Chapter 621: Why Am I So Excited

“Why am I so excited now? It’s like I’m going to do something wrong.” An Jiaxin followed closely after Ye Jian, her eyes were shining stars, “We’ve already been locked here for five days. Finally, we’re allowed to roam free.”   

Ye Jian glanced at the person who was extremely excited beside her, and she smiled gently: “Then let’s not waste time and have a blast now, I’m not sure whether or not you’ll still be able to laugh later.” 

“Hey, don’t scare me, I haven’t even had breakfast yet.” An Jiaxin whose pupils contracted immediately showed signs of nervousness, “It sounds fun to me, but how come when you say it, I start to feel nervous?”  

They’ll have to march five minutes before they can have breakfast. Ye Jian was currently walking alongside the large group, and she whispered: “Don’t be nervous, aren’t I here? Follow me closely the whole day, and don’t wander off. Ye Ying was the last person to return; we’ll both have to be careful today.” 

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“That b*tch!” An Jiaxin ground her teeth; she glared at Ye Ying’s back before her eyes shimmered, she whispered: “Hey, why don’t we teach her a lesson?”    

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The other classes had already started setting off; Ye Jian pulled her while hastening her steps, she said with a cold smirk: “Why so hasty? It was only yesterday when she embarrassed herself. Even if something’s going to happen, she won’t be carrying it out herself. It’s not like we don’t know her. There’s no need to rush; I’m just reminding you.”    

She was the one who made a move yesterday, if she did the same today, then that doesn’t resemble Ye Ying’s intelligence.   

“Keep up and save your breath, don’t use up all the energy you need for walking on talking!” With the warning given off by the instructor to the students passing in front of him, both Ye Jian and An Jiaxin zipped their mouths.


They’ll only get breakfast after five kilometers, the vigor they previously had when they just started had weaned off, a lot of the students had slowed down their pace before the half-way mark, some of them even started grumbling that they were hungry.   

The roommates who were separated were now together again; they walked alongside each other while encouraging each other. If they truly can’t continue, then they were given a hand, after all, they can’t allow their classmates to fall behind.   

Li Qian might look fat. However, she was just puffy; if it wasn’t for Ye Jian supporting her, it was doubtful whether someone else was able to help her.  

Several boys would also extend their help, but Li Qian was quite reserved, the moment the boys come near, her face will turn as red as a tomato, she wouldn’t let the boys support her, she took breaks every few moments before continuing, it was doubtful if she was able to complete the twenty-kilometer course.   

The twenty-kilometer field training was challenging for the students, it was also challenging for the school and military, but the military has always made sure of their preparations beforehand. Along the twenty-kilometer mountain path, a logistics station was setup every five kilometers; their main purpose was to provide food and water supply for the field training.  

They’ve also done a great job at ensuring medical supplies were present, and have arranged for medical staff to be present alongside the students. 

The instructors had a general idea of their classes’ students after five days of military training, and have already prompted the more energetic students to take care of the students who were of the weaker constitution.    

The five-kilometer walk in the morning was five-kilometre the students could bear, realizing morale was dropping, Grade 11 Class 1 set an example and started singing military cadence after they had pushed past the woods.   

At that moment…, Ye Jian could only imagine the wild animals in a dozen kilometer radius such as rabbits being scared off. 

The mountain path wasn’t a flat and straight one. Instead, the mountain path was curved and winded headed towards the mountain; neither was it cemented roads. Instead, it was a yellow dirt road, after people had walked over it, what they had left behind was a cloud of yellow dust.  

It seemed like the mountain this early morning had woken up extremely quickly due to the presence of several thousand students. After five kilometers had passed, the inside of the mountains was already brightly lit.

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