakable.

After the headcount of the gathering ended, the students from the first class of the eleventh grade took the lead and received the bright red flag from the instructor’s hands and headed to the mountains, beginning the training of their wills and physique.

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