Chapter 622: You Almost Scared Me To Death

The breakfast menu consisted of mantou and soy milk; there was utterly no room for them to be picky.

“All of you get up, get up! Don’t you dare sit down, you hear me! Move your muscles before sitting back down! Don’t stand up too fast; be careful of passing out!” The instructors hadn’t even touched the food yet and were currently reminding the students lining up to pick up their breakfast, “Stand up for now, then slowly sit down before you eat! Don’t wander around here, there are wild boars around, if you guys receive two bloody holes from the wild boars, then you’ll breathe your last before even getting off this mountain!”

Amidst the instructor’s warnings, Luo Ran turned toward two boys: “Have you returned your bags? I’ll be depending on all of you later!”

“Luo Ran, that’s not something you can get the moment you want it, y’ know? You said you’ve heard there were lots of venomous snakes around, but even if there were snakes here, they’d get scared off because there’s so many of us.” The other boy gulped down his soy milk in one breath, then continued: “Luo Ran, I don’t think this plan is reliable, even if there were snakes, it’s still up to debate if we can catch it.”

Listening to him say that, Luo Ran furrowed his brows and viciously said with a glare: “Motherf*cker! Why didn’t you say it’s unreliable last night! Don’t tell me whether or not it’s reliable again today! We must definitely succeed with this plan!”

“Brother Luo, the success first depends on whether or not we have a snake!”

“I really paid attention just now; there aren’t any! I even made an excuse to pee in the woods and even then I didn’t see any.” The other boy continued the conversation; they thought it would be an easy thing to accomplish when they had agreed to it last night, who would have known… It was difficult!

Each one of them kept saying it’s impossible, angering Luo Ran till his face is green with rage. he glared at the three boys and threw his recently empty soy milk plastic cup onto the floor in a fit, “Okay, let’s not talk about this, for now, you guys better work on the other thing I gave you guys!”

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Bunch of trash! None of them could be of use!  

How would catching snakes be that easy? The military had already foreseen this problem beforehand; there was no possible way they’d allow it to happen to the students.

After the first five kilometers’ break and breakfast time were over, the next five kilometers’ field training will be bombing evacuations.

Similarly, the area they can go into was restricted to a specified route, and it’s perimeters, no students can wander off from the restricted area if anyone wandered off too far, they’d immediately attract the attention of the camouflaged sentinels with infrared sensors before they are able to cross that boundary, soldiers who appear from nowhere will drag them back where they belong.

“What the f*ck, I was almost scared to death! They suddenly appeared with faces full of paint; there were also leaves and whatnot on their heads, I almost thought I’d encountered a mandrill.” A student who didn’t listen to the instructors’ orders and immediately ran towards the woods the moment the alarms were sounded, in the end… she gave herself quite a fright.

This mountain belongs to the military and is an important base, both the province and the army had spent lots of capital for this boot camp; there was no way they would allow the students to mess around.

Emergency and evacuation plans were enacted beforehand, the evacuation route was also designed through empirical means, though they were carrying out bombing evacuations in the mountains. However, the military always had impressive abilities when it comes to handling emergencies, so they were able to put several thousand students here inside their surveillance perimeter.

After Yao Jing personally witnessed a girl from her class being dragged back by a soldier wearing camouflage, she immediately lost confidence in the plan she came up with last night.

Snakes? Is it even possible to find snakes under such circumstances!?

Let’s not say she didn’t have confidence in the first place, who would even know how many times Ye Ying had grumbled mentally!?

The bombing evacuation routes all had the same gathering spot, which all squad leaders are in charge of bringing their students there, Ye Jian on the other hand… because she had only joined the Bootcamp interim, she became a squadless member, so she was assigned to assist the instructors in dealing with some stuff.

After she had practiced one lap, she immediately returned to the instructors’ side, not the instructors guiding each class, she went to the instructors who were responsible for receiving the students.

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