Chapter 488: Is This Considered A Blessing In Disguise?

Seeing his son acting that way, Qiao Tian Chang knew his son must have taken a piss.

He carried the child up and placed him on the little bed by the side. He poured some water and wiped him before changing his diaper.

After feeling comfortable, the child yawned and fell asleep.

He then pulled the quilt by the side and covered the child: “This little thing really knows how to eat and sleep.”

”At his age, he’ll definitely love to sleep,” Ning Meng Yao said angrily.

Qiao Tian Chang smiled and shook his head: “I’m going to cook, I’ll be back in a while.”

”Go ahead.”

Yu Feng had a cold expression as he carried Mei Ruo Lin into the room, he then brought some hot water. After that, he took off Mei Ruo Lin’s clothes without saying anything. He took a handkerchief, wet it and carefully wiped her body. The basin was filled with blood in a short while.

Seeing that scene, Yu Feng was so angry he clenched his teeth.

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Mei Ruo Lin lowered her head and said softly: “Yu Feng, don’t be angry, alright? I……”

”Why did you head to the back mountain? You know you won’t be able to find your way in the deep mountain,” Yu Feng helped her clean up and he questioned her.

”You left in the afternoon and was not back at night, I was afraid you were not coming back after you left,” Mei Ruo Lin said softly, her voice was like a mosquito buzzing when she said the last part.

Yu Feng’s hand movement stopped, he looked at Mei Ruo Lin: “You’re worried?”

”Yup, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be heading into the deep mountain to search for you. Before you all arrived, I thought that Qing Xuan and I would surely die, at that time, I was thinking about you and suddenly did not wish to die. I wish to be with you always,” Mei Ruo Lin looked at Yu Feng and said in a serious manner.

Yu Feng was silent for a moment, he reached out his hand and stroked Mei Ruo Lin’s head: “Silly girl, it’s my fault, if it wasn’t for me leaving without saying anything, you would not have headed there.”

Mei Ruo Lin shook her head: “I know that you treat me well over the years, it’s my own problem. Yao’er is right, we’ve been married for a decade, you are the one who has always been giving, yet I’ve never done anything for you. I’m afraid that one day, you will act like what Yao’er said, that you would be disappointed at me, saddened and then finally leave me.”

Yu Feng looked at Mei Ruo Lin: “I used to have such thoughts, but I wasn’t willing to give up. I’ve waited for so many years, why can’t I wait longer?”

Yu Feng was not bad, he had the looks, he had the identity, what type of woman can’t he find? Why would he want such a cold-hearted woman?

”Then that pushed me on. If I left you, how could a silly girl like you survive?” Mei Ruo Lin’s abilities were not weak, but she had been spoiled by him over the years. There were also many things that he did on his own without her knowing.

Mei Ruo Lin looked at Yu Feng: “Don’t even think of ditching me, I will keep sticking to you.”

Yu Feng sighed and said helplessly: “I was never able to ditch you ever since knowing you,” He had carried this burden for more than a decade, how could he easily ditch her?

Mei Ruo Lin suddenly reached out her hands and hugged Yu Feng’s neck, she directly leaned in his embrace: “Sorry.”

”Alright, wait until your wounds are healed if you want to jump into my embrace, aren’t you making me uncomfortable by acting this way right now? Sit down obediently, I’ve not applied medication on your wounds,” Yu Feng quickly pushed her away, this woman was currently only wearing a dudou and pants, she was not wearing anything else, the urge was killing him.

However, he was feeling really happy inside, it’s because she was finally willing to respond to his feelings.

”You old hooligan.”

Yu Feng raised his eyebrows and looked at Mei Ruo Lin’s blushing face: “Wait until you’re fine and I’ll let you see if I’m really that old.

Mei Ruo Lin suddenly became quiet, just when Yu Feng was feeling doubtful, she suddenly lifted her head and looked at Yu Feng, she said with a solemn expression: “Yu Feng, let’s have a baby.”

Yu Feng’s hands trembled, the handkerchief in his hand fell into the basin: “You…… What did you say?”

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”Why don’t we have a baby?”

”Do you really want, or is it because of me?”

Mei Ruo Lin pouted her lips and looked at Yu Feng: “I also want one. After seeing Yao’er child, I feel that children are not that frightening.”

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