Chapter 491: The Child’s Full Moon

The corner of Xiao Qi Feng’s mouth twitched, he reached out his hand and supported his forehead. Their Great General was no longer the same now.

Won’t those people who were once with him on the battlefield die laughing if they saw it?

Qiao Tian Chang carried the child into the room and saw Ning Meng Yao looking resentfully at him: “What happened to you?”

”I’m really bored all alone,” She was not allowed to read or look at the accounts, she was also not allowed to knit any clothing and shoes, or to do anything. He even had to entertain the guests outside.

Qiao Tian Chang reached out his hand and stroked Ning Meng Yao’s head: “You can leave the house in two more days, bear with it.”

”Alright,” Ning Meng Yao actually wanted to deliberately cause trouble, but every time she saw Qiao Tian Chang acting like that, she was unable to do it.

Two days will pass by very quickly, that was how Ning Meng Yao comforted herself.

”The child is hungry and a little sleepy,” Qiao Tian Chang placed the child in Ning Meng Yao’s embrace as he said softly.

”Go and accompany Xiao Qi Feng, it’s fine with the child accompanying me,” Seeing the child, Ning Meng Yao directly kicked Qiao Tian Chang out.

”You do not want me anymore after having a child,” As he spoke, he lowered his head and lightly bit Ning Meng Yao’s round and smooth cheek as a punishment.

Qiao Tian Chang got up and left after seeing Ning Meng Yao feeding the child.

Xiao Qi Feng glanced at him: “I thought you would remain inside.”

”It’s because you’re around today, that’s why he came out,” Nangong Yan picked up the teacup by the side and took he sip before explaining.

Xiao Qi Feng looked dryly at Qiao Tian Chang: “Should I feel honored?”

”It’s fine if that’s how you assume it to be,” Qiao Tian Chang’s skin was unusually thick.

Xiao Qi Feng felt speechless, he finally realized that this man’s skin had grown much thicker after having a child.

Two days passed by very quickly. On the child’s one month old birthday banquet, only the people in the village were invited, the others were not invited.

The people in the village had come over to help out early in the morning, people who never entered the villa before did not know how to react when they entered and saw such a nice place.

At that moment, in the Yang Family, Yang Le Le looked at the woman in a plain white dress and white cloth flowers in front of her, she furrowed her brows tightly and had an ugly expression: “Mother, today is Little Mo’er’s one month birthday, cousin came over with mourning clothes, she even wants to follow us to the banquet, what is the meaning of this?” It was not only Yang Le Le feeling dissatisfied, but even Yang Zhu, Yang Yi, and his wife were also frowning.

Madame Yang was also feeling uncomfortable. It was her niece. Her husband passed away less than a year ago and she had already been kicked out by her husband’s family. It was not known why she suddenly appeared yesterday. When she heard they were attending a banquet today, she requested to join.

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It was fine if she wanted to attend, but for her to wear such clothes, wasn’t she cursing others?

”Cousin, it’s better for you not to attend,” Yang Yi said.

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”I concur,” Yang Zhu nodded in agreement.

One had to know that there were many nobles in the villa, even the child’s maternal grandfather was present, his identity was not simple from a single glance, it would not be good if there was any clash with the nobles.

Yang Su Yun’s frail body trembled, there was desolateness on her face: “Aunt, then I…… I won’t go.”

”Good, then just stay at home,” Madame Yang felt relieved, she did not wish to bring her along and cause bad luck.

”Mother, let’s go, we need to be there early to help out Yao Yao’s family,” Yang Le Le glared at Yang Su Yun, who was she acting pitifully for?”

”Dear, let’s go,” Madame Qiao smiled and said as she held Yang Yi’s hand.

Ning Meng Yao was wearing a red tunic dress with good looking flowers embroidered on it.

Qiao Tian Chang was wearing a dark red brocade, he was together with Ning Meng Yao as they welcomed the guests.

Yang Le Le brought out the gift she brought along when she entered: “Yao Yao, congratulations.”

”It’s fine you’re here, why did you bring gifts over?” Ning Meng Yao found it funny and said as she looked helplessly at Yang Le Le.

”I’m Little Mo’er’s aunt, what’s wrong with giving a present?” Yang Le Le stared at Ning Meng Yao in a dissatisfied manner: “I’m giving this to the child, not to you.”

”Fine, so it seems I’ve fallen out of favor?”

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